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Supermarkets in Asakusa? Top 5 Shops in Main Areas and Must-Buy Souvenirs in Local Favorite Ozeki


Asakusa is a major tourist place of interest located in Tokyo city's Taito Ward and has grown increasingly popular among international tourists for its attractive day-trip and stayover options. Asakusa Shrine, Kaminarimon, and the Skytree are just a few prominent examples of the area's well-known sightseeing spots. As an old-time town itself, Asakusa also exudes a quaint air that is charming in its own way. What sort of food culture would local residents of a tourist town like Asakusa have as a result? The best way to find out is to take a peek inside the various supermarkets found in the area, as these shops have supported the local food industry for ages with regular food products, Japanese food souvenirs, and other everyday goods at reasonable prices. The amazing variety of goods and low prices at supermarkets have also made them an increasingly popular stop among foreign visitors. We agree that shopping at a supermarket is a great way to get the whole local experience, so here are five main supermarkets that can be found in the different areas of Asakusa for you to check out! We'll also find out what are some products from popular local supermarket Ozeki that locals would highly recommend foreign visitors try out.

Osaka Tenjin Matsuri - One of Japan’s Top Festivals! A traditional artistic spectacle of fire and water!

Osaka Castle, Tenmabashi, Kyobashi Summer

The Osaka Tenjin Matsuri is known as one of Japan's three major festivals (Nihon Sandai Matsuri). It’s a month-long celebration of ritual Shinto events held every year from late June onwards, culminating in an exciting climax on July 24 and 25. A fireworks display is held on the final day, July 25th, in honor of the gods. Around 1.3 million people flock to see this event annually. Today we’re going to tell you all about the key things to see and do at the Tenjin Matsuri on July 24 and 25!

[MOVIE] Navigating Virtual Airspace with Skyart JAPAN

Shinagawa Adventure Activities

Have you always wanted to fly through the skies while controlling a jet? You now have the chance to make your dream a reality! Skyart JAPAN offers hyper-realistic flight simulation for everyone from beginners to professional pilots. Take a closer look at SkyArt’s state of the art headquarters located in Shinagawa, Tokyo and see how I fared in the cockpit for my very own private lesson!

First Trip in Osaka? Read this Quick Guide on What to Look For

Umeda, Osaka Station, Kitashinchi Downtown

Osaka has a population of 2.7 million and is western Japan’s center of transit and commerce. With Kansai International Airport and the bullet train stop Shin Osaka Station, it sees plenty of travelers as the front gate of Kansai. It also faces the Osaka Bay and has been a window of trade both domestic and international since long ago, so it has long been a financial center. Even now, the city center boasts plenty of commercial districts with many outlets to shop and eat in. The outskirts have residential areas and pockets of beautiful nature, including historical buildings, giving Osaka plenty to see.

(Tohoku Japan Guide) Akita’s Dakigaeri Gorge: Refreshing Cobalt Blue Stream and Vibrant Fall Foliage

Surrounding Areas Of Akita Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Dakigaeri Gorge (Dakigaeri Keikoku) in Senboku City located in the eastern part of Akita Prefecture is great spot to view autumn leaves. Every year from early October to early November the virgin forest turns vibrant with autumn leaves, and the contrast with the cobalt blue stream will wash away your daily stress. Here are the highlights of the one way 30 minute hiking course.

30 Things (Not) To Do In Japan - Easily Avoid These Embarrassing Moments!

Each country has its own specific rules, habits, culture, and practices which differ from our own. Japan is no different. There are many things in Japan that many foreigners who are visiting may not be aware of and might inadvertently disrupt, offend or anger the locals. Although a lot of these things may seem like they are just tiny details or would be overlooked and forgiven because you are just passing through, it is always a good idea to inform yourself as much as possible about a country’s customs and culture. As a representative of your own country, being polite, courteous and knowledgeable about the country you visit goes a long way. To help you better understand and enjoy your visit to Japan, here are a list of things that many foreigners do that you should try to avoid!

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