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7 Must-Try Foods, Snacks, and Drinks from MUJI

Japanese lifestyle retailer MUJI stocks more than 7,000 different products, but its selection of beverages, snacks, and prepackaged foods are highly rated across Japan and among travelers to Japan. We sampled a few of MUJI’s best-selling foods, snacks, and drinks to share with our readers of Live Japan. Next time you’re near a MUJI, pick up a few of these items and see if you love them just as much as the people of Japan do!

Traditionally Hand-Crafted Quality Knives in the Heart of Tsukiji


Located between Ginza and the Sumida River, Tsukiji is one of the most well-known areas for tourists as well as locals in Tokyo. Although Tsukiji is famous for its market full of delicious fresh seafood, tuna auctioning and more, it also holds notable knife shops that support many of the stores in the area! Azuma Minamoto-no Masahisa, a shop specializing in a diverse range of knives, is now in its fifth generation of service, continuing a tradition established over 145 years ago. But what makes Japanese knives and Azuma Minamoto-no Masahisa different from the rest?

The Ultimate Shopping Experience: How Tokyo's Service Staff Conveys Japanese Hospitality to International Tourists

Tokyo is all but preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2020. A big part of these preparations is hiring staff who is able to speak multiple languages, especially at shops and department stores. This is important not only to make shopping for tourists more comfortable but also to convey the genuine experience of Japan’s famed hospitality. What exactly does that mean, though, how is this hospitality different from simply offering the standard customer service? To find out more about it, we asked the multilingual top staff of Tokyo’s most famous department stores.

Yakyu: Baseball in Japan

Baseball may be known as America's pastime, but did you know the sport is also extremely popular in Japan? Today, baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan, where it is known as ‘yakyu.’ Baseball fans in Japan enjoy tournaments of both amateur and professional teams. Baseball has a very distinctive place in the life of Japanese people. Sports stadiums like the Tokyo Dome, the Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, or the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Osaka draw crowds of people whenever a game takes place. Interestingly, instead of using a Japanese variation of the English word for baseball (typically, words of foreign origin are transcribed using the katakana writing system), the Japanese created an entirely new word, ‘yakyu’ as a name for the sport. The kanji for yakyū (野球) literally means "field ball."

[MOVIE]Shodo Calligraphy: What would you write for luck in the New Year?

Odaiba Traditional Paintings

Art Materials Lab PIGMENT really is a place that impresses as soon as you set foot inside: the building is spacious, with a comfy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at home. This gorgeous art supply store is located on Tennozu Isle, a small island in Tokyo Bay that hosts plenty of art shows and performances. The store features around 200 antique ink sticks, 50 kinds of animal glues, and around 4,500 colors of different pigments: with this, you are sure to find a color that you will like! But what makes the store different are the regularly organized workshops. Held by art school professors or painting tool manufacturers, you can discover Japanese painting techniques, carving signature stamps, or even oil painting. For me, it would be Japanese calligraphy, also known as shodo.

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