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Tsukiji, Beyond the Fish Market: A Foodie's Paradise!


Tokyo’s world famous Tsukiji Fish Market is known for its tuna auction and fresh sushi that can be gorged for breakfast. With the long delay in its relocation to Toyosu, Tsukiji’s original narrow and lively streets filled with variety of vendors functions proudly, despite aging 82 years. With the market’s name and reputation, visitors may assume that all cuisine found here are limited to seafood, but this is where the secret is revealed. Tsukiji’s Outer Market consists of fresh fruit vendors, kitchen tools, and most exciting of all, lots of street food that is unique and limited to this market. Here are the top picks for famous Tsukiji street food, all but one not consisting of fish!

Ueno's Panda Sweets: Five Unique and Delicious Souvenirs of Tokyo's Favorite Zoo Inhabitants

Ueno Other Shopping

When it comes to sightseeing in Ueno, the Ueno Zoo and its famous, adorable pandas are at the top of the must-see list for many a tourist! While nothing comes close to seeing the pandas in the Ueno Zoo, you can take home smaller, sweeter versions of the adorable bears with the many panda snacks and sweets available all around the area! Let's take a look at Tokyo's favorites.

5 Reasons Why There are so Many Vending Machines in Japan

Other Shopping

One thing that basically every tourist to Japan immediately notices is the large number of vending machines. They’re at every station, in every building, and you’ll practically stumble upon a vending machine no matter where you’re going, even in the countryside. There are genuine reasons for the abundance of these vending machines. We asked Hachiyoh, a Tokyo-based company responsible for vending machine maintenance: why are there so many in Japan?

Buying Medicine in Japan: Words and Vocabulary You Need to Know

Traveling in Japan is exciting and there is a lot to discover. So much, in fact, that it’s not unlikely that you’ll get to a point where your feet hurt, your head pounds, or you even sniffle and sneeze a bit. While we hope that you’ll be able to discover Japan’s many charms all healthy and energetic, it’s important to know what to do in the case of a bit of pain or mild sickness that doesn’t necessarily require a visit to the doctor. Japan’s drugstores are well-stocked and offer a large selection of medicine for all sorts of common ailments. We have compiled a list of words and vocabulary to get just the right medicine you need!

How to Travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo: Buses, Trains, and Taxis for Everybody!


Narita International Airport, Tokyo and its metropolitan area’s gateway to the sky. Located in Narita, a city in Chiba Prefecture and right next to Tokyo, the airport offers a variety of different ways to get to central Tokyo, bus and train being only two of them. This variety can seem a bit overwhelming, however, especially to first-time visitors to Tokyo and Japan. Let’s take a closer look at Narita Airport’s many ways of access to turn confusion into convenience!

Nogi Shrine – Discovering Modern-Day Shinto and the Real Last Samurai

Roppongi Shrines

Nestled between the busy nightlife district of Roppongi and the stylish commercial area of Akasaka lies a place of modern-day Shinto worship, dedicated to someone who can be called Japan’s real last samurai: Nogi Shrine. Right as I left Tokyo Metro’s Nogizaka Station, I was greeted by a large white torii, the gate that marks the entrance to Shinto shrines all across Japan, as well as two statues of komainu, or lion-dogs, the protectors of the precincts. The noise of the metropolis was quelled by this very atmosphere as soon as I took my first steps onto the shrine grounds – it almost felt like entering an entirely different world. Large trees cast their cooling shadow on me, the air felt fresh and clean, and the soft murmuring of the water in the temizuya, the basin used for ritual purification before prayer, welcomed me to an entirely different part of modern Tokyo.

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