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Visit the Hokkaido University Campus—a must on any tour of Sapporo!

Sapporo / Chitose Other Architecture

North of Sapporo city center Hokkaido University, also called by its abbreviated name of Hokudai, is a national university consisting of 12 faculties and 21 graduate schools. The Sapporo campus sits proudly on a large expanse of land noted for its lush greenery and is one of Sapporo’s main sightseeing spots. Following is a model itinerary we recommend for taking in the sights you absolutely must see that includes a museum and buildings built during the Meiji era.

Beyond the Guidebook - 5 Expats Share Their Top Summer Food Selections!


Japan is full of gastronomical experiments, both with domestic cuisine and international flavors. Many flock to Tokyo to satisfy their global palette satisfactions, and some have stayed to share their own home’s flavors with the communities around the city, as some of the featured expats have. These chefs and food experts also share their favorite Japanese summer dishes and recommend what visitors can eat during the hot and humid months in Japan. Japanese food traditionally changes with the seasons to allow our bodies to adjust to changing weather and to fill us with the nutrients appropriate for the various times of the year. This time, we asked five expats: “What’s your favorite Japanese summer dish?” Learn about what some of the limited summer-time dishes are from our experts, who know the tips and tricks to stay cool and fueled in the heat.

A cheese must-see! The Mascarpone cheese making experience at The Furano Cheese Factory.

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Other Activities

When sightseeing in Furano, the Furano Cheese Factory is a spot you will definitely want to check out. You can enjoy creating your own handmade Mascarpone cheese using local fresh milk and cream. You are also allowed to take this cheese home with you. This facility is like a dairy themed amusement park. If you are a cheese lover you can’t miss out on wthis!

Hokkaido’s “Soul Food”: Checking Out Zangi, Zantare and Karaage!

Kushiro Other Japanese Food

You’ve probably never heard of zangi, but after reading on you’ll positively want to give it a go! It is one of Hokkaido’s “soul foods,” a deep-fried dish similar to karaage (commonly deep fried chicken thighs) but made in a different way. We’ll compare delectable bites from three restaurants to have your mouth watering in no time! First is where it all started: Torimatsu, located over in Kushiro City. Next we will cover Nabantei, the place that evolved zangi to zantare. Last but not least we will cover Sumiyakisenka Tamatori, which further evolved the zantare.

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