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Come see this spectacular view only an hour away from Sapporo! Easy one-day sightseeing trip to the clear waters at Lake Shikotsu

Sapporo / Chitose Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

The clear waters are just incredible! If you visit Lake Shikotsu, you will know what we mean. Lake Shikotsu is just an hour car drive away from Sapporo City, and only 40 minutes from The New Chitose Airport, but offers spectacular sightseeing where you can enjoy nature. Come experience breathtaking views on a boat tour, walk along the bank, enjoy the local chips (prawn) raised in these pure waters, and don`t forget to try their famous sweets. Here are the spots we recommend.

Rilakkuma comes to cafe plates in Tokyo and Kyoto! Check out what's now trending in Japan!

Other Cafes and Sweets

French-style Gelato Pique Cafe, which serves up delicious and healthy dishes, has teamed up with adorable Rilakkuma to launch a number of special dishes made with carefully selected ingredients! You'll love its cute theme and relaxed atmosphere. The popular cafes are available in Tokyo and Kyoto. Let's have a look at some of cute themed dishes!

(Video) OFF-KAi!!: An Akihabara Hair Salon for Anime Fans

Akihabara Other Health and Beauty

Have you ever watched anime and wished that you could rock a style as colorful and wild as the characters in Japanese animation? Your chance has arrived! Located in Akihabara, the heart of Japan’s otaku subculture, is a unique hair salon like none other in the world: OFF-KAi!! a hair salon that transforms customers into their favorite anime, manga, or game characters! LIVE JAPAN took a visit to see what it’s all about and to try out their services!

Perfect Day-trip Sightseeing Spots Near Tokyo: Kamakura, Enoshima, Miura, Yokosuka!

Kanagawa Suburbs

Kamakura, Enoshima, Miura, and Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture are only 1 to 2 hours by train from Tokyo. Each area has different sorts of attractions as well many kinds of shops. Here are some great spots in each of the areas which can be visited during a day-trip. We’ve put together some suggestions for day-trips which will give you a taste of the history and culture as well as introduce places offering gourmet dishes!

A Curious Look into Japan’s Safety – Why Does Your Lost Wallet Return in Japan?

Tokyo Station

It is often said that Japan is very safe and secure compared to the rest of the world. The country is one of a handful of places in the world where people feel safe enough to fall asleep on trains or at stations. These people may even leave their bags open or have their phones on their laps, however it is very rare for valuables to be stolen. When comparing Japan’s safety and security to other nations, the most notable example cited is “if you drop your wallet in Japan it will be returned.” This statement isn’t a myth! Let’s take a look to see why wallets get returned in Japan.

Visiting Japan: Survival Tips From 4 First-Time Visitors!

Tokyo Station Other Sightseeing

Anyone who is visiting Japan for the first time will have a different experience. It all depends on where you go in Japan, what time of year it is, and also what you are looking for in terms of what you want to get from your trip. So we have gathered together survival tips from 4 groups of people of different ages and different situations in order to provide some comprehensive and helpful information for anyone planning to visit Japan for the first time!

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