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Free Fun in the Sun - Tokyo's Best Clamming and Shellfish Hunting Spots

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas

Tokyo's early summer is the best time to go outside and have fun under a warm but still gentle sun. One of the favorite activities of all Tokyoites, old and young, is hunting for clams and shellfish in and around the metropolis. We'll show you both secret and popular ocean spots and provide you with the basics of successful clamming and shellfish hunting!

Fifty Two Seats of Happiness: My Brunch on the Atmospheric Restaurant Train to Chichibu

Saitama Suburbs Forests & Mountains

For all of you who want to celebrate an anniversary, commemorate a special date, or even just make unique memories of their trip to Japan, we have a very special treat for you today: Fifty Two Seats of Happiness. Behind this whimsical name hides a restaurant train that belongs to Seibu Railway. Fifty-two Seats of Happiness promises the experience of dining on fine cuisine on a moving train, taking you to and from the scenic town of Chichibu and other locations. Every season, there’s a new scenery to admire, such as spring’s famous Chichibu shibazakura, or pink moss phlox. I’ll take you along on my trip so that you can get an impression of Fifty Two Seats of Happiness before hopping on board yourself!

Matcha: Understanding Japan’s Powdered Green Tea


From a hot cup of creamy latte that is enjoyed in the café just around the corner to the expensive, high-grade tea powder sold in organic grocery stores all across the Western world, we are no strangers to the term “matcha” anymore. What has once been closely linked to the almost enigmatic rituals and traditions of the Japanese tea ceremony has begun its triumphal march into people's daily lives, not only in Japan but all over the globe. While some might see the green powder as a thing mostly enjoyed by hip cosmopolitans or health-conscious hippies, others have already claimed matcha tea for themselves. While the drink is only now becoming part of people’s dietary plan in the West, in Japan, hot and cold matcha tea can be found in every vending machine and no one thinks twice about it. Matcha doesn’t only exist as tea, however. In Japan, it is an integral part of many a recipe, especially concerning sweets: pudding, cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, mochi, chocolate, biscuits, ice cream – there is no end to all the delicacies that can be enhanced with green tea powder. As opposed to the United States or Europe, for example, where matcha sweets are still somewhat of a rarity, Japan can look back on a century-long history with matcha. *For matcha tea’s definition and types, production, preparation, and snacks and drinks, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

5 Maid Cafes in Tokyo

Akihabara Other Cafes & Sweets

Maid cafes appeared in Akihabara around the year 2000. This novel idea of having girls dressed as maids interacting with customers became a huge sensation. Now, many maid cafes are establishing themselves as great entertainment spots with the help of intriguing, original concepts.

Learning Japanese

Japanese is the main language of Japan and is the only language spoken by most people in the country. While support in other languages has increased throughout the years, one will definitely benefit from learning some or mastering the Japanese language, especially if they are seeking to work and make meaningful connections in Japan.

Kurayami Gohan – Experiencing the Dinner in the Dark

Asakusa Culture Experience

It was time, the day had finally come: once more I stood in front of the modern building that was Ryokusen-ji. From the outside, you likely wouldn’t guess that a calm and atmospheric Buddhist temple awaited behind the big sliding doors – and a one of a kind experience along with it. I had waited several weeks to be a part of Kurayami Gohan, or the Dinner in the Dark, hosted by the temple’s head monk Kakuho Aoe, who also goes by the nickname of the Cooking Monk. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him before my actual Buddhist dinner experience, learning of the philosophy of the event and of the multitalented monk himself.

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