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Discover a Next-Level Winter Holiday in Japan’s North! 5 Snow Activities to Experience at Rusutsu Resort

Niseko / Rusutsu

Even if you’re not a fan of skiing, there are plenty of other great activities to try out in Hokkaido. At Rusutsu Resort, they make use of the vast scale of Hokkaido’s outdoor field to offer a variety of activities of different scales. Here are five snow activities we highly recommend to try at Rusutsu Resort. Who knows, you might find your new favorite hobby!

LeTao Makes Japan's Amazing Dairy Even Better - With Tasty Chocolate Treats!

Sapporo / Chitose Gift Shops

Hokkaido’s LeTao confectioner is well known for its two-layer “Double Fromage” cheesecake, and has rapidly grown in popularity both in and outside of Japan. Originally a chocolatier, LeTao produces chocolates using special techniques and the finest ingredients from all over the world. LeTao’s Nouvelle Vague LeTao Chocolatier opened at New Chitose Airport in December 2016 and the main Nouvelle Vague store in Otaru followed in January 2019. Here are some of the delicious chocolates that attract tourists to the New Chitose shop.

Wintertime Getaway: Preparing for Your Ski & Snowboard Holiday in Japan!

Sapporo / Chitose Skiing & Snowboarding

So you’ve heard of how amazing Japan’s winter is but never stood on skis or a snowboard in your life? That’s alright – many of the country’s winter sports resorts offer everything you need as a ski and snowboard beginner! Your lack of experience won’t stand in the way of having an amazing winter vacation in Japan. Here is everything you’ll want to know before hitting the snow, from how to choose where to go to equipment and life on the piste. (“Piste” is the word for ski run. There, you learned your first snow-related term!)

Ultimate Hokkaido Transport Guide: How to Get From New Chitose Airport to Hokkaido's Sightseeing Spots

Sapporo / Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport is the main point arrival for most visitors to Hokkaido. From there, as you might expect, there are a ton of different transport options available, so it can be pretty hard to choose which is right for you. So, we put together this guide to help you out!

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