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Enjoy Tasty Sushi for Under 1,000 Yen at These 3 Sushi Shops!


Sushi, by far the most famous and popular food of Japanese cuisine! While sushi comes in many different varieties, most people outside of Japan likely imagine “nigiri” first. The skillful sushi chef shaping the vinegared rice with a few, masterful gestures and placing the neta (topping) on top of it, probably tuna or shrimp – that’s what we see in front of our eyes when we think of sushi, isn’t it? Just watching the masters at work is a mesmerizing experience. Another image that we tend to have of sushi is that it is upscale and expensive. However, the famous nigiri sushi was actually born as a street snack in Edo (old Tokyo) during the same-named Edo period. That original sushi was made with the fresh seafood caught in today’s Tokyo Bay, sold at food stalls. The people of Edo would stop by, get a piece of sushi and eat it right at the stall, standing, as a filling snack. Sushi back then really was the fast food of the time. Apparently, sushi during the Edo period also was two to three times bigger than today’s sushi!

Tokyo Events Calendar for October, November & December 2018

Tokyo Station Autumn

From the incredible Kawagoe Festival in October to the Tokyo Ramen Show in early November, to the spectacular fireworks and festivities of the Chichibu Night Festival in December, check out a sampling of Tokyo's top events below!

[MOVIE] Sightseeing Taxi: Tour Tokyo the Easy Way!

Odaiba Adventure Activities

Tokyo is not always an easy city to visit, especially for first-timers. Even if the transportation system is known to be one of the best in the world, it usually takes some time to get used to it. And for those who already have a car license, driving in a foreign country can be a stressful experience. To make things smoother for travelers, I highly recommend a private car and a driver for a few hours, or a couple of days, and do sightseeing at your own pace.

Tips from a Japanese Travel Expert! 10 Things You Must Know Before Making Lodging Reservations in the Tokyo Area

Tokyo Station

The Tokyo area is going to become increasingly livelier as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draw near. In the last 15 years the number of foreign visitors has increased five-fold and this in turn has made it increasingly more difficult to find accommodations due to most hotels being booked solid. When making reservations hotel confirmations can be quickly made using a reservation web site, however, there are some useful points to keep in mind before looking for a hotel. This article will introduce some useful hints for securing a hotel in Tokyo provided by a veteran traveler who travels to Tokyo weekly on business and who can tell you how to find little-known but good deals.

Culture Walk with Morita-san: Understanding the Complex Bond Between Nature, Deities, and Japanese People in Chichibu

Saitama Suburbs Forests & Mountains

Meet Tetsu Morita: he has worked several years for the French tire company Michelin before combing every nook and cranny of Japan to create the Michelin Green Guide Japan. He knows the country like the back of his hand – and all of its many secret spots that are incredibly fascinating, yet often overlooked by sightseers. It’s the second time that Morita-san takes us along on a culture walk and this time, he’s joined by Pamela, a German-born editor at LIVE JAPAN. The destination is Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo. The town is famous for the Chichibu Night Festival, a stunning event that has been registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. But what other things are there to discover in and around Chichibu?

Emergency Info: What to Do When You Get Sick or Injured in Japan

Other Sightseeing

Getting injured or sick is the last thing you need while traveling abroad. Still, sometimes it does happen and getting the help and care you need can be quite the ordeal in a country with different language and culture. Still, there’s no need to panic: from smaller discomforts such as jetlag to being in an accident, here is everything you need to know when getting sick or injured in Japan

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