Along the Oirase River, which flows from Lake Towada, is a 14-km stretch between from Mt. Yake to where Nenokuchi National Routes 102 and 103 meet called Oirase Keiryu (Oirase Gorge).
It is a scenic spot abounding with large and small waterfalls, curious rocks and bizarre stones. A walking path and road run alongside the gorge. While strolling along the stream allows you to enjoy its natural beauty up close, walking the whole route takes about five hours. So, using a car or renting a bicycle would be a good option.
Before starting your trip, you can get information and a map of the route at Oirase Keiryu-kan and Keiryu-no-Eki Oirase located at Mt. Yake. A monolith called Ishikedo, and Makadoiwa Rock with its magnificent jointed columns will welcome you along the way. Near the Hadakawataribashi Bridge, you can see the 25-m high Kumoi no Taki waterfall.
Also worth a look seeing are the Hitome Yotaki waterfalls, which consists of four individual falls: Shiraito no Taki; Shirakinu no Taki; Furo no Taki; and Tomoshiraga no Taki. The highlight is the Choshi Otaki waterfall, stretching 20 m wide and rising 7 m high. Each season delivers its own delights, such as the fresh foliage of spring, the fiery autumn leaves, and the pristine winter snowscape.

Location Information

  • Address

    Oirase Keiryu building, Towada-shi, Aomori larger section of a village Okuse character Tochikubo 183, 034-0301

  • Nearest Station
    Shichinohe-towada Station
    ・ Tohoku Shinkansen
    ・ Hokkaido Shinkansen
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    only in Japanese
  • Closed
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