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Dive Into The Nightlife: Ginza & Tsukiji After 9 p.m.

Ginza Other Cafes & Sweets

Both Ginza and Tsukiji bustle with Japanese and international tourists, no matter the time of day. Even if your flight to Haneda Airport arrives at night, both neighborhoods are easily accessible and fun to visit - let us show you the area's best night life spots for after 9:00 p.m!

Get it at Tokyu Hands! The Top 10 Beauty Products Recommended by a Beauty Concierge

Shinjuku Other Shopping

Tokyu Hands is known for its huge variety of different products, from day to day living goods to specialty products. Beauty goods are, of course, also part of its assortment, and each store features dedicated beauty concierges help navigate the world of beauty with their knowledgeable counsel. From unique souvenirs to skin care, there's much and more to discover in Tokyu Hands' beauty aisles.

Roppongi Hills' Five Most Amazing Spots and How to Make the Best of Them!

Roppongi Gardens

From fancy cafés to hundreds of shopping options, exhibitions to upscale restaurants, Roppongi Hills is one of modern Tokyo's most famous landmarks. No matter what you have heard of the place or what you already might know about it, we promise that there's so much more to discover still! Let's take a look at Roppongi Hills' five most amazing spots and how to make the best of them.

[MOVIE] A Visit to Robot Restaurant!

Shinjuku Shows

If a neon-filled night of dancing, crazy costumes, and robot battles sounds like your kind of Tokyo dreamland, there's no question that you need to visit Robot Restaurant! I took a look inside one of Shinjuku's most unusual and talked-about theme restaurants to see if it lived up to the hype. The short answer? Absolutely!

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