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Not Just Winter! Niseko’s Delectable Summer Food!

Niseko / Rusutsu Other Italian and French

Most people imagine winter when talking about Niseko. It is true that many visitors come to Niseko every year to ski on the superb powder snow. However Niseko has its own charm in the summer. Summer is when Niseko’s food ingredients are the best and something you don’t want to miss. We will cover restaurants that offer Niseko’s summer cuisine and dishes that use dairy products.

Sweets Kingdom Tokachi! 4 Popular Sweet Souvenirs to Buy in Hokkaido

Obihiro Other Cafes and Sweets

Hokkaido’s Tokachi region is famous for its agriculture and dairy farming utilizing the area’s vast plains. With the production of quality wheat, sugar, adzuki red beans and dairy products, the Tokachi brand is established in various fields. Using these quality ingredients, there are many sweets shops located in Obihiro City, the center of Tokachi. We will introduce 4 shops popular to locals and tourists.

Purikura: Change Yourself Up with Photo Booth Fun!


You simply cannot take a trip to Japan without trying one of the mega-popular sticker photo booths known as purikura! For just a few hundred yen and a few minutes, you can take home a souvenir that is as fun to make as it is to share. Purikura isn’t just about the final photos, but about the experience and fun of posing and decoration. This is not your average photo booth! LIVE JAPAN took a visit to the purikura area of the Taito Station game center in Shinjuku to try purikura for ourselves and to take you through the process step by step!

10 Things to Buy With Your Last ¥1,000 Before Leaving Japan!

Ever wonder what do to do with the leftover yen you have at the end of your Japan trip? Sure, you could exchange it before leaving—but with the exchange rate and after the fees are taken out, you’re not left with a whole lot. Here are a few things you can buy to get your money’s worth out of your last 1,000 yen. Japan has a reputation for being expensive but it’s also a place where you can buy a variety of quality goods at a reasonable price. All you need is 1,000 yen, and you’re set—there’s a whole lot that you can buy. Make the most of your stay in Japan with something memorable. Try out new flavors of a snack or drink! Pick up last-minute gifts. Just 1,000 yen can solve your problems! Use your final yen to pick up affordable goods that you can only buy in Japan. In this article we’ll share ten tips on how you can make the most of your leftover yen.

Ten things you need to know about Hokkaido before you go!

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Hokkaido is a vast and rich area filled with nature. In order to plan a trip, be sure to consider the distance and travel time. Here we will introduce 10 things to know about before traveling, such as Hokkaido's unique climate, local gourmet, and even their dialect!

Easy Access from Haneda Airport – Buses, Trains, and Taxis


Located in Southern Tokyo’s Ota Ward, Haneda Airport – or Tokyo International Airport – is one of Tokyo’s two airports, Narita being the second one. It is an important hub, connecting domestic flights to international ones, with hundreds of travelers and tourists arriving and departing on a daily base. Four main means of transportation connect the national and international hub to Tokyo’s inner city: train, bus, taxi, and monorail. Let’s take a closer look.

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