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Top-Rated MUJI Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Other Shopping

Japanese retailer and lifestyle brand MUJI is known worldwide for its minimalist packaging and product design which reflect a Zen-like Japanese aesthetic that treasures beauty in simplicity. All MUJI skin care items and cosmetics come in sleek, frill-free packaging that put an emphasis on each product’s contents and ingredients. Here a few of our top recommended choices for you to pick up on your next trip to MUJI.

Reliving the Massive Anime Success: Let’s Go on a 'Your Name' Pilgrimage around Tokyo!

Shinjuku Anime

Directed by Makoto Shinkai, the 2016 anime movie Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) has not only become a success and phenomenon in Japan, but also internationally. Shown in cinemas all over the world, Your Name won the award for Best Animation at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, while in China it broke every record for movie theater audience numbers for a Japanese movie. Your Name has won the hearts of people all over the world, no matter where they are from. But did you know that many of the locations used in the anime are based in reality?

Asking People From 5 Different Countries: The Biggest Culture Shocks of Japan!

What’s normal in your country seems strange to the rest of the world – that is true for pretty much every place on the planet. Japan, of course, does have its fair share of quirks and peculiarities and the possibilities for a proper culture shock are basically endless! Japan is also rich in pop culture, which leads to many a traveler having the images of dramas, movies or anime in mind, only to find out that the reality is quite far from that. There are both good surprises and... well, not so good surprises! We asked five people from different countries to tell us what shocked or surprised them the most when they first came to Japan. Look forward to a colorful yet wonderfully relatable potpourri of answers!

[2018] Indoor "Camping" and More! 5 Spots to Stay in Tokyo That Aren't Hotels

Shinjuku Other Amusement

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming up soon, the number of travelers to Japan is continually increasing. With an increase in travelers comes a rise in demand for accommodation as well, but did you know that there are other options than hotels? From the more obvious capsule hotels and hostels to 24-hour internet cafes or baths, you can enjoy your time without going over your budget. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the places you can use to stay other than hotels.

10 Ways To Enjoy A Rainy Day In Tokyo

Other Sightseeing

You’ve made good on your New Year’s Resolution to visit Tokyo. You even made sure to avoid the rainy season in June-July and typhoon season in September. Yet somehow, instead of landing in the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ve landed in the Land of Gloomy Skies. What to do? Don’t worry! Here are ten ways to enjoy a rainy day in Tokyo without any regrets.

Nogi Shrine – Discovering Modern-Day Shinto and the Real Last Samurai

Roppongi Shrines

Nestled between the busy nightlife district of Roppongi and the stylish commercial area of Akasaka lies a place of modern-day Shinto worship, dedicated to someone who can be called Japan’s real last samurai: Nogi Shrine. Right as I left Tokyo Metro’s Nogizaka Station, I was greeted by a large white torii, the gate that marks the entrance to Shinto shrines all across Japan, as well as two statues of komainu, or lion-dogs, the protectors of the precincts. The noise of the metropolis was quelled by this very atmosphere as soon as I took my first steps onto the shrine grounds – it almost felt like entering an entirely different world. Large trees cast their cooling shadow on me, the air felt fresh and clean, and the soft murmuring of the water in the temizuya, the basin used for ritual purification before prayer, welcomed me to an entirely different part of modern Tokyo.

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