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Kappabashi: 5 selections of astonishing stores

Asakusa Lifestyle

Kappabashi shopping street is said to have in stock everything regarding cooking and restaurant equipment. On both sides of a road that stretches for about 800 meters, more than 170 stores are established. It has an astonishing assortment of cooking equipments from professional first-class goods to ordinary daily cooking utensils, which is nowhere to be found but on this street filled with specialty shops.

Sachi no Otera Gohan: Discovering the Amazing World of Japanese and Buddhist Cuisine by Manga

Asakusa Japanese cuisine

In 2013, Japanese cuisine was officially made an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries lists four distinctive characteristics on its homepage that an authentic Japanese dish has to have:

Kotori Café – Little Birds and Delicious Desserts

Shibuya Other Activity

Japan is famous for its large variety of different animal cafés, with cat cafés leading the list as the most popular. Furry friends, be it cats, dogs, or even goats, aren’t the only critters that inhabit Japan’s vast world of theme cafés. And today, we want to introduce a very special one: Kotori Café. The name literally translates to “Little Bird Cafe,” so guessing which kind of animal can be encountered here is rather obvious.

Preparing to Hike Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

The trails to reach the top of Mt. Fuji officially open on July 1st to September 10th and bring countless people from all over the world make the ascent to the top every year. However, the hike should not be underestimated and good preparation will help make your trip up the mountain a safe and memorable one.

Easy Access from Haneda Airport – Buses, Trains, and Taxis


Located in Southern Tokyo’s Ota Ward, Haneda Airport – or Tokyo International Airport – is one of Tokyo’s two airports, Narita being the second one. It is an important hub, connecting domestic flights to international ones, with hundreds of travelers and tourists arriving and departing on a daily base. Four main means of transportation connect the national and international hub to Tokyo’s inner city: train, bus, taxi, and monorail. Let’s take a closer look.

Samurai Museum: Get to Know the Spirit of Japan’s Warriors

Shinjuku Museums

Samurai are one of the most well-known icons of Japanese culture. Recognizable by their distinctive helmets and deadly katana weapons, these warriors were characterized by their extreme dedication to the belief of honor above life. Tokyo’s Samurai Museum provides deeper insight into this unique facet of Japanese culture to further understand what it truly meant to be a samurai in old Japan. Samurai Museum offers visitors the chance to see real samurai armor and weapons up close, as well as in-depth educational tours in English, workshops, and exciting sword battle performances that showcase samurai actors in action! If you are interested in taking a samurai selfie, you even have the chance to wear some replica armor!

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