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Kansai International Airport: 2023 Guide to Arrival and Departure Procedures

Kansai International Airport: 2023 Guide to Arrival and Departure Procedures

Last updated: 18 May 2023

Located in western Japan, Kansai International Airport is the region's largest international airport and serves as a convenient gateway to popular destinations such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures.

In this article, we'll provide you with an overview of the airport's arrival and departure procedures, as well as the measures in place to ensure safety in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We'll also introduce you to the tourist information center and other popular facilities, offering helpful tips for your trip to Japan.

Table of Contents
  1. Register for "Visit Japan Web" Before You Arrive!
  2. After Arriving at Kansai International Airport
  3. Covid-19 PCR Tests at Kansai International Airport
  4. Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Upon Arrival
  5. Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Before Departures
Latest information for 2023
  • As of April 29, 2023, at midnight, Japan's border control measures have been lifted. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to submit a vaccination certificate (3 doses or more) or a negative test certificate taken within 72 hours prior to departure for entry. However, it is still possible to perform "immigration inspection" and "customs declaration" online through Visit Japan Web.

    For more details, please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.

Register for "Visit Japan Web" Before You Arrive!

Photo: PIXTA *photo is for illustrative purposes
Photo: PIXTA *photo is for illustrative purposes

If you've booked a flight to Kansai International Airport in Japan, we recommend registering on Visit Japan Web to speed up your arrival procedures. This website allows you to complete various immigration procedures, including quarantine screenings, immigration inspections, and customs declarations, before your arrival. To get started, simply create an account, log in, and provide your user information and schedule.

Visit Japan Web also offers a Fast Track option to complete certain quarantine procedures, such as registering your vaccination certificates. As of March 2023, visitors to Japan are required to present a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test result obtained within 72 hours prior to departure. You can easily register either of these documents by following the on-screen instructions.

Once your vaccination certificate or Covid-19 Negative Test Result Certificate is approved, your phone screen will turn blue, and you can complete the quarantine inspections by showing the screen. If you haven't registered a vaccination certificate, your screen will turn yellow until your Covid-19 Negative Test Result Certificate is approved. If the application is incomplete, the screen will turn red, and you'll need to redo the registration process.

After Arriving at Kansai International Airport

After Arriving at Kansai International Airport

Don't forget to check your Visit Japan Web page upon arrival to ensure a smooth entry process. To avoid any delays, we recommend turning on your phone as soon as you disembark from the plane.

Before checking the app, take your body temperature. If the sensor reacts, you should follow the instructions given by the available attendant.

After passing the temperature check, the next step is to have your applications and documents verified. To complete the quarantine screening, you'll need to ensure that the Visit Japan Web app screen turns either blue or yellow. The app provides guidance in English on the requirements for vaccination certificates and other necessary documents.

Japanese passport holders and foreign nationals who are residents of Japan with a valid re-entry permit do not need to present a Visit Japan Web QR code during immigration control.

When filling out the Visit Japan Web disembarkation card, you only need to provide your current address, city, and country.

It's important to be careful when entering the "expected period of stay in Japan." For instance, if your planned stay is for seven days, you should input "years 0," "months 0," and "days 7" to avoid any confusion. Note that each family member must register individually on the Visit Japan Web site if traveling as a family of three.

There are instructions in English, Chinese, and Korean on which screen to show, so please check them before proceeding.

Once you've obtained the QR code for immigration clearance from the Visit Japan Web app, you can easily scan it at the machine. However, there are two common issues to watch out for. The first is entering the period of stay in the wrong order.

In Japan, dates are written in the year, month, and day order. For example, if you arrive in Japan on April 1, 2023, the date should be written as "2023/4/1."

The second issue is mixing up the sections for the place of departure (country, city) and the place of arrival (country, city). Be careful not to make the mistake of writing your destination in the section for the place of departure.

Finally, let's discuss the customs procedures.

You can complete your customs declaration electronically by scanning the Visit Japan Web QR code and your passport at the electronic declaration terminals located in the customs inspection area.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, we highly recommend pre-registering on Visit Japan Web. However, please keep in mind that customs officers may conduct inspections even if you complete the electronic declaration.

Covid-19 PCR Tests at Kansai International Airport

Covid-19 PCR Tests at Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport has a clinic where PCR tests for overseas travelers are conducted through private medical services. If submission of a negative certificate for COVID-19 PCR test is required, it is reassuring to make a reservation for the test at the airport itself.

Kindai University School of Medicine Kansai International Airport Clinic
  • Available Tests: Real-time RT-PCR test (saliva)
  • Reservation Method: Phone (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM) TEL: 072-456-7185 *Please make sure to make a reservation by phone in advance as it is strictly by appointment only.
  • Testing Date and Time: Available weekdays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
  • Location: Terminal 1 Bldg. 2F (North)

Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Upon Arrival

Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Upon Arrival

Make sure to visit the Kansai Tourist Information Center located on the first floor (south) of Terminal 1 upon arrival and before departure to obtain useful travel tips. Staff members are available to provide sightseeing recommendations for the Kansai region in English, Chinese, and Korean.

You can also purchase or pick up a JR-WEST RAIL PASS and other train passes and tickets, as well as Universal Studios Japan admission tickets that can be challenging to obtain elsewhere. Feel free to consult with the staff about your travel plans for a hassle-free trip.

Another useful resource is the information counter marked by a question mark sign, which is easily visible in Terminal 1. Though this counter is only available at Terminal 1 due Covid-19 countermeasures, inquiries can be made in English over the phone.

In addition to answering airport-related questions, it provides information on flights, transportation, and other facilities! What’s more, it’s also a help desk for lost children and offers wheelchair and baby carriage rentals.

Floor maps and signs are available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese! The floor map clearly displays your current location and nearby facilities.

In addition, Kansai International Airport provides transportation information to help you navigate your way to your destination. You can find schedules and boarding locations for trains such as the JR or Nankai Airport Line, limousine buses, and high-speed boats in English.

By scanning the QR code at the bottom of the route search sign with your phone, you can access the "KIX ACCESSMOOTHIE" route search site operated by the airport, making it easy for you to reach your desired destination.

If you're concerned about your cell phone battery running low, consider using Charge SPOT. This mobile battery sharing service is gaining popularity in Japan and allows you to charge your device while en route to your hotel. Once you're finished using the battery, you can return it at convenience stores or other linked stores near your destination.

Additionally, Wi-Fi router rentals are available at multiple locations in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Please refer to the list below for the specific rental locations.

Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Before Departures

Recommended Facilities and Services at Kansai International Airport Before Departures

As of March 2023, the restaurant and store floors at Kansai International Airport are undergoing renovations, marking the first large-scale renovation since the airport's opening.

However, before passing through security checks, there are eight restaurant options available for passengers. Tasty Street, located on the second floor of Terminal 1, features restaurants serving Osaka Prefecture's specialties.

Takoyaki Kappo, Takomasa, Maido Ookini Shokudo, and Kanku Shokudo are just a few of the restaurants that offer a taste of the Kansai region. Please note that restaurants in the international area of Terminal 2 are currently closed. Instead, we recommend visiting stores located around the domestic check-in counters.

For shopping enthusiasts, there are several duty-free stores located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Kansai International Airport. The largest duty-free store in Terminal 1 is the KIX DUTY FREE Main Shop North, offering a wide range of popular brand-name cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and more. In total, there are 27 duty-free stores in Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 2, providing a variety of options from general to luxury products.

For last-minute purchases of household medicines, anti-sickness medicine, nutritional drinks, and earplugs, check out Cocokara Fine pharmacy located in the departure area of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

1F Temporary Luggage Storage Counter
1F Temporary Luggage Storage Counter
4F Temporary Luggage Storage Counter
4F Temporary Luggage Storage Counter

If you're looking to shop or grab a meal before checking in but have a lot of luggage to carry, consider using temporary baggage storage. Dedicated baggage storage counters can be found on the first floor's north side and the fourth floor's north and south sides of Terminal 1.

The "Sky Deck" at Kansai International Airport is a one-of-a-kind observation deck that includes a rooftop park. Complete with a playground for children and a rest area for picnicking, this is an excellent spot to relax and enjoy some fresh air before a long flight.

As a sightseeing hub, Kansai International Airport offers various services for tourists while prioritizing strict Covid-19 countermeasures. Make the most of your trip by starting and ending at Kansai International Airport.

*The information in this article is from April 2023. Please check the official websites for the latest information.

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