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Late Night to Early Morning: Top 3 Amazing Spots Near Tokyo Station that Don't Stop Going!

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, as the name suggests, is the gateway to Tokyo city - the terminal station that everyone has to pass through whether they're heading to other parts of the country or surrounding suburbs for shopping and sightseeing. Some people have so much fun with their activities that by the time they make it back to Tokyo Station, every other mode of transportation has already closed down for the day! Unlike other cities, Japan's trains don't keep going throughout the night, so this problem is more common than you might expect! But not to worry, because here are some fantastic places accessible from Tokyo Station that you can chill out in until the morning trains start running again.

Where Did You Propose? Top 6 Beautiful Proposal and Wedding Locations in Japan

Tokyo Station

Going on holiday is always an exciting time, and you come back with beautiful memories and an urge to come back. So what could possibly make a trip to Japan any more special? Well, how about declaring your love to the world? That’s exactly what the following six couples did, and we’re happy to be able to share their reasons and memories with you too. Who knows, perhaps these stories will spark you to do the same...?

[MOVIE] Achieve Your Cosplay Dreams at Cosplay Studio Crown!

Akihabara Culture Experience

Anyone from pros, to amateurs, to people who've never cosplayed before can jump into Studio Crown in Akihabara to experience a professional level of cosplay that's both easy and affordable! Recently LIVE JAPAN took the opportunity to check them out!

Nikko Dining Guide: Top 3 Popular Shops You Can't Miss in Nikko!

Nikko Ramen

Nikko is about 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from the urban center. It is a popular tourist destination representing Kanto with numerous historical shrines and temples recognized as World Heritages. These include the Toshogu Shrine, which deifies Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, the Futarasan-jinja Shrine, which has existed since 1250, and the Rinnoji Temple. Within its vicinity, you can find numerous tourist attractions frequented by Japanese and foreigners like the Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura, where you can relive the Edo period, and the spa town of Kinugawa Onsen. In this article, we will introduce 3 stores that you can't miss out in Nikko -- a city filled with history, culture, and nature! These are must-see spots for those planning a sightseeing trip to Nikko. This list also includes a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy local brand beef and one where you can casually drop by for lunch.

How do They do it?! Japanese Fashion and Makeup Trends That Surprised Foreign Visitors!

Tokyo Station

Different countries have different societal customs and norms, but to people from other countries, but just how do attitudes towards appearances differ in Japan? We interviewed some foreign visitors and asked them which aspect of Japanese women's fashion and aesthetic sense left the strongest impression on them. (The comments below are from the interviews, and are the opinions of those being interviewed only)

Easy Japanese Phrases: Guide to Making Restaurant Reservations in Japan!

Tokyo Station

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is the sheer number of restaurants literally packed by the dozens into endless files of buildings! Many people in Japan eat out at lunch breaks, or after work, but not only then. In fact part of Japanese culture is socializing while sharing a meal, or some drinks. This reflects even in the workplace itself where events like the nomikai (company drinking parties) are a very frequent occurrence.

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