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Hokkaido Day Trip: Under 1 hour from Sapporo! Enjoy the hot springs of Jozankei

Sapporo / Chitose Hot Springs (Onsen) & Bath Houses (Sento)

Jozankei Onsen spreads out along the banks of the Toyohira River that runs from Sapporo and is only a 50-minute car ride away. Founded in in 1866 it is one of Hokkaido’s best-known hot springs areas. Visitors can either find accommodations in one of the inns or just enjoy the many different hot springs, including foot baths, on a day trip. Blessed with natural scenery, autumn brings the area fame for its bright crimson leaves while in winter, the countless lights from snow candles glittering at night in the resort town nestled in deep snow. An annual event in the winter is the yukitoro or snow lanterns creating a fantasy-like atmosphere. These are some of the attractions of Jozankei Onsen!

Complete Hokkaido Fall Foliage Guide: Popular Spots and Best Times to See the Leaves!

Hakodate Autumn

In mid-September the summer heat is still at full strength in Kanto and Kansai. However in Hokkaido, koyo (autumn foliage) season begins. Let’s go take a look at the beautifully colored mountains and streets lined with colorful trees!

Robatayaki, Jingisukan and More: Must-try Mouthwatering Hokkaido Cuisines

Otaru Sushi

In the broad expanse of Hokkaido you can find a wide selection of local cuisines from port towns offering fresh seafood to places inland where local-grown meat and vegetables are used in the dishes. Especially in the case of ramen there are unique variances; Sapporo ramen and Hakodate ramen have different flavors, so we recommend you compare the differences when you visit these places. This is one way to enjoy the “soul food” loved by the local residents during your travels around Hokkaido.

Journey to the magnificent scenery around Mt. Rishiri (pictured on the Shiroi Koibito package)!

Wakkanai Landscapes

Mt. Rishiri, the main peak on Rishiri Island, is also depicted on the package of the famous Hokkaido confectionery Shiroi Koibito. There are many spots on the island, such as Himenuma and Otatomari Marsh, which command excellent views of Mt. Rishiri. We recommend the Mt. Rishiri 16 Scenic Spots Stamp Rally, a drive around the island enabling you to enjoy the magnificent scenery as though you were on a treasure hunt! To discover what types of scenery await the visitor we gave it a try.

Guide to Traveling Hokkaido by Train: Prices and Distance for All Main Train Stations

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Hokkaido is one of the most popular sightseeing places in Japan. The attractive parts of traveling by train is the possibility to go around many places from one to another, whether it is looking for souvenirs or food. Here, we will introduce the travel time and fares of traveling by train around Hokkaido.

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