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The Pollen Came Early This Year! Read How Foreign Residents Were Surprised By Hay Fever in Japan

Tokyo Station Spring

It may still be cold weather, but it seems the allergy season has arrived already. On January 22, 2020, the Japan Weather Association released info that the Japanese cedar and cypress pollen season in Tokyo will start in early February. This peak is longer than usual and will last from late February to late March. People with allergies have probably already noticed. But what about tourists? I interviewed foreign people living in Japan about hay fever. I was able to hear the bitter truth about their hay fever in Japan. (Comments are the respondent's personal opinion)

Shop Like A Local: 20+ Helpful Phrases, Vocabulary & Tips for Japanese Supermarkets!

Many people regard Japanese supermarkets as a must-visit when visiting Japan, because they not only reveal the daily life of Japanese people, but also handy for getting cheap meals and snacks! Here, we will introduce the types of Japanese supermarkets, common words, popular products in Japanese, as well as practical product questions and how to handle checking out. Next time you go to a Japanese supermarket, you can enjoy shopping even if you don’t know Japanese!

Purikura: Change Yourself Up with Photo Booth Fun!


You simply cannot take a trip to Japan without trying one of the mega-popular sticker photo booths known as purikura! For just a few hundred yen and a few minutes, you can take home a souvenir that is as fun to make as it is to share. Purikura isn’t just about the final photos, but about the experience and fun of posing and decoration. This is not your average photo booth! LIVE JAPAN took a visit to the purikura area of the Taito Station game center in Shinjuku to try purikura for ourselves and to take you through the process step by step!

Shin-Osaka Attractions: Top 5 Things to See and Do Near Shin-Osaka Station

Shin-Osaka Other Health and Beauty

Shin-Osaka Station is the gateway to Osaka. Being a Shinkansen stop, there are several hotels near Shin-Osaka Station, and it's also a perfect place around which to base a sightseeing trip in the Kansai region. Within Shin-Osaka Station there are many souvenir shops, and scattered around the surrounding area are several spots where visitors can enjoy uniquely Osaka experiences. This article will introduce recommended spots for a walk around your hotel or a way to pass the time while waiting for the Shinkansen train.

Is Working in a Japanese Convenience Store the Dream Job? Foreign Nationals Share Their Experience

There are over 50,000 convenience stores all over Japan, and lately they are beginning to hire more and more foreign staff. To me, that seems like the ultimate challenge – moving to an entirely new country and living and working in a foreign language. I was intrigued as to what kind of challenges they might face! So, I interviewed three people from China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam who worked part-time at a convenience store in Japan, and asked them what kinds of positive and negative shocks they had come across at work. (The following reflects only the opinions of those interviewed)

'Japanese People Are Loud!' 10 Things You Didn't Know About Drinking In Japan

Akihabara Izakaya

Japanese people have a reputation as being reserved, polite and respectful, so you might not realize that Japan is actually a paradise for people who like their alcohol. Drinking is a way of bringing people closer to share honesty and togetherness. On personal levels, it’s a way to meet new people and strengthen connections. Drinking parties amongst workmates, known as nomikai, are a way of networking and building up rapport with colleagues without having to worry about hierarchical barriers. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about drinking in Japan. Main image: Wuttisit Somtui / Shutterstock.com

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