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Spending Wonderful Time Alone in Shibuya - Free Cosmetics and a Hundred-Yen Bus!

Shibuya Art Museums

Shibuya is known as Tokyo's hot spot for fun and modern youth culture, a must-visit for everyone who comes to - or lives in - Tokyo. It's a wonderful place to explore as a group but just as great to enjoy all by yourself, with lots and lots of options to have an amazing time. Let's look at some of Shibuya's highlights for solo travelers!

Ginza Loft: Souvenir and Gift Shopping Paradise

Ginza Other Shopping

While the entire world seems to be turning toward online retail, Japan is an oasis where you can touch and feel many of the unique products in person – and fun stationary stores like Loft are right at the center of it all. Since the chain opened its doors over 30 years ago, it has become something of an iconic lifestyle goods retailer in Japan, filled with cute stationary supplies that are also perfect for souvenirs, as well as health products, seasonal items and interior pieces. I stopped by the chain’s newest flagship shop in Ginza to see its four floors of unique culture.

Cosplay Shopping at ACOS Akihabara

Akihabara Other Shopping

At ACOS Akihabara, you can perfect your cosplay costume and have fun doing it! The word “cosplay” is an English portmanteau combining “costumes” and “play.” When cosplaying, people dress up and perform as their favorite characters from films, comics, anime, and video games. And at ACOS Akihabara, you can find the perfect piece to fulfill your role-playing dream and become one of the characters you love! ACOS Akihabara strives to offer costumes that are both devoted to the source material and are supervised by each licenser.

Ueno’s Ameyoko – Tokyo’s Charismatic Shopping Paradise of Amazing Deals

Ueno Pharmacies

One of the favorite pastimes of many a visitor to Japan is going on a souvenir shopping spree, hauling in as many amazing goods and deals as possible. In Ginza, people shop for high-end and trendy fashion in its many department stores and high-class duty free shops, while Shinjuku is known for its abundance of massive electronics retailers – Tokyo offers many a shopping spree hot spot. One of them is Ameyoko in Ueno, an atmospheric open-air market that offers various stores selling a massive selection of fashion, cosmetics, drugs and medicine, and even fresh food at almost ridiculously cheap prices. Additionally, Ameyoko is close to both Koreatown and Asakusa, famous for its many sightseeing spots, and since the atmospheric open-air market has always been very popular among international visitors, Ameyoko is known as extremely welcoming and tourist-friendly since many years. Let’s take a stroll through this wonderfully busy and bustling shopping area and take a look at some of its most popular shops, stores, and stalls!

The Complete Guide to Ikebukuro Station

Ikebukuro Other Visit

Ikebukuro is one of Tokyo’s three major sub-centers and the central hub of the northern Yamanote Line. Thus, the gigantic Ikebukuro Station acts as an important hub that connects 2.62 million passengers on average each day (as of 2015, with 4 railway companies combined) - this makes Ikebukuro Station the third-largest station in the world. Ikebukuro has a lot to offer in terms of amusement and sightseeing, so knowing the station, its exits, and its lines are crucial for both tourists and Tokyoites. We compiled a complete guide to Ikebukuro Station that will ensure that you won’t get lost!

[MOVIE] Sightseeing Taxi: Tour Tokyo the Easy Way!

Odaiba Ride Around Japan

Tokyo is not always an easy city to visit, especially for first-timers. Even if the transportation system is known to be one of the best in the world, it usually takes some time to get used to it. And for those who already have a car license, driving in a foreign country can be a stressful experience. To make things smoother for travelers, I highly recommend a private car and a driver for a few hours, or a couple of days, and do sightseeing at your own pace.

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