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Traveling Japan Alone? How to Make the Most Out of Your Solo Trip!

Other Sightseeing

Exploring at your own pace, eating what you want, choosing the hotel you like best – traveling alone can be a wonderful experience. While it may seem a bit intimidating for those who’ve never done it, the veteran solo travelers are surely nodding their head in agreement. Japan is a large country that has much to offer in basically all regards. From culture to food, here’s how to make the most out of Japan if you’re traveling alone!

Discover the Japanese Ice Cream Vending Machines that are Super Popular with Tourists!

Ezaki Glico’s ever-popular Seventeen Ice Cream vending machines are increasingly being visited by more foreign visitors to Japan. We were curious as to the reason behind this phenomenon, so we visited the company to learn more. Perhaps the biggest reason that Seventeen Ice Cream Machines are so popular to those from other countries is that they are so uncommon outside of Japan. In most countries, vending machines are few and far between compared to Japan and even then, they are usually stocked with drinks, not ice cream. So how does it work? In case you haven’t tried it yet, we’ll give you a quick tutorial.

Careful! Things You "Can" and "Can't" Take Out of Japan

Almost all countries in the world have a variety of import and export regulations. Naturally Japan is no exception. In order to prevent crime and the inflow and spread of pathogens, inspections are conducted at Customs when entering and leaving the country. Most people are aware that they will be screened at Customs when entering a country, but declarations are also required when leaving a country. There is a Customs procedure counter before passing through the security check and receiving the departure inspection. One needs to be careful not to arbitrarily take items prohibited by law outside of Japan for fear of punishment. Saying "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse.

Hokkaido Tour: Visiting Northern Daichi Aquarium, the World's First ‘Freezing Aquarium’!

Abashiri Other Amusement

We visited the recently trending Northern Daichi Aquarium, located in Rubeshibe, Hokkaido. With its latest exhibition drawing attention as the first of its kind in the world, it has gained much popularity. At around 600sqm in size, the aquarium may seem somewhat on the smaller scale, but is still a sight to see. Join as we visit this unique spot that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

Tax-Free Shopping: The Tax Exemption System in Japan

Department Stores

A sign or sticker saying “Tax Free” is a fairly common sight when sightseeing in Tokyo and other cities in Japan. As Japan is experiencing an influx of tourists and visitors from abroad, more and more shops and malls offering tax-free shopping are appearing all over the country and especially in Tokyo. In May 2016, the Japanese tax exemption system was revised to make shopping for international tourists even more convenient! Let’s take a look at what “tax free” means, how tax free shopping works, and what you need to know for your Japan shopping spree!

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