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7 sweets and souvenir shops in Otaru handpicked by our writers!

Otaru Other Shopping

Otaru is a popular city full of historical buildings and romance. Their main attraction, "The Otaru Canal", features many famous sweets and souvenir shops that can only be found in this area. This time we have picked 7 shops that we recommend you see when you visit Otaru. We will introduce sweets shops where take out is available so you can enjoy your treat while you walk around and enjoy the city skyline in search of all the unique souvenirs of Otaru.

Up for Ramen in Asahikawa? Here are 3 must-visit shops!

Asahikawa Ramen

Asahikawa Ramen is the local ramen in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido. This ramen is flavored with soy sauce, uses thick wavy noodles, and is classically served with a broth using pork bones and chicken parts as well as fish broth giving this dish a complex flavor that is high in fat content. In Asahikawa city there are many Asahikawa Ramen shops. Here we recommend our top three choices.

What’s the best way to enjoy taking photos of the Sapporo Clock Tower?

Sapporo / Chitose Other Architecture

The Sapporo Clock Tower is one of the more popular sightseeing spots in the city. This historical old building is nestled among the taller buildings in the city center and from whatever angle you view it, you are presented with unique photo opportunities. Moreover, the inside of the building also has a picture-perfect atmosphere where you can also learn the history of the clock’s mechanism. A quick snapshot of the place will not do it justice! There really are several interesting photo spots that highlight the charms of this building that we will introduce here.

Exploring Hokkaido’s Rebun Island: 7 superb views in Japan’s far north!

Wakkanai Other Nature

Rebun Island, also known as the island of flowers, is an island off the northwest tip of Hokkaido and a treasure trove of natural scenic beauty. Cape Sukoton is its northernmost tip and Cape Sukai offers the best view of the ocean’s crystal clear water; both sites are best seen while driving around the island. Here is an introduction to a course for a drive that describes these and other scenic spots.

Free Wi-Fi: Staying Connected in Japan

Despite Japan’s reputation as a country on the cutting edge of technology, travelers to Japan may find that the nation is not as generous with Wi-Fi accessibility compared to other major tourist destinations. One thing that you will notice about Wi-Fi in Japan is that is as although there are many available hotspots, places will often require registration (either with an e-mail address or social networking account) as well as the use of a password. Additionally, if it is your first time connecting to a public hotspot, note that you will want to connect to the SSID indicated and then navigate to a website in your browser to complete registration. As Tokyo prepares to welcome more tourists leading up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, Japan is working on ways to alleviate Wi-Fi connectivity problems by updating its citywide Wi-Fi network and making access to Wi-Fi hotspots as smooth as possible. In addition, multi-lingual directions and support are available in a variety of languages including English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai. For information on Wi-Fi apps, city-wide Wi-Fi hotspots, pocket Wi-Fi, and sim cards, use this guide to help you connect during your stay in Tokyo!

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