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Sweet Japan: The Secret Behind Osaka's Insanely Popular MADAME SHINCO Desserts!

Osaka Suburbs Other Cafes and Sweets

MADAME SHINCO is well-known for their Baumkuchen, which is also popular by mail-order. Most people associate current chairwoman Madame Shinko with bright pink colors and leopard print designs. Today, I visited the Madame Shinco Main Branch in Minoh, Osaka to enjoy their limited edition sweets as well as a live performance that can only be seen here! I even got to learn about the real President Shinko herself.

Quirky 'Sora-Donki' Discount Shop Opens at New Chitose Airport: Top Staff-Recommended Products & More!

Sapporo / Chitose Discount Stores

When you hear the name 'Don Quixote' in Japan, you will most likely picture Japan's largest discount store chain. Sora-Donki, the airport location of the chain, recently opened its second branch on the international departure floor of the New Chitose Airport on August 30, 2019. This branch boasts an area of up to three times larger than that of its Haneda Airport counterpart, with items upon items lining the store, offering an overwhelming variety of goods including snacks and drinks, souvenirs, medicines, and even clothing. Because it is located on the international floor, it is perfect for inbound travelers. Let's take a look at some of the most popular items amongst traveling visiting from overseas.

Say Hello to Kitty and Friends at Tokyo’s Cutest Train Station!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Pop Culture

You won’t find a train station more adorable than this one! The Keio railway company recently unveiled a new look for their Tama-Center Station, featuring some of Sanrio’s most popular characters, including none other than Hello Kitty. From the ticket gates to the station platform, and even a special limited train, I found some of Japan’s cutest characters in the most unexpected places!

Guide to Traveling Hokkaido by Train: Prices and Distance for All Main Train Stations

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Hokkaido is one of the most popular sightseeing places in Japan. The attractive parts of traveling by train is the possibility to go around many places from one to another, whether it is looking for souvenirs or food. Here, we will introduce the travel time and fares of traveling by train around Hokkaido.

Kobe Travel - Arima Onsen Guide: Enjoy relaxing at Japan’s oldest hot spring town (and autumn foliage too)!

Arima Onsen, Mt. Rokko Hot Springs (Onsen) & Bath Houses (Sento)

Arima Onsen is one of Japan’s Three Ancient Springs and is mentioned in The Pillow Book as one of the Three Famous Springs of that time. Zuihoji Park, praised by Taiko Hideyoshi who said, "I never tire of the view," embodies the traditional Japanese atmosphere especially when the leaves turn red in the fall. This is a place I heartily recommend for a pleasant day-trip to a famous hot spring where you can enjoy the famous Kinsen [golden hot spring] and Ginsen [silver hot spring] as well as some famous hot spring products.

Easy access from Tokyo! Save money while sightseeing in Chichibu with these 5 great train tickets

Saitama Suburbs Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Chichibu, located in the northwestern part of Saitama Prefecture, right next to Tokyo, is a popular tourist destination where you can feel the mysterious beauty of nature and history. It takes only an hour from central Tokyo to Chichibu, where you can enjoy spectacular views, historical buildings, and traditional Japanese culture. When traveling to Chichibu, we recommended you use the railway so you can relax and enjoy the view from the windows. Here are some great deals available for the Seibu and Chichibu Railways that you should know about when traveling to Chichibu!

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