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Where to Stay in Hokkaido: 5 Select Hotels in Sapporo (2019 New Opens!)

Sapporo / Chitose Hotels

If you want explore the expanses of Hokkaido, then Sapporo with its great access makes a perfect base for doing that. In recent years new hotels have been built to keep pace with the increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Sapporo. Here we’ll introduce a range of new hotels! All five are located in the heart of Sapporo and within a 10-minute walk of major stations (Sapporo, Odori, Susukino). All offer a wide range of services as well as breakfasts prepared with Hokkaido delicacies and have large bathing facilities guaranteed to relax and soothe you. If you are looking for a place to stay in Sapporo, then consider one of these!

From Nigiri to Oshizushi! 11 Types of Succulent Salmon Sushi in Japan

Sapporo / Chitose Sushi

Salmon sushi is a popular sushi which has found fans around the world, it is absolutely delicious with a flavor and fattiness which is most pleasing and is packed with omega-3 acids without being too rich or oily. It might seem like a kind of sushi which has been eaten in Japan since forever; after all it is such a taste explosion why wouldn’t it be?

TSURUGA Akan Yuku-no-Sato: Enjoying the hot springs and majestic scenery around Lake Akan

Kushiro Hotels

Lake Akan is a lake in the eastern part of Hokkaido, surrounded by mountains and forests. For ages, it has been home to the indigenous Ainu people, and recently it has become a popular sightseeing spot along with its hot springs. With the theme of relaxing and enjoying deserved pampering at a local spa, we headed to TSURUGA Akan Yuku-no-Sato, a hotel renowned for the quality of its hospitality.

Hokkaido Sightseeing: Enjoy an elegant holiday at the soothing Daisetsu Mori-no Garden!

Asahikawa Other Sightseeing

If you visit Daisetsuzan or Sounkyo Onsen in Hokkaido, the Daisetsu Mori-no Garden is a spot you will definitely want to add to your sightseeing itinerary. In this sculpted flower garden with a view of the Daisetsu Mountain Range, you’ll enjoy spending a relaxing time in the soothing embrace of nature. There is a restaurant and café in the park that are owned by master French chef Kiyomi Mikuni, where you can also savor an elegant lunch and exquisite sweets made with the finest Hokkaido ingredients.

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