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Tokyo's Tallest Mountain: 5 Fun Spots to Drop By On the Way to Mount Takao

Mt. Takao Forests & Mountains

Mount Takao is a mountain of beautiful natural sights located within Tokyo itself. It was given the highest rating of three-stars by travel guide Michelin Green Guide Japan and sees a large number of local and international visitors annually - highest in the world, in fact! - because of how accessible it is. Did you also know, however, that the area near Mount Takao in Hachioji town comes packed with plenty of convenient facilities such as restaurants and shopping centers, making it an ideal stopover point to consider for your mountain excursion? It's likely not every day you get to plan a recreational trip to Mount Takao, so why not enhance your trip by dropping by one of the following five charming sightseeing or gourmet spots located nearby? The satisfaction you can glean from this quick diversion will be worth every effort you put in to getting there!

Complete Guide to Japan's Moominvalley Park: Highlights, Recommendations, and More!

Saitama Suburbs

Moominvalley Park opened on March 16, 2019 near Lake Miyazawa, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. The first Moomin theme park outside of Finland, visitors can experience life from a Moomin's perspective. Here’s everything you need to know about entrance into the park and many of the highlight attractions!

[MOVIE] A Japanese Drum Experience at TAIKO-LAB

Shibuya Other Sightseeing

Have you always wanted to learn a traditional Japanese instrument? How about one that makes you exercise in the process? If the deep sound and rhythms of the traditional Japanese taiko drums have always spoken to you, why not try your hand at taiko drumming with a dynamic class? As I learned at TAIKO-LAB in Aoyama, taiko is more than just making sound; it’s about feeling the rhythm through your entire being!

Sushi, Snacks & More: Sampling 8 Local Treats on Tokyo’s East Side via the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line)!

Shibamata / Kita-Senju / Kameari Other Restaurants

The Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line) is one of the few remaining trolleys in Tokyo connecting the eastern part of the city with its center. This historic old line evokes memories of a time long ago when the city was crisscrossed by trolleys. Along this tram course there are several delicious places to visit and experience food that has been favored by local residents for decades and which can only be had there. They also make great gifts. The tram offers a one-day ticket for only 400 yen that allows you to get on and off the tram as often as you like—which is perfect for sampling the gourmet dishes offered at places found along the path of the tram.

Tasting Umaibo – Japan’s Favorite Junk Food Snack!

Tokyo Station

Practically every culture has its tempting snack foods, and Japan is no exception! Umaibo – literally, “tasty stick” – are particularly popular in the country. Made of puffed corn and coming in unique flavors, they have a suggested retail price of 10 yen (less than a dime) – easily affordable by and appealing to kids. Many Japanese likely have warm memories of when they were children and would go to a neighborhood dagashiya (candy shop) and grab either a mentai aji (walleye Pollack roe flavor) or a corn potage flavor and gobble it up on the spot!

Complete Guide to Flying Drones in Japan: Etiquette, Laws, and Understanding No-Fly Zones

Tokyo Station

Drones allow you the easiest access to the view of the landscape from heights. So, you can take a picture of where you can't physically enter in, or from the angle impossible to reach yourself. But what are the laws about drones in Japan? Here we explain the ins and outs of flying a drone in Tokyo and around the Japanese countryside!

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