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Local Cuisine: 15 Awesome Tokyo Dishes You Didn't Know About

Tokyo Station Other Japanese Food

While Japanese food is incredible all across the country, flavors and styles can vary from region to region. In this article, we're going to look at 15 Japanese dishes that have their roots firmly in Tokyo. Some you might have heard of, some you might not. To help us out, we got in touch with Dave Conklin, a food historian, writer, editor, and author of Mr. Conklin Eats His Way Around Traditional Tokyo to give us the lowdown on these 15 traditional Tokyo dishes.

Tokyo Trends: This Ginza Shop Specializing in Banana Juice is Huge on Social Media Now!

Ginza Other Restaurants

This sister shop of Banana Juice Corridor Street Shop, which specializes in banana juice, opened in the Ginza Corridor-gai in September 2017 and is one everyone is talking about. This shop, just like the Higashi Ginza one, does not open for business if the bananas are not ripe and also has a strong core of fans. Whether you work in the Ginza district or are just passing through, why not stop by here for a refreshing break?

[MOVIE] DRUM TAO’S MANGEKYO – a Kaleidoscope of Taiko Drums

Shinagawa Shows

Japan’s traditional drums, taiko, conquered video games, modern pop music, and stages all over the world alike. Ranging from small to so big that they tower over whoever plays them, taiko drums have held an important place in Japanese culture ever since the 6th century. One group, however, has taken the traditional art of taiko drumming and adapted it to the global style of the 21st century in the most fascinating fashion imaginable. Meet DRUM TAO and their Martial Art of Drumming!

Hotels Near Tokyo Disneyland: 4 Hotels With Easy Access to Tokyo Disney Resort

Ningyocho / Monzen-Nakacho / Kasai Hotels

While there are many hotels near Tokyo Disneyland, these options can be quite costly and they aren’t exactly conveniently located for going elsewhere in Tokyo. One solution is to stay in Tokyo’s Hatchobori neighborhood, where there are reasonably priced hotels and hostels, easy access to other places in Tokyo, and it is only around 20 minutes from Tokyo Disneyland. Today we will introduce four accommodations in the Hatchobori area which are perfect hotels near Tokyo Disneyland.

Having Tattoos in Japan: Is ink in Japan really such a big deal for visitors?

Tokyo Station

Some of the most frequently asked questions by soon-to-be tourists in Japan, are concerning the Japanese perception of tattoos. Body ink has long been stigmatised in Japan due to its links with the criminal underworld. In recent years tattoos have been associated with country's largest organised crime syndicate, the Yakuza, but their murky history dates much further back. During the Edo period (1603-1868) criminals were often brandished with tattoos as a shameful and irreversible indicator of their criminal past. Meanwhile, tattoos were also associated with firemen, who wore them as a kind of spiritual protection. As Japan began opening to the West and it sought to create a good impression on foreigners, tattoos were made illegal during the Meiji period (1868-1912), though the ban didn't last. The stigma however did, at least for quite some time. In 2019 having—or getting—tattoos in Japan is well within the realms of legality, but the shift in attitudes towards them has taken a little while. So what do Japanese think about foreign tourists with tattoos? I spoke with 3 inked-up expats about how (if at all) their tattoos affected their lives in Japan. They shared some useful information based on first-hand experience, pro tips for life and work in Japan when you've got tattoos, and of course, some interesting stories.

Avoid Luggage Problems! Check Tokyo Metro's Open Coin Lockers!

Ueno Other Sightseeing

Ah yes, luggage. The biggest obstacle on anyone’s holiday. In a crowded city like Tokyo, the last thing you want to do is be burdened by your bags. In Japan, it’s common to use coin lockers in stations or towns to help lighten your trip, but it is also equally common to discover no lockers available despite making a long way down to it. This time, we’ll be introducing a smart way of getting around this problem: the “Coin Locker Availability Checker”.

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