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Your First Trip to Nara - A Guide to the City's Characteristics and Highlights

Nara, Ikoma, Tenri Historical Places

Nara City, a former capital city of Japan, is today a tourist destination near Kyoto and Osaka. It has an even older history than Kyoto, and traditional sights remain throughout the city. The number one highlights of the city are the buildings and statues of the shrines and temples, many of which are even registered as world heritage sites, make it one of the finest sightseeing locations in all of Japan. This article will also introduce the most essential must-try elements of Nara cuisine, as well as Nara's adorable deer-themed souvenirs.

CANMAKE Challenge: Half-French, Half-Japanese Model Creates Cute, Fun New Looks Using Popular Budget Japanese Cosmetics Brand!


If there’s one brand that can be said to be representative of Japan’s budget cosmetics products, it’s Canmake. You can easily get it at Japanese drug stores at reasonable prices, and is popular across a wide age range, from teenagers to mid-career women. With both stylish, adorable packaging and high-quality products, it doesn’t lose out to department store cosmetics.

Getting Lunch in Nara: 3 Recommended Places for Lunch Right Near Nara Park!

Nara, Ikoma, Tenri Other Restaurants

Located in the southeastern part of Nara Park, Naramachi is a popular area having such attractions as the World Heritage Site Gango-ji Temple and Nara City Naramachi Koshino Ie [lattice house] as well as various gourmet spots. Here we will introduce three shops in the Naramachi neighborhood where you can enjoy lunches made with Nara ingredients.

Visiting an Ama Diver Hut: Enjoying an afternoon with Mie’s famous female shellfish divers!

Mie Suburbs Other Activities

The ama (women divers) of Mie Prefecture are known throughout Japan, and women have been diving here since the Yayoi period. Records show that abalone from the region was served to the imperial court as a special product of Ise Shima 1270 years ago. Shima has been renowned since ancient times for the quality of its food and is designated as a miketsukuni (region supplying food to the emperor). In Toba City, Osasatsucho, there still around 120 ama fisherwomen, inheritants of a long-established fishing tradition. From ancient times, ama huts have been places where the divers change and warm themselves up with fires burning on the hearth. The ama hut experience at Hachiman Kamado Asarihama allows you to see the culture of the ama divers at first hand and to sample delicious, freshly cooked seafood at the same time.

Kyoto Metro Map: Complete Guide to Kyoto’s Trains & Subways

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Other Sightseeing

Most visitors to the Kansai area go sightseeing not only in Kyoto but Osaka, Nara, and Kobe as well. However, there are many JR and privately owned railway lines, so it can be difficult to figure out which train to take. This article will introduce Kyoto's main train lines and summarize their features, undoubtedly helpful information on any trip to Kyoto!

Choice Spots

  • Arashiyama, Uzumasa
  • Gion, Kawaramachi, Kiyomizu-dera Temple
  • Kobe, Sannomiya, Kitano
  • Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple
  • Nanba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi
  • Nara, Ikoma, Tenri
  • Shinsekai, Tennouji, Tsuruhashi
  • Umeda, Osaka Station, Kitashinchi
  • USJ, Nanko Port
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