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Internationally renowned Japanese Culture: The Most and Least Favorite Traditions Ranked by Foreigners


Recent trends in consumption have shown that more and more people want “products with meanings” rather than just “products”. This seemingly includes tourists visiting Japan as well, as their numbers rise with every year. Be it washoku, judo, or anime, Japanese culture is well-loved around the world, but which parts exactly are they? And are there any which foreigners are not very good with? We interviewed a number of foreigners who have lived in Japan for a year on what they thought.

Rilakkuma comes to cafe plates in Tokyo and Kyoto! Check out what's now trending in Japan!

Other Cafes and Sweets

French-style Gelato Pique Cafe, which serves up delicious and healthy dishes, has teamed up with adorable Rilakkuma to launch a number of special dishes made with carefully selected ingredients! You'll love its cute theme and relaxed atmosphere. The popular cafes are available in Tokyo and Kyoto. Let's have a look at some of cute themed dishes!

Checking Out Tokyo's Samurai Museum: Get to Know the Spirit of Japan’s Ancient Warriors

Shinjuku Other Museums

Samurai are one of the most well-known icons of Japanese culture. Recognizable by their distinctive helmets and deadly katana weapons, these warriors were characterized by their extreme dedication to the belief of honor above life. Tokyo’s Samurai Museum provides deeper insight into this unique facet of Japanese culture to further understand what it truly meant to be a samurai in old Japan. Samurai Museum offers visitors the chance to see real samurai armor and weapons up close, as well as in-depth educational tours in English, workshops, and exciting sword battle performances that showcase samurai actors in action! If you are interested in taking a samurai selfie, you even have the chance to wear some replica armor!

Shibuya Sushi: From Casual to Classy! 5 Recommended Tourist-Friendly Sushi Shops

Shibuya Sushi

One of the first things visitors to Japan like to experience is the enjoyment of delicious new foods! Though there are many options, from ramen to tempura, there is one food that you just can’t ignore - sushi! However, there are sometimes obstacles that foreign visitors face when visiting sushi shops, such as complicated ordering methods, and “no first-timers/members only” type places. Today, we would like to introduce some sushi shops that are easy for tourists to enter and enjoy, located in Shibuya, a popular tourist destination in Tokyo! We selected a wide range of shops, from casual to classy, for your reference!

Go on a whale and dolphin watching tour at the world heritage site of Shiretoko!

Shiretoko Outdoor Activities

This world heritage site is inhabited by many wild animals such as the brown bear, Yezo sika deer and Sakhalin fox, and is located in Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula. Not only the land but the ocean surrounding it is also registered as a World Heritage site, where aquatic animals such as plankton and fish live. In the sea around Shiretoko, whales, dolphins and other marine mammals come closer to land, where they can find a fair amount of food! This is where I joined in a nature discovery cruise to meet the creatures of the sea!

20 Most Popular Japanese Cities on Instagram

Tokyo Station Other Townscapes

Every city in Japan has its own charm and attractions, but some are more popular than others. More people see them, more people love them, and more people share their experience in those cities on Instagram. If you follow this list you'll know which Japanese cities are the most popular among Japanese people and foreign visitors alike. Whether you choose to go for the "less mainstream" or for the most popular ones to "see what all the fuss is about" this article will help you choose your itinerary. So let's dive in and check out the 20 most popular cities in Japan on Instagram.

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