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Tokyo Tower vs. Tokyo Skytree: Best Photo Spots for Your Instagram Shots!

Roppongi Landmarks

Tokyo Tower has been a beloved symbol of the city for 60 years and counting. In 2012, the newly constructed Tokyo Skytree joined the older tower as a colorful landmark, instantly recognizable and iconic. Pretty much everyone who visits Tokyo will end up going to at least one of the two towers. To make your visit memorable and something really special, we’re going to show you the very best photo spots at both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. Go snap that perfect shot!

[MOVIE] Tokyo Joypolis: Odaiba’s Indoor Amusement Park of Thrills and Fun

Odaiba Theme Parks

An amusement park you can visit rain or shine, Tokyo Joypolis by SEGA offers three floors of exciting attractions! This indoor amusement center offers rides and virtual reality experiences that are perfect for thrill seekers, as well as countless innovative activities that pique the curiosities of all who encounter them. Travelers and locals alike visit this Tokyo hotspot for fun and thrills. LIVE JAPAN took a trip to the Tokyo Bay area of Odaiba to check out Tokyo Joypolis for ourselves, where we tried games and attractions, and even found quite a few surprises!

Beyond the Guidebook - 5 Expats Talk Tokyo's Best Neighborhoods for Visitors to Stay In!

Shimokitazawa Other Townscapes

In the great, widespread concrete jungle of Tokyo, it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors to choose an area or neighborhood to stay in. Here, expats give insight into their recommendations for your accommodations and tell you about the quirks of the neighborhoods they chose to share.

Meals, Manners & More: Your Ultimate Guide to Eating in Japan!

Tokyo Station Other Japanese Food

Japan has some very particular cultural rules when it comes to eating, drinking, and dining in public places. While most of them are not by any means laws, they are widely followed nonetheless. For someone visiting the country, especially for the first time, it may be hard to grasp the nuance of differences in manners and etiquette right away! Sometimes these can be very different from one’s country of origin, and for this reason, the mindful traveler will want to know about these rules beforehand.

Driving in Japan: 10 Important Tips You Need to Know Before You Go

Other Sightseeing

From centuries-old cherry blossom trees to castles, tranquil temples and more, Japan’s incredible tourist sites and landmarks are world-famous. Coming to this country and visit these places that we could only see in magazines certainly makes for an amazing vacation. What most people don’t realize, though, is that Japan has much more hidden beauty than one could expect and it’s in its landscapes, country roads, beaches, and mountains. The problem is that many of these places are somewhat difficult to reach with public transportation alone. In fact, while Japan’s subway (metro) and train systems are among the best in the world, when it comes to reaching rural areas the easiest way to do it is by car. So why not spend some of your holiday driving around some of the most beautiful nature, hidden temples and more you’ll ever see? Follow along as we share 10 things you’ll want to know before you drive in Japan.

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