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10 Best Places for Autumn Leaves in Fukushima Prefecture (And When To See Them)

Fukushima, Koriyama And Iwaki Autumn

You should definitely not miss the autumn leaves in Fukushima. Fukushima boasts many great places for fall foliage that you can enjoy on scenic drives, plus charming historical spots. Today we’ll look at 10 of the most popular areas in Fukushima for autumn colors. Albeit for a short time, there will also be illuminations that make the landscape look even more fantastic.

18 of The Best, Super-Japanese Gift Ideas to Look Forward to in Tokyo!

Asakusa Other Shopping

The tradition of gift giving is deeply ingrained in Japanese society, where wrapped presents are not reserved for birthdays and holidays but given after practically every vacation trip, weekend getaway and even day trips. The term Omiyage means a souvenir you give to someone (rather than keep for yourself) and you are bound to find at least one ‘Omiyage’ store at every train station, airport and probably street corner around Japan selling pre-wrapped local specialties (at times the packing is almost as good as what’s inside!). This means as far as the hunt for a great souvenir goes, you are spoilt for choice in Japan. (Don’t worry - the gift giving aspect of the omiyage expires once you leave the country and you can keep it all for yourself!) We asked 4 local tour guides for their personal recommendations on unique only-in-Japan souvenirs. Here’s what they shared!

[MOVIE] DRUM TAO’S MANGEKYO – a Kaleidoscope of Taiko Drums

Shinagawa Shows

Japan’s traditional drums, taiko, conquered video games, modern pop music, and stages all over the world alike. Ranging from small to so big that they tower over whoever plays them, taiko drums have held an important place in Japanese culture ever since the 6th century. One group, however, has taken the traditional art of taiko drumming and adapted it to the global style of the 21st century in the most fascinating fashion imaginable. Meet DRUM TAO and their Martial Art of Drumming!

Ise Restaurants Guide: 5 Local Japanese Delicacies You'll Crave After Visiting Ise Jingu Shrine!

Ise, Toba, Shima Other Japanese Food

Ise Jingu in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, is one of the foremost tourist spots in the world. Home to Japan’s greatest deity Amaterasu and a variety of traditional Japanese structures, it pulls in crowds day after day. Now, virtually everyone who visits Ise Jingu goes to Okage Yokocho either before or after they pay their respects in the shrine. The street has a variety of Ise restaurants, many of which offer local Ise cuisine, making it a spot you can enjoy all day. If you’re here to visit Ise Jingu, we’ve got five great spots to dine in for you.

Even Japanese People Don’t Know That?! 11 Secrets About Mt. Fuji, the Symbol of Japan

Mt. Fuji Forests & Mountains

Boasting the greatest height of domestic single peak mountains in the country, Mount Fuji is loved as a sightseeing attraction representative of Japan throughout the world. More than 300,000 mountaineers flock to it every year. In addition to being registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2013, recent years have once more seen various features in the media seeking to express the allure of the mountain, further calling attention to it. Now, we will reveal 10 of Mount Fuji’s unknown secrets, conquering the peak of this majestic symbol of Japan!

Top 30 Things to See and Do in Tokyo For First-Time Visitors!

Other Sightseeing

Tokyo has so many things to do! There are a variety of natural, historical, cultural, and modern areas to visit. Hopefully, you will be able to visit and experience many parts of Japan and experience a different aspect each time. But if you are only going to be in Tokyo and might have only one go at all the amazing and interesting things the most populated city in the world has to offer then here are the top 30 things you can add to your bucket list. We categorized them into different types of experiences so you can get a taste of all that Tokyo has to offer.

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