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10 Best Places for Autumn Leaves in Fukushima Prefecture (And When To See Them)

Fukushima, Koriyama And Iwaki Autumn

You should definitely not miss the autumn leaves in Fukushima. Fukushima boasts many great places for fall foliage that you can enjoy on scenic drives, plus charming historical spots. Today we’ll look at 10 of the most popular areas in Fukushima for autumn colors. Albeit for a short time, there will also be illuminations that make the landscape look even more fantastic.

Super Nintendo World Osaka: The world’s first Nintendo theme area at Universal Studios Japan!

USJ, Nanko Port Theme Parks

Super Nintendo World is based on the theme of Nintendo characters and their worldview. It is a collaborative effort between Japan's Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan and open to the world. The opening of Super Nintendo World is a long-awaited event, so in this article, we will give you the latest information about this new area.

[MOVIE] A Japanese Drum Experience at TAIKO-LAB

Shibuya Other Sightseeing

Have you always wanted to learn a traditional Japanese instrument? How about one that makes you exercise in the process? If the deep sound and rhythms of the traditional Japanese taiko drums have always spoken to you, why not try your hand at taiko drumming with a dynamic class? As I learned at TAIKO-LAB in Aoyama, taiko is more than just making sound; it’s about feeling the rhythm through your entire being!

The Complete Guide to Haneda Airport Arrival Lobby

Haneda Other Sightseeing

Haneda Airport is relatively compact and easy to navigate. With access to central Tokyo in under one hour, it’s not hard to see why the number of travelers arriving to Haneda is steadily increasing.

3 Famous Ramen Shops in Yamagata - Japan's "Ramen Prefecture"!

Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata Ramen

Described as "a treasure house of local ramen", each area of Yamagata Prefecture has its own unique style of ramen. Yamagata has led the nation for three consecutive years in their consumption of ramen while eating out, according to the 2017 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Family Survey. Yamagata ramen is really something! In this "prefecture of ramen," the competition is especially fierce in Nanyo CIty. There is a wide variety of shops, beginning with "that" famous shop noted for its karamiso [spicy miso]. In this article, we will introduce three ramen shops in Nanyo City that are known for their Akayu Ramen which takes its name from the former name of the area.

Shopping in Shinsaibashi: Best Fashion, Cosmetics, Retail Therapy in Osaka!

Namba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Other Shopping

Shopping in Shinsaibashi is, without a doubt, one of the joys of visiting Osaka. Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to see happy travelers reveling in their shopping escapades. Shinsaibashi, one of the busiest streets in Osaka, has many shops and stores beckoning travelers to browse their wares. With Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street as our focus, we’ll be recommending some choice shopping spots! Daiso main image: Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com

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