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Don’t Leave Japan Without Buying These 10 Items At Daiso Harajuku

Harajuku 100 Yen Shops

Daiso, Japan’s largest chain of 100 yen shops, boasts more than 3,150 locations throughout the country. Japan’s ubiquitous convenience stores aside, there’s no other retailer that has as many stores. Part of its allure lies in the fun you have choosing what to buy, and the excitement at seeing something sold at an unbeatable price. You’ll find a wide range of unique items at Daiso, and they’re all only 100 yen! “Affordable, useful, fun”—that’s what shopping at Daiso is all about. Daiso has retail locations in 26 countries, but there’s no mistaking the sheer amount of goods you’ll find at a Daiso in Japan. There’s plenty of “Japanesque” trinkets and multi-purpose items that make ideal souvenirs. It’s no wonder that Daiso is the to-go place for travelers. No matter how full your Japan itinerary maybe, there's always time for Daiso! Let’s take a look at the top 10 selling items at Daiso Harajuku that you should pick up before you leave Japan.

Visiting Tokyo Disney Resort 2019: Easter at Tokyo Disney Resort (April 4 - June 2)

Chiba Suburbs Theme Parks

Tokyo Disney Resort will present Disney’s Easter, a special event to be held from April 4 through June 2, 2019 at both Tokyo DisneySea Park and Tokyo Disneyland Park. For the first time in two years, each Park will offer its own whimsical and fun springtime event. In addition, guests will be able to enjoy the Easter special event at the Disney hotels and the Disney Resort Line!

Say Hello to Kitty and Friends at Tokyo’s Cutest Train Station!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Pop Culture

You won’t find a train station more adorable than this one! The Keio railway company recently unveiled a new look for their Tama-Center Station, featuring some of Sanrio’s most popular characters, including none other than Hello Kitty. From the ticket gates to the station platform, and even a special limited train, I found some of Japan’s cutest characters in the most unexpected places!

2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan: Tokyo’s Top Spot for Stylish Handmade Souvenirs!

Akihabara Department Stores

Akihabara is strongly tied to pop culture and anime, with plenty of people thinking of otaku, maid cafés, and electronics first. However, the area is also dotted with plenty of designer spots for creative, sophisticated shopping! At the forefront of that is 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN, a shopping mall-like gathering of artisanal brand shops selling amazing handmade goods. Let’s take a closer look at the must-visit shops to find your perfect, one-of-a-kind souvenir from Tokyo!

Noodle Confessions: What 5 Japanese Living Abroad Really Think About Ramen Outside Japan

Tokyo Station

With over 50,000 ramen shops located throughout Japan, it should come as no surprise that this rich, hearty soup is one of the country’s most popular foods. To the casual observer, this may seem like a common, straightforward meal, but ramen styles and flavors vary widely between Japan’s regions, with each area adding their own local twist to this traditional food. As a dish close to the hearts of many Japanese people, we asked five Japanese natives about their experience with ramen while living abroad.

Traveling to Japan For The First Time? Here’s What to Expect!

Tokyo Station Other Sightseeing

The amazing thing about Japan is its image: for all tourists there is the perception that Japan has a very deep, and old, culture while at the same time it is also known for its cutting edge technology. It is a highly developed nation, and its deep culture goes hand in hand with the pride that people in Japan have regarding their nation’s history and long-established cultural traditions. In particular, there is a noticeable pride in Japanese culinary arts which have been successfully exported around the world. It is quite easy to say that because of Japan’s technological accomplishments, and developed infrastructure, that many tourists see it as being almost like a Western nation, but Japan’s culture means that it has one foot in the past and one in the future, it truly has a unique footing spanning both worlds. For the first-time traveler to Japan, what can you expect in such a unique country? There are many expectations that you might have, such as that there are sushi restaurants and a lot of anime/manga fans, but what can you really expect in your daily interactions? You might have a picture in mind of Japan, but allow us to color it in for you with some pointers about Japan.

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