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Niseko Hokkaido: Experience the luxury of extreme top-class powder snow on a CAT Tour!

Niseko / Rusutsu Other Activities

Powder junkies from all over the world come to Niseko for its top-quality snow. The biggest problem is the fierce degree of competition for that powder. But did you know that there is a tour that will allow you to enjoy the powder snow of Niseko to your heart’s content? Of the several tours from which to choose we would like to tell you about the NISEKO WEISS POWDER CATS offered by the Niseko Hanazono Resort.

Visiting Japan? Catch Early-blooming Cherry Blossoms Just South of Tokyo – Until Early March!

Kanagawa Suburbs Other Nature

Seeing cherry blossoms in Japan isn't limited just to April! Actually you can also catch these gorgeous flowers slightly earlier—from February to March—if you know where to go. Just around an hour south of central Tokyo is the coastal town of Miurakaigan, where a special variety of these cherry trees, called kawazu-zakura, can be found. The Keikyu Line, which provides access from Haneda Airport to the Tokyo and Yokohama areas, is holding a special present campaign for international visitors to Japan. Come see the beautiful kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms that bloom in the Miura area, bring home a special gift! It’s a perfect way to experience Japan and make a wonderful memory.

[MOVIE]Shodo Calligraphy: What would you write for luck in the New Year?

Odaiba Traditional Paintings

Art Materials Lab PIGMENT really is a place that impresses as soon as you set foot inside: the building is spacious, with a comfy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at home. This gorgeous art supply store is located on Tennozu Isle, a small island in Tokyo Bay that hosts plenty of art shows and performances. The store features around 200 antique ink sticks, 50 kinds of animal glues, and around 4,500 colors of different pigments: with this, you are sure to find a color that you will like! But what makes the store different are the regularly organized workshops. Held by art school professors or painting tool manufacturers, you can discover Japanese painting techniques, carving signature stamps, or even oil painting. For me, it would be Japanese calligraphy, also known as shodo.

Tokyo’s Secret Coin Locker Spots: Big Enough for Suitcases!

Shinjuku Other Sightseeing

Coin lockers can be found all around Tokyo. It’s not the number of lockers that tends to pose a problem for travelers – it’s the size. Small coin lockers are the most abundant, while medium- and large-size lockers are less numerous and thus also less vacant. This is especially true for coin lockers in busy places, but you still don’t want to drag around your suitcase all over Tokyo, do you? Let’s take a closer look at the coin lockers of Tokyo’s stations, their sizes, and the many secret storage spots that are just perfect for tourists!

You Can Do That in Shibuya? 30 Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Tokyo’s Iconic Neighborhood

Shibuya Downtown

Famous in its own right for decades, Shibuya achieved iconic fame with its appearance in Bill Murray’s movie, Lost in Translation, with Scarlett Johansson crossing Shibuya Crossing, amongst other scenes based in and around this vibrant area. Since then it has become a place of pilgrimage for millions of tourists who were intrigued by this movie, and by Japanese culture. Just like the movie, you can experience so many different things in this one part of Tokyo, and over a decade and a half since the film was released it is still just as exciting, bright, and busy. In this city within a city you can easily spend a few days exploring everything that is has to offer, and boy does it have a lot to offer! There are many spots which offer the perfect selfie, or Instagram moment, or for hard-core shoppers you can literally shop until you drop. There are culinary experiences everywhere you look, and of course there are places to just sit and take in the hustle-bustle of daily life. Join as we share 30 fun and interesting things you can do in this iconic area!

Driving in Japan: 10 Important Tips You Need to Know Before You Go

Tokyo Station Other Sightseeing

From centuries-old cherry blossom trees to castles, tranquil temples and more, Japan’s incredible tourist sites and landmarks are world-famous. Coming to this country and visit these places that we could only see in magazines certainly makes for an amazing vacation. What most people don’t realize, though, is that Japan has much more hidden beauty than one could expect and it’s in its landscapes, country roads, beaches, and mountains. The problem is that many of these places are somewhat difficult to reach with public transportation alone. In fact, while Japan’s subway (metro) and train systems are among the best in the world, when it comes to reaching rural areas the easiest way to do it is by car. So why not spend some of your holiday driving around some of the most beautiful nature, hidden temples and more you’ll ever see? Follow along as we share 10 things you’ll want to know before you drive in Japan.

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