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Upcoming: FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Exhibition

Roppongi Other Contemporary Arts

Everyone familiar with the Final Fantasy series connects certain memories and emotions with it – which one was your first? Which one was your favorite? Do you remember exploring the dark, yet colorful corners of Midgar’s slums with Cloud, or were you and Tidus the best Blitzball team to walk this planet? Have you maybe just recently sat in a car with Noctis and his friends? Or are you still defending the land of Eorzea from all kinds of danger with seven other friends?

Cheap and Unique - Tokyo's Top 10 Guesthouses to Stay At

Asakusa Youth Hostels

Guesthouses; the fun, cheap version of hotels, preferred by all kinds of adventurers and travelers. Naturally, the hip metropolis of Tokyo does have its very own selection of creative, unique, artsy, and fancy guesthouses to offer. Among this extensive selection, we chose our top 10 spots that stood out for being particularly creative, a great choice for women traveling alone, and more! Let's take a look.

How-To: The Sightseeing Taxi

Ride Around Japan

Sightseeing taxis are a common sight in major cities all around Japan. As their name suggests, they are a service mainly offered to tourists as unique sightseeing tours, with the taxi driver also acting as the guide. As such, sightseeing taxis are the perfect choice for those who want to explore a city both time efficient and without carrying around luggage.

Wake Up with Bread: Tokyo's Very Best Hotel Breakfast Buffets

Tokyo Station Buffets

There's hardly anything better than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, which is precisely why we've skimmed Tokyo to find the very best, luxurious hotel breakfast buffet experience for you! Whether you like it sweet or savory, these hotels will let you kick back and relax over an amazing breakfast.

Survival Japanese: Housing Terms

Looking for renting an apartment or a house is usually one of the first things that a foreigner moving to Japan will have to do. However, Japanese rental agreements have some unique features that might differ from those in your country. The terminology used to define the size, space and conditions of a place are quite unique in Japan, and a good knowledge of them is necessary to make the search even easier.

[MOVIE] A Visit to Robot Restaurant!

Shinjuku Shows

If a neon-filled night of dancing, crazy costumes, and robot battles sounds like your kind of Tokyo dreamland, there's no question that you need to visit Robot Restaurant! I took a look inside one of Shinjuku's most unusual and talked-about theme restaurants to see if it lived up to the hype. The short answer? Absolutely!

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