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"200 Exits?!" - Why Foreign Visitors Experienced Japan Culture Shock in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Downtown

Shinjuku is one of Japan's most popular downtown areas and home to Tokyo's Metropolitan Government. It is a city with lots to offer, from an entertainment district to shops and offices. It is one of the three major sub-centers that include Shibuya and Ikebukuro, and it is very popular with tourists. In this article, you will read interviews with tourists who have visited this area to hear their experiences with the area. See what they have to say! (Each comment is an individual opinion of the respondent)

Japanese Drugstores Are So Different to Back Home! A Deeper Look Into the Success of Pharmacies

It's interesting how drugstores have become an indispensable part of modern Japanese life, much like the ubiquitous convenience stores. As the name suggests, these shops are fully stocked with essential pharmaceutical products. On top of that, they also allocate shelf space for daily necessities like toiletries and foodstuff, so it's not just medicines and ointments here. This wide selection of goods is why Japan's drugstores have such a strong following among visitors from other Asian countries. In fact, it's not unusual to hear of people coming to Japan with the main purpose of doing drugstore shopping! The popularity of these stores is growing among Western lands as well. Although relatively smaller in terms of size and product range compared to their counterparts in the United States, Japanese drugstores certainly hold their own when it comes to product quality, pricing, and of course, customer service. Prices can be driven even lower if you take advantage of the tax-free system for overseas visitors. Here's a deeper look at five reasons why you, too, should drop by a drugstore too if you visit Japan!

[MOVIE] DRUM TAO’S MANGEKYO – a Kaleidoscope of Taiko Drums

Shinagawa Shows

Japan’s traditional drums, taiko, conquered video games, modern pop music, and stages all over the world alike. Ranging from small to so big that they tower over whoever plays them, taiko drums have held an important place in Japanese culture ever since the 6th century. One group, however, has taken the traditional art of taiko drumming and adapted it to the global style of the 21st century in the most fascinating fashion imaginable. Meet DRUM TAO and their Martial Art of Drumming!

Crazy Cheap but Crazy Quality: The Shopping Secret to Japan’s Home Appliances on a Budget

Electronics Stores

No matter where you’re from, shopping is a major tourist activity when in Japan – with so many shopping districts and a huge array of products to choose from, what’s not to love? What’s even better is the amazingly low prices they are often sold for. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, just wondering around one of the huge department stores is a tourist activity in itself. You know it’s true, even if you won’t admit it, walking around homeware stores is fun by itself, let alone in another country! But of course, if the prices are so low, you might wonder about the quality. So here we’ll show you not only the price, but its cost performance and durability. There are some shopping secrets to getting the best deals too...!

'You Still do THAT?!' 7 Things That Shocked Foreigners About Japanese Weddings

Marrying someone from a different country is bound to lead to a couple of culture shocks and clashes of opinion – no matter how well you get along, there are some things that are just too influenced by your upbringing! Here, we interviewed 7 non-Japanese living in Japan on their opinion of marriage in Japan. Some were married to Japanese people, but some simply commented on the situations of their friends and those around them – either way, there were a few shocks to be had! (The below comments reflect only the opinions of those interviewed).

Visiting Sendai in Winter: Weather, Clothes, and Everything You Need to Know For Your Trip!

Sendai And Matsushima Winter

One of the things to consider when planning a trip to Sendai in winter is what the weather will be like in your destination. This is especially given that the Tohoku region experiences cold winters and heavier snowfall. While the city itself doesn’t see much snow, when visiting Sendai in winter, measures against the cold are essential. Today, a local writer will advise you on temperatures, and clothing that will be useful during your winter trip to Sendai (December/January/February).

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