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Unmissable Beauty: 10 Breathtaking Sights in Hokkaido from Spring to Early Summer

Niseko / Rusutsu Spring

As the warmer months of April to June arrive, Hokkaido bursts with life, with colorful flowers blanketing the land and animals coming out, infusing the region with renewed vibrancy. With so many attractions to choose from, planning a trip to Hokkaido can be overwhelming. But fear not, we've got you covered with a guide of 10 must-visit scenic spots, handpicked by a local writer who knows where to find the best sights that Hokkaido has to offer. Get ready for a fantastic journey through Japan's northernmost prefecture!

Hokkaido Shiki Marche: A New Hot-Spot for Hokkaido Gifts and Gourmet

Sapporo / Chitose Gift Shops

Hokkaido Shiki Marche is a select food souvenir shop near Sapporo Station. Since its opening on November 1, 2022, this spot has attracted crowds of locals and tourists alike every day. Walking around Shiki Marche, you may start to feel that you've come to Hokkaido for the sole purpose of buying food! You'll find all kinds of goods here, from famous Hokkaido sweets to pouch meals with local Hokkaido ingredients, to alcoholic beverages and snacks. Some popular choices include the freshly-baked cookie sandwich from Sapporo Agricultural College, made in-store with red bean paste and butter, and Take-out Hotei's popular zangi fried chicken. Read on as we introduce all you need to know about Hokkaido Shiki Marche and five recommended souvenirs you'll only find here!

'Zangi' Fried Chicken: Hokkaido's 'Soul Food' & 3 Iconic Restaurants in Kushiro To Enjoy It

Kushiro Other Japanese Food

Want to try a classic, local Hokkaido dish? Then you won't want to skip Zangi! Zangi, also known as the 'soul food of Hokkaido', is a Japanese fried chicken dish from eastern Hokkaido's Kushiro City. But Zangi isn't your average fried chicken. Today we speak to the owner of a specialty Zangi shop, Torimatsu, who tells us everything we've ever wanted to know about Zangi, including its origin, its similarities and differences from karaage and Zantare, and how it became a local specialty. Finally, we will also introduce three famous Zangi shops that you can visit in Kushiro.

New Chitose Airport: A Complete Guide to 2022 Arrival and Departure Procedures in Japan

Sapporo / Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport, in Hokkaido Prefecture, is the gateway to major tourist destinations such as Sapporo, Otaru, Niseko, Noboribetsu, and Asahikawa. Entry into Japan from New Chitose Airport is expected to increase due to the reopening of borders and lifting of the ban on individual foreign travelers as of October 11, 2022. Here we will provide information on New Chitose Airport’s Covid-19 countermeasures, arrival procedures, and the latest services as of November 2022!

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