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Announcement from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Tokyo Outdoor Dining: 3 Terrace Restaurants With Stunning Views (Freshly Opened in Spring 2021!)

Shibuya Other Restaurants

As the weather warms and cities return to life, the long-awaited season for outdoor dining in Tokyo has begun! With terrace restaurants offering incredible views spread throughout Tokyo, no matter your location or taste in cuisine, there’s bound to be something for you! Best of all, these open-air terraces are roomy and spacious, making these Tokyo outdoor dining spots a smart choice in the age of social distancing. Here we’ll introduce 3 Tokyo terrace-style restaurants that freshly opened in spring 2021! *Due to the impact of COVID-19, changes to business hours, temporary closures, and alterations to service may occur.

Narita Airport Hotels: 3 Accommodations for Every Budget!

Narita Hotels

When staying in Japan, Narita Airport hotels can be some of the most convenient places to stay. Narita International Airport is located in Chiba Prefecture, around 60 kilometers east of central Tokyo. While it is easily accessible via train and bus, for travellers with an early morning flight or a short transit, it is more convenient to book your accommodation closer to the airport! Here, we highlight three attractive Narita Airport hotels to make it easier for you to plan your stay.

Purikura: Change Yourself Up with Photo Booth Fun!


You simply cannot take a trip to Japan without trying one of the mega-popular sticker photo booths known as purikura! For just a few hundred yen and a few minutes, you can take home a souvenir that is as fun to make as it is to share. Purikura isn’t just about the final photos, but about the experience and fun of posing and decoration. This is not your average photo booth! LIVE JAPAN took a visit to the purikura area of the Taito Station game center in Shinjuku to try purikura for ourselves and to take you through the process step by step!

4 Best Sounkyo Onsen Hotels: Ryokan Getaways in Hokkaido's Leading Hot Spring Destination!

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Ryokan

Sounkyo Onsen is one of the best known hot spring destinations in Hokkaido. Surrounded by the gorgeous natural surroundings of Daisetsuzan National Park, you can relax in a hot spring while enjoying the splendor of Hokkaido’s natural beauty. Enjoy the serene greenery in the summer, and the changing colors of the leaves in fall. Here, we’ll introduce you to four popular Sounkyo Onsen hotels, each with their own distinct features and characteristics!

The 'Obligatory Chocolate' of Japan: The Quirks of Valentine's Day and Other Adopted Western Celebrations

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas

From obligatory chocolate on Valentine's Day to fried chicken on Christmas - Some events we might think we know very well are celebrated pretty differently in the Land of the Rising Sun. Of course, every country is somewhat influenced by the next, and we're constantly changing and adapting to the newest changes, but how have those changes come to pass in Japan? From food to IT, Japan has the unique habit of absorbing and transforming culture from abroad, with a fairly long history of evolving an original culture to turn it into something entirely unique to Japan. Of course, that's not only true of food and IT, but of adapting Western customs that are known throughout the world, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and quite a few others!

Visiting Japan: Survival Tips From 4 First-Time Visitors!

Other Sightseeing

Anyone who is visiting Japan for the first time will have a different experience. It all depends on where you go in Japan, what time of year it is, and also what you are looking for in terms of what you want to get from your trip. So we have gathered together survival tips from 4 groups of people of different ages and different situations in order to provide some comprehensive and helpful information for anyone planning to visit Japan for the first time!

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