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Tokyo Day Trips with Morita-san: East Meets West at Miura Peninsula's Fascinating Hayama City

Kanagawa Suburbs Beaches

Our journey this time takes us on a relaxing day trip to Miura Peninsula’s Hayama City, the historic home of some of the first ambassadors from the West to Japan over 100 years ago, and many of their residences still remain. Feel the gentle sea breeze and discover the history of Japan’s relations with the West under Morita-san’s in-depth guidance! This time, he is accompanied by Timothy from New York State, a member of LIVE JAPAN’s editorial staff.

Hello Kitty Fan? Enjoy a Fun Christmas at Sanrio Puroland!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Theme Parks

If you or any of your family members are a Hello Kitty fan, you won't want to miss Sanrio Puroland's annual "Puro Christmas" event from November 9-December 25! This year's theme, "White Christmas," will see many fun and unique events, including the heartwarming musical, "The Puro Christmas"! It'll be a delight. Plus, this year Puroland will be partnering with one of Japan's celebrated creative studios, Naked, to produce a magical immersive experience "Magical Snow" - in which the world around you is set into a glittering snowscape! Follow along as we introduce some of the other events!

Samurai Museum: Get to Know the Spirit of Japan’s Warriors

Shinjuku Other Museums

Samurai are one of the most well-known icons of Japanese culture. Recognizable by their distinctive helmets and deadly katana weapons, these warriors were characterized by their extreme dedication to the belief of honor above life. Tokyo’s Samurai Museum provides deeper insight into this unique facet of Japanese culture to further understand what it truly meant to be a samurai in old Japan. Samurai Museum offers visitors the chance to see real samurai armor and weapons up close, as well as in-depth educational tours in English, workshops, and exciting sword battle performances that showcase samurai actors in action! If you are interested in taking a samurai selfie, you even have the chance to wear some replica armor!

Where to Stay in Odaiba: 5 Popular Hotels for Both Business and Leisure, Solo Travelers and Families!

Odaiba Hotels

Odaiba is Tokyo’s man-made island that boasts a variety of different sightseeing and entertainment spots. Of course, it’s also dotted with hotels, from luxury resort to reasonably priced places. And just like Odaiba offers many sights and a 30-minute access to the city center for solo travelers, couples, families, and people on a business trip having only a couple of hours to sightsee, the hotel variety also answers to every traveler’s needs. Let’s take a look at five particularly popular hotels in the Odaiba area to discover excellent service, heartfelt hospitability, and more!

Japan Beyond the Guidebook: 6 Expats Share Their Top Autumn Food Choices!

Tokyo Station Autumn

As the momiji and ginkgo trees’ leaves begin to change color, Japan’s seasonal food scene seems to bloom. Although Japanese cuisine famously transforms with each season, Autumn may be the star of them all. Intricately weaving in the rich hues of orange, yellow, and red into each dish, Autumnal Japanese dishes both subtly and loudly represent the changes in the season. Take these expats’ advice in trying out Autumn’s favorite dishes that both warm our bodies and fill our tummies!

Prices in Japan: All You Need to Know About Renting a Short-Term Apartment!

Japan has a reputation for being notoriously expensive. When you’re looking for a short-term rental while on vacation or an extended business trip, you’ll want to know how to maximize your budget. Especially rent is often named as being somewhat unaffordable, eating up a large deal of one’s monthly paycheck. If you’ve still set your eyes on living renting in Tokyo, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding an apartment, as well as tips, tricks, and helpful knowledge all about rent in Japan!

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