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‘The People Are So Kind!’ 5 Things That Shocked A French Woman About Osaka

Namba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Other Shopping

In 2018, the number of foreign tourists visiting Osaka exceeded the record high of 11.42 million. And of these Osaka visitors, a number have experienced some surprising moments when shopping around the city! Many things that might be fairly normal to people who live in Japan can come as a shock to visitors from overseas. Here, we interviewed a traveler from France who shared her surprising experiences when shopping in Osaka. *The following article reflects the personal opinions and impressions of the interviewee based on her past trips to Osaka.

Thoughts of a Sunnier Time: 5 Japan Expats Share Their Top Summer Food Selections

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Summer

Japan is full of gastronomical experiments, both with domestic cuisine and international flavors. Many flock to Tokyo to satisfy their global palette satisfactions, and some have stayed to share their own home’s flavors with the communities around the city, as some of the featured expats have. These chefs and food experts also share their favorite Japanese summer dishes and recommend what visitors can eat during the hot and humid months in Japan. Japanese food traditionally changes with the seasons to allow our bodies to adjust to changing weather and to fill us with the nutrients appropriate for the various times of the year. This time, we asked five expats: “What’s your favorite Japanese summer dish?” Learn about what some of the limited summer-time dishes are from our experts, who know the tips and tricks to stay cool and fueled in the heat.

[MOVIE] Navigating Virtual Airspace with Skyart JAPAN

Shinagawa Adventure Activities

Have you always wanted to fly through the skies while controlling a jet? You now have the chance to make your dream a reality! Skyart JAPAN offers hyper-realistic flight simulation for everyone from beginners to professional pilots. Take a closer look at SkyArt’s state of the art headquarters located in Shinagawa, Tokyo and see how I fared in the cockpit for my very own private lesson!

Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga: The Hokkaido Lake Hotel You'll Never Want to Leave

Kushiro Hotels

Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga is a secluded hotel near Lake Akan, a lake in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this area for ages has been home to the indigenous Ainu people. And recently, it has become a popular sightseeing spot along with its hot springs. With the theme of relaxing and enjoying deserved pampering at a local spa, we headed to Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga, a hotel renowned for the quality of its hospitality.

Night Out in Osaka: Drinking, Dancing, and Udon Nightlife in Japan's Wild Gourmet Capital!

Namba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Clubs

If a day around Osaka just isn't enough, a night out in Osaka will transform your life forever. Osaka's urban areas offer a variety of nightlife activities, including late-night dining, lively clubs, and a variety of bars. Our one-night Osaka guide will make sure you get the full experience of all that Osaka nightlife has to offer. Each shop is guaranteed to give off that deep, exciting Osaka vibe for a fun night you will be sure to remember!

Flights to Tohoku: Just an Hour Away from Kansai by Domestic Flight!

Sendai And Matsushima

Cheap flights to Tohoku are the way to go - especially if you are heading there from Kansai! The Tohoku region, with its abundance of nature and numerous hot springs, is a place for you to kick back and relax. A holiday featuring the vastly different Kansai and Tohoku areas is sure to leave you with many unique and special memories. Here, we’ll walk you through the recommended sightseeing spots when heading from Kansai to Tohoku, and the ins and outs of getting domestic flights to Tohoku.

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