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Come see this spectacular view only an hour away from Sapporo! Easy one-day sightseeing trip to the clear waters at Lake Shikotsu

Sapporo / Chitose Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

The clear waters are just incredible! If you visit Lake Shikotsu, you will know what we mean. Lake Shikotsu is just an hour car drive away from Sapporo City, and only 40 minutes from The New Chitose Airport, but offers spectacular sightseeing where you can enjoy nature. Come experience breathtaking views on a boat tour, walk along the bank, enjoy the local chips (prawn) raised in these pure waters, and don`t forget to try their famous sweets. Here are the spots we recommend.

Beyond the Sushi: 31 Must-Try Japanese Dishes!

Japanese cuisine

The famous Land of the Rising Sun is known for so many things, it’s hard to even mention them all: culture, history, pop culture, manga, anime, cosplay, sights, architecture...the list could go on and on. A big component of this host of things for which Japan is world famous is food. No matter where you’re from, or whether you’ve ever visited this country, chances are you’ve stumbled upon more than a few Japanese food restaurants. Many of us know of sushi and sashimi, or ramen. Yet Japanese food culture is much richer than that. If you’re among those who like to experience food, when you travel to another country, then, unless you’re already an expert, you’ll need some guidance to navigate through the sea of restaurants and dishes this country has to offer.

How to Eat Sushi: the Complete Guide to Japan’s Most Famous Food


Sushi is likely the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about Japanese food. Healthy and delicious, it has become a favorite of many all around the world. As an international success, sushi lovers likely know the difference between nigiri sushi and maki rolls, but when it comes to sushi variations, that is merely the beginning! Have you ever heard of chirashi or oshi sushi? Restaurants themselves come in different categories, such as “over the counter” or “conveyor belt.” All in all, sushi may seem simple – it’s just something raw with rice, right? – but there’s a complex world that does not only require intricate skill and craftsmanship but also a certain amount of knowledge to make the most out of your sushi experience. In this thorough guide, we’ll cover all the important basics of sushi. From how to eat it to secret etiquette, you’ll be a sushi pro in no time!

Cheers! Complete Guide to Drinks You Can Find at a Typical Japanese Pub


Izakaya are frequented by Japanese young and old after work, school or as the setting for an after-party. Whether it’s your first time in Japan or you have firmly planted roots here, there’s bound to be an izakaya that suits you. Use this guide to help you understand what’s on the menu and how to order like a pro!

Shopping Tax-Free: The Tax Exemption System in Japan

A sign or sticker saying “Tax Free” is a fairly common sight when sightseeing in Tokyo and other cities in Japan. As Japan is experiencing an influx of tourists and visitors from abroad, more and more shops and malls offering tax-free shopping are appearing all over the country and especially in Tokyo. In May 2016, the Japanese tax exemption system was revised to make shopping for international tourists even more convenient! Let’s take a look at what “tax free” means, how it works, and what you need to know for your Japan shopping spree!

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