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Kaiju Sakaba Shimbashi – Drink with the Kaiju of Ultraman at Tokyo’s New Monster Pub

Shinbashi Culinary Entertainment

Step into Tokyo’s newest theme pub, the Kaiju Sakaba in Shimbashi! While some people may already be thrilled by reading the name of the place, others might pause and wonder: what does that even mean? “Sakaba” simply means bar or tavern. “Kaiju” can be translated to “strange beast,” and technically refers to a Japanese film genre. Next to movies, the kaiju genre also brought forth one of Japan’s most famous and long-running series: Ultraman, or the ULTRAMAN SERIES. Its hero Ultraman fights various creatures and threats throughout the hundreds of episodes.

T-CAT, the Tokyo City Air Terminal: Easy and Convenient Access to Narita and Haneda Airport

Tokyo Station Other Visit

The Tokyo City Air Terminal, called T-CAT for short, is the main bus terminal for Tokyo’s Airport Limousine buses that connect both Haneda and Narita Airport to Central Tokyo. This convenient gateway is directly located at Suitengumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and just recently reopened after a period of renovation and renewal. LIVE JAPAN was invited to the grand reopening event and took a look at the all-new Tokyo City Air Terminal and its many convenient, tourist-friendly features!

Snakes, Combs, and Spiders: 10 Eerie Japanese Superstitions for the Curious

Every culture has its own unique set of superstitions, and with its rich mythology, Japan is by no means an exception. While a few, such as black cats as the bringer of bad fortune, are commonly shared with people from all around the world, look forward to a weird, eerie set of Japanese superstitions that will certainly surprise you – and maybe even creep you out a little bit.

Preparing to Hike Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

The trails to reach the top of Mt. Fuji officially open on July 1st to September 10th and bring countless people from all over the world make the ascent to the top every year. However, the hike should not be underestimated and good preparation will help make your trip up the mountain a safe and memorable one.

Yakyu: Baseball in Japan

Baseball may be known as America's pastime, but did you know the sport is also extremely popular in Japan? Today, baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan, where it is known as ‘yakyu.’ Baseball fans in Japan enjoy tournaments of both amateur and professional teams. Baseball has a very distinctive place in the life of Japanese people. Sports stadiums like the Tokyo Dome, the Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, or the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Osaka draw crowds of people whenever a game takes place. Interestingly, instead of using a Japanese variation of the English word for baseball (typically, words of foreign origin are transcribed using the katakana writing system), the Japanese created an entirely new word, ‘yakyu’ as a name for the sport. The kanji for yakyū (野球) literally means "field ball."

Fishing Restaurant Zauo in Shinjuku


Tokyo is full of great restaurants. So many in fact, that you might just run short on time trying to sample them all. Do you want to have a sit-down Japanese meal, or do you want to try one of those wacky theme restaurants you’ve heard so much about?

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