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Dining, entertainment and more! A close look at the New Chitose Airport Terminal Building (Part 2 - Facilities)

Sapporo / Chitose Gift Shops

The New Chitose Airport is the aerial gateway to Hokkaido and is the largest airport in Hokkaido welcoming countless tourists annually. This airport is so well-equipped with dining facilities, gift shops, entertainment, and relaxation facilities that it is hard to believe that it is an airport. Here are some spots in the airport we recommend.

The Latest Matcha Desserts From 7-Eleven!

Other Cafes and Sweets

Matcha—Japanese powdered green tea—is now known all over the world. Convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan are stocked with an assortment of green desserts. 7-Eleven has teamed up with Marukyu-Koyamaen, one of Japan’s oldest tea farms, to bring you desserts with an authentic matcha taste! The forefathers of Marukyu-Koyamaen established the tradition of uji matcha cultivation 300 years ago in Kyoto. Since then, Marukyu-Koyamaen has been associated with the finest tea in Japan. We enlisted the help of Ami and Anna, two university students in Tokyo, to give us their opinions on these matcha sweets from 7-Eleven!

Recommended Tours of Lake Toya - Superb Views and Delectable Sweets!

Noboribetsu / Lake Toya Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

What is there to do around Lake Toya (known to locals as Toyako), one of Hokkaido’s most popular tourist spots? We’ve put together some sightseeing tips for places you really must see. These will help you experience all the attractions of Toyako from the splendid view of the lake to experiencing the confectionery for which it is famous.

Tokyo, the City with the World’s Largest Population Density: 18 Times Japan?!

People who come to Japan for the first time are often surprised by the sheer mass of people in Tokyo’s rush-hour trains during weekdays or on Shibuya Crossing, the busiest intersection on the planet. Sightseeing spots, too, are always crowded and even when walking down the street in a popular area, it is often hard to not bump into someone all the time. Tokyo houses about 10% of the population of all of Japan. If you include the neighboring prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, the total population reaches 38 million people! The total population of Japan is about 127 million people, so that’s a whopping 30% and makes it the most populous urban area in the world. This time, we compare the population of Tokyo to other Japanese prefectures and cities around the world, and will also take a look at changes and issues regarding the future.

How to Save Money with Japan's Amazing Rail Passes!

Japan is such an amazing destination for tourists that companies do their best to make it as easy to travel around as possible, and at an astonishingly low price. These tickets aren’t exactly a secret, but for many people around the world these kinds of tickets simply don’t exist in their countries, so it’s a bit hard to even imagine that they exist! They make travelling around Tokyo very cheap, and offer stupendous value for money for travelling around the Kanto region and around east Japan. For any savvy traveler they are tickets which are an important tool for making the most of any trip to this beautiful country. Today we will introduce four different train tickets which JR East, Japan’s largest train company offers. No tourist should be without!

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