Due to coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreaks, some facilities and establishments may be closed or may have changed their operating hours. Please confirm directly with the establishment's official website or other official sources before visiting, and take appropriate precautions during your stay.

Coronavirus (COVID 19): What You Need to Know If Traveling to Japan

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Not For the Weak! Hiking in Japan's Intense & Untouched Beech Forest (Aomori)

Aomori, Hirosaki And Hachinohe Forests & Mountains

Shirakami-Sanchi spans over the southwest area of Aomori Prefecture and northwest area of Akita Prefecture It is a precious area where a beech forest, which has not been affected by human influence, flourishes. It is large about 17,000 hectare, which is about 3 times the inner side of Yamanote Line. We decided to go trekking into Shirakami-Sanchi, which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, from Aomori Prefecture side.

Shibuya Scramble Square: 10 Insta-Worthy Souvenir Shops at Tokyo's New Shopping Plaza!


One of 2019's most anticipated buildings, Shibuya Scramble Square, finally opened its doors on Friday, November 1! Directly connected to Shibuya Station, this giant 47-storey complex is teeming with popular shops. This time, from a total of 213 shops, we've carefully selected the most unique souvenir shops in this list of recommendations. You're sure to find the perfect Japanese gifts for you and everyone else after your trip. Let's dive right in!

Say Hello to Kitty and Friends at Tokyo’s Cutest Train Station!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Pop Culture

You won’t find a train station more adorable than this one! The Keio railway company recently unveiled a new look for their Tama-Center Station, featuring some of Sanrio’s most popular characters, including none other than Hello Kitty. From the ticket gates to the station platform, and even a special limited train, I found some of Japan’s cutest characters in the most unexpected places!

Kyoto Guide: 5 Best Popular Sightseeing Spots to Visit Along with Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace Other Sightseeing

Nijo Castle, extremely popular among foreign visitors to Japan, is surrounded by even more fascinating places to visit. This article will introduce nearby spots you'll want to visit alongside your trip to Nijo Castle, including old, history-filled temples constructed in ancient Kyoto, buildings with great historic value, and facilities that allow you to experience Kyoto traditions. Each place is within walking distance from Nijo Castle for quick and easy side trips. Connect with Kyoto's long history and enduring culture to get an even more intimate feel for Kyoto city.

Visiting Osaka Castle: Relax and Take a Visual Walk Through Japan's Famous Castle

Shin-Osaka Castles

Located in the center of Osaka City, Osaka Castle was said to have been built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who brought unification to the people. "When you come to Osaka, come here first!" This also seems to be the thoughts of the many tourists from abroad. With the help of our guide, we learned many interesting things about the castle!

Take a Stroll! 2-Day Sapporo Sightseeing Plan Taking You Around Northern Japan's Exciting City

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Sapporo is a city rich in events and sights, and very tourist-friendly. Today some local writers will guide you and help you plan a wonderful two-day sightseeing tour of the city of Sapporo.

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