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Best Things to Do in Tokyo in December 2023: Christmas Markets, Countdown Events, and More

Stesen Tokyo Bersiar-siar Musim Sejuk

Japan's winter season is a festive time with Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the New Year celebrations just around the corner. Tokyo hosts many events and festivals in December, such as the Joya-no-Kane bell-ringing ceremony, Christmas markets, illumination events, and Comiket. You'll have plenty of fun things to do in Tokyo in December to keep you entertained throughout this action-packed month!

Become a True Gundam Pilot - Stepping into the P.O.D. at a Tokyo Arcade! (Video)


Japan and robots go together like a hotdog and mustard. One of the nation’s most famous robot exports is known worldwide simply as “Gundam.” What started out as an anime has become a huge franchise with its own games, movies, and even a life-sized statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a way to pilot your very own Gundam robot!

Ryuuu TV's Unseen Adventure: Tokyo Skytree®'s Hidden Gems & Latest Foodie Finds in Asakusa & Oshiage!

Ryogoku / TOKYO SKYTREE(R) Bandar moden

When it comes to Tokyo's top attractions for international tourists, one cannot overlook the enchanting traditional neighborhood of Asakusa, along with the awe-inspiring Tokyo SkytreeⓇ, the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Rising to an impressive height of 634 meters, Tokyo Skytree proudly holds the esteemed title of the "tallest tower in the world," as certified by the Guinness World Records. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the area surrounding Tokyo Skytree has continued to flourish, brimming with new shops and exciting tourist spots. We join Ryuuu TV's dynamic duo as they venture into the hidden facets of Tokyo Skytree and introduce you to the newly established hotspots in this highly anticipated area. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the latest developments that have made Tokyo Skytree even more captivating in recent years. Get ready for an insider's journey into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Tokyo Skytree!

The 15 Best Luxury Hotels in Tokyo: Opulent Stays With Stunning Views

Stesen Tokyo Hotel

Stepping into the vibrant heart of Tokyo, the bustling metropolis presents not just its rich cultural tapestry but an exquisite array of luxury accommodations waiting to embrace you. From towering skyscraper hotels with views that leave you breathless to serene historical havens that offer a connection with tradition, Tokyo's top-tier lodgings know how to pamper with grace and style. (Main image:

2023 Shinkansen Travel Advisory: Book Your Seats Early for a Stress-Free Journey!

Bersiar-siar Musim Sejuk

Starting from the end of 2023, all Nozomi trains operating between December 28 and January 4 will exclusively offer reserved seating. This policy aims to enhance comfort and reduce congestion during peak travel times. Originally announced in September 2023 by JR Central and JR West, this measure will impact travelers using the Nozomi service during Japan's busiest travel periods: Golden Week, Obon, and the New Year holidays. (Main image: PIXTA)

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