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5 Best Shops for Cheap & Yummy Japanese Snacks Along Asakusa's Nakamise Shopping Street!

Asakusa Other Restaurants

Asakusa, Tokyo is one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations. There may be many foreign tourists who think that sightseeing in Asakusa is an absolute must if you want to savor the taste of Japan. In 2018, out of approximately 31.19 million visitors to Japan annually (*as reported by the Japan Tourism Board), 9.53 million foreign tourists (*Taito-ku survey) visited Taito-ku, Tokyo, where Asakusa is located. This is one-third of the whole figure, which means that it is very popular. In this article, we listed 5 recommended restaurants in Nakamise Shopping Street, which is a particularly popular tourist spot, and in nearby areas. We will also talk about some important points to keep in mind when in Nakamise Shopping Street.

Osaka Tenjin Matsuri - One of Japan’s Top Festivals! A traditional artistic spectacle of fire and water!

Osaka Castle, Tenmabashi, Kyobashi Summer

The Osaka Tenjin Matsuri is known as one of Japan's three major festivals (Nihon Sandai Matsuri). It’s a month-long celebration of ritual Shinto events held every year from late June onwards, culminating in an exciting climax on July 24 and 25. A fireworks display is held on the final day, July 25th, in honor of the gods. Around 1.3 million people flock to see this event annually. Today we’re going to tell you all about the key things to see and do at the Tenjin Matsuri on July 24 and 25!

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement at Ohara School of Ikebana

Harajuku Other Traditional Arts

Ikebana, flower arrangement, is one of Japan’s most treasured art forms, a time-honored tradition that continues to be relevant even in today’s modern society. Beautifully arranged flowers and plants have permeated Japanese culture in a way that is seldom found in others. The Ohara School of Ikebana has played a major part in keeping the tradition alive, through its many schools in Japan, as well as its 59 chapters abroad, with over 300,000 members worldwide. The beauty of the Ohara School is not only in its floral arrangements, but its ability to share the culture of ikebana with the world. I visited the Ohara Center of Tokyo to try an ikebana class to learn more about this traditional art form.

Where the Scenery of Lake Biwa is the Locale's Pride and Joy - 5 Top Recommended Hotels in Shiga

Otsu, Kusatsu Hotels

From the cherry blossoms of spring and lake cruises in the summer to the colorful foliage of autumn and skiing in the winter, in Shiga Prefecture you can enjoy outdoor recreation activities and the seasonal changes of nature all year-round. Above all, Shiga Precture is home to Japan's largest lake, "Lake Biwa". This article will introduce five hotels that pride themselves in scenic views of Lake Biwa.

Kyoto Souvenir Guide: Selections from famous confectionery shop Malebranche Kyoto Kitayama Main Store

Kinkakuji Temple, Kitayama Other Cafes and Sweets

A famous gift from Kyoto is the okoicha (strong tea) langue de chat Cha-no-Ka, which is made and sold at Malebranche Kitayama Main Store. Here they also have the limited Mont Blanc dessert that is offered exclusively at the main store salon. This dessert is so popular that it forms a line. This time we will cover Malebranche and its other stores such as the chocolate specialty store Cacao 365.

8 Things I Regretted About My Japan Visit (And How You Can Enjoy Your Time Better!)


Now more than ever, the number of people who decide to spend time in Japan is dramatically increasing. More and more new travelers head to the Land of the Rising Sun to experience its landscapes, food, entertainment, and culture. Yet, Japan is a unique country and it serves to learn from people who have already been here or who live here to obtain a better insight on how to plan your first trip to this beautiful land.

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