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Kaiju Sakaba Shimbashi – Drink with the Kaiju of Ultraman at Tokyo’s New Monster Pub

Shinbashi Culinary Entertainment

Step into Tokyo’s newest theme pub, the Kaiju Sakaba in Shimbashi! While some people may already be thrilled by reading the name of the place, others might pause and wonder: what does that even mean? “Sakaba” simply means bar or tavern. “Kaiju” can be translated to “strange beast,” and technically refers to a Japanese film genre. Next to movies, the kaiju genre also brought forth one of Japan’s most famous and long-running series: Ultraman, or the ULTRAMAN SERIES. Its hero Ultraman fights various creatures and threats throughout the hundreds of episodes.

10 Summer Foods You Must Try in Japan

What makes summer in Japan even better? Delicious seasonal food of course! Whether you’re camping, eating out, or just looking for something cool to cool down on a sunny day, our list of the top summer food in Japan is certain to have something you will love!

Matcha: Understanding Japan’s Powdered Green Tea


From a hot cup of creamy latte that is enjoyed in the café just around the corner to the expensive, high-grade tea powder sold in organic grocery stores all across the Western world, we are no strangers to the term “matcha” anymore. What has once been closely linked to the almost enigmatic rituals and traditions of the Japanese tea ceremony has begun its triumphal march into people's daily lives, not only in Japan but all over the globe. While some might see the green powder as a thing mostly enjoyed by hip cosmopolitans or health-conscious hippies, others have already claimed matcha tea for themselves. While the drink is only now becoming part of people’s dietary plan in the West, in Japan, hot and cold matcha tea can be found in every vending machine and no one thinks twice about it. Matcha doesn’t only exist as tea, however. In Japan, it is an integral part of many a recipe, especially concerning sweets: pudding, cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, mochi, chocolate, biscuits, ice cream – there is no end to all the delicacies that can be enhanced with green tea powder. As opposed to the United States or Europe, for example, where matcha sweets are still somewhat of a rarity, Japan can look back on a century-long history with matcha. *For matcha tea’s definition and types, production, preparation, and snacks and drinks, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

Sumida River Cruise: Explore Tokyo Bay by Boat!

Asakusa Other Towns

Did you know that Tokyo actually is a city of water? The southeastern part of the Japanese capital faces Tokyo Bay, while the Sumida River has acted as Tokyo’s gateway to the sea since ancient times. This access to the ocean has always attracted both people and business, and even today, you’ll spot many a ship sailing on the rivers and Tokyo Bay. Among those ships are the so-called water buses, or suijo bus in Japanese. These unique boat taxis have gained popularity especially among tourists in recent years. These water buses do not only take you from one place to the other, however; they offer amazing views on the city of Tokyo, and in some cases even unique gourmet experiences – let’s take a look at Tokyo’s trendy water buses!

Survival Japanese: Numbers

Learning to count in Japanese is as simple as “ichi, ni, san”! If you know how to say the basic numbers in Japanese you will have a much easier time doing various things in Japan such as shopping, visiting restaurants, and reserving a karaoke room! Use this handy number reference guide whenever you are in Japan.

Samurai Museum: Get to Know the Spirit of Japan’s Warriors

Shinjuku Museums

Samurai are one of the most well-known icons of Japanese culture. Recognizable by their distinctive helmets and deadly katana weapons, these warriors were characterized by their extreme dedication to the belief of honor above life. Tokyo’s Samurai Museum provides deeper insight into this unique facet of Japanese culture to further understand what it truly meant to be a samurai in old Japan. Samurai Museum offers visitors the chance to see real samurai armor and weapons up close, as well as in-depth educational tours in English, workshops, and exciting sword battle performances that showcase samurai actors in action! If you are interested in taking a samurai selfie, you even have the chance to wear some replica armor!

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