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How to Save Money with Japan's Amazing Rail Passes!

Japan is such an amazing destination for tourists that companies do their best to make it as easy to travel around as possible, and at an astonishingly low price. These tickets aren’t exactly a secret, but for many people around the world these kinds of tickets simply don’t exist in their countries, so it’s a bit hard to even imagine that they exist! They make travelling around Tokyo very cheap, and offer stupendous value for money for travelling around the Kanto region and around east Japan. For any savvy traveler they are tickets which are an important tool for making the most of any trip to this beautiful country. Today we will introduce four different train tickets which JR East, Japan’s largest train company offers. No tourist should be without!

These 7 Drinks Perfectly Capture the Taste of Winter in Japan

If you've read our previous article on Japanese drinks, you already know that Japan is home to a number of oddly named yet surprisingly tasty beverages. Ramune, Pocari Sweat, and Calpis are just a few that you may encounter in a convenience store or vending machine. You should also know that Japan is home of speciality flavors and limited edition products, meaning there's a whole new world of drink possibilities waiting to be explored practically every month. The downside, unfortunately, is that that once a product runs its course, you're likely to never be able to purchase it again. We scoured convenience stores and vending machines across Tokyo for the latest in Japanese drinks. Though the combination of flavors can be weird and wacky, rest assured that the taste of the drinks featured on this list falls nothing short of delicious. Pick up a few of these “only in Japan” drinks for yourself- or for souvenirs to take home!

Japan’s Sensational (And Healthy) ‘Neba Neba’ Dishes!

Other Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine is known around the world for its many delicious and attractive-looking dishes, from elegant sushi to casual tonkatsu. But did you know that Japanese have over the centuries nurtured an affinity for different food textures – and occasionally incorporate slimy, sticky, gooey-looking foods? These dishes, known as “neba neba”, may be somewhat lacking in visual appeal, but they make up an essential part of the Japanese diet because of their unique delicious texture and healthful properties. In Japanese, the word “neba neba” means “sticky” or “slimy”, and is used to describe foods with such a texture. These foods often have a history associated with them: some, like natto and yama-imo (mountain yam) have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries, while others such as okra were introduced in more modern times. Neba neba dishes are highly popular both as comfort foods and for their many health benefits. In addition to being low-calorie foods, they are high in soluble fiber (the main cause behind their sliminess) and are gentle on the digestive system. They’re also rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Ueno’s Ameyoko – Tokyo’s Charismatic Shopping Paradise of Amazing Deals

Ueno Pharmacies

One of the favorite pastimes of many a visitor to Japan is going on a souvenir shopping spree, hauling in as many amazing goods and deals as possible. In Ginza, people shop for high-end and trendy fashion in its many department stores and high-class duty free shops, while Shinjuku is known for its abundance of massive electronics retailers – Tokyo offers many a shopping spree hot spot. One of them is Ameyoko in Ueno, an atmospheric open-air market that offers various stores selling a massive selection of fashion, cosmetics, drugs and medicine, and even fresh food at almost ridiculously cheap prices. Additionally, Ameyoko is close to both Koreatown and Asakusa, famous for its many sightseeing spots, and since the atmospheric open-air market has always been very popular among international visitors, Ameyoko is known as extremely welcoming and tourist-friendly since many years. Let’s take a stroll through this wonderfully busy and bustling shopping area and take a look at some of its most popular shops, stores, and stalls!

Survival Japanese: Housing Terms

Looking for renting an apartment or a house is usually one of the first things that a foreigner moving to Japan will have to do. However, Japanese rental agreements have some unique features that might differ from those in your country. The terminology used to define the size, space and conditions of a place are quite unique in Japan, and a good knowledge of them is necessary to make the search even easier.

[MOVIE] Visiting Classic Maid Café Mai:lish

Akihabara Other Cafes and Sweets

Come join Live Japan with me as we visit Café Mai:lish, a small and homely maid café located on the outskirts of Akihabara, about 8 minutes from JR Akihabara Station and 3 minutes from Suehirocho Station.

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