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Top 10 Popular Souvenirs at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station Gift Shops

Tokyo Station is the hub for several JR lines leading into Tokyo city as well as Shinkansen trains that will carry you all the way north or south of Japan. However, Tokyo Station is much much more. It is the key place to buy “Tokyo” souvenirs and station bento (boxed lunches). Here we will introduce the top 10 most popular souvenirs as well as the top 5 bento choices we recommend.

Over 4,000,000 Units Sold! The 8 Top-Selling Capsule Toys From Takara Tomy

If there’s any toy that perfectly “encapsulates” Japan, it’s the capsule toy. There are several companies that make these special toys, yet it's the distinguishing features of capsule toys by Takara Tomy Arts, the driving force behind the Japanese toy industry, that faithfully and expertly recreate tiny worlds that fit neatly in the palm of your hand. Who else but Takara Tomy Arts could pursue a level of realism with such precision? Each product rollout is incredibly fascinating and its range includes everything from popular animated characters to abstract indie toys. Let’s take a look at 8 of the top-selling capsule toys by Takara Tomy Arts, based on sales data taken from Narita Airport. As you read, these capsule toys are sure to pique your curiosity and turn you into a fan.

[MOVIE] A Walking Tour along Narita Omotesando

Narita Old Towns (Shitamachi)

Narita International Airport welcomes millions of travelers year after year on their way to Tokyo and other destinations in Japan. However, did you know that you could have a genuine Japanese experience only 7 minutes away from the airport via train? Narita city itself has over 1,000 years of history in the area with Narita Shinsho-ji Temple being a major landmark in Chiba Prefecture. The road leading to the temple itself though also has a long history with a variety of shops dating to the Edo period and further back. This road is called: Narita Omotesando.

5 Major Outlet Malls In and Around Tokyo

Chiba Suburbs Outlet Malls

Ready to go on a proper Tokyo-style shopping spree? If you want to save some money while getting a new wardrobe, head to the large outlet malls scattered around the suburbs of Tokyo. There are five major malls in total: Mitsui Outlet Park in Makuhari and Iruma, Shisui Premium Outlet near Narita Airport, Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, and Gotemba Premium Outlets. Let’s take a look at how to get to these five major outlet malls, their main shopping features, as well as special services and discounts for international visitors!

[MOVIE]Become a True Gundam Pilot - Step into the P.O.D. at a Japanese Arcade!


Japan and robots go together like a hotdog and mustard. One of the nation’s most famous robot exports is known worldwide simply as “Gundam.” What started out as an anime has become a huge franchise with its own games, movies, and even a life-sized statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a way to pilot your very own Gundam robot!

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