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Disney Fan's Choice: 15 Must-Have Character Goods from Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Chiba Suburbs Theme Parks

A trip to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea is on the list of pretty much everyone who comes to Tokyo! Of course, the magical adventure needs to be commemorated by a cute souvenir or memento. Some of the classic choices for that are adorable plushies or unique T-shirts, but where to start? We sent one of our editors who also happens to be a massive Disney fan to Tokyo Disney resort, with the mission to find the absolute must-have character goods! From plushies to smartphone cases, prepare yourself for an epic Disney-themed shopping haul!

7-Eleven Japan’s Top 3 Items: What Are Japan’s Favorite Convenience Store Snacks?

Tokyo Station Convenience Stores

Major convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, or Lawson release more than 10 products every single week! Those that become a hot topic on social media and so on are often quickly sold out. We were curious what those “hot topic” goodies are and went to 7-Eleven to find the three top-sellers of this week! (8/9/2018 – 8/16/2018). Because the summer heat is still holding Japan in its grip, the top three is dominated by frozen goodies!

Stringraphy at Studio EVE: A Striking and Unique Musical Experience

Shibuya Other Contemporary Arts

Have you ever imagined being right inside a musical instrument, surrounded by song? I visited Studio EVE in Tokyo’s Daitabashi neighborhood and was able to experience this very feeling by attending a Stringraphy workshop. A beautiful melting of music, art, and movement, Stringraphy is an original concept that while born in Japan, has already made waves across the globe in its 25 years of existence. During the workshop, I had the chance to meet the members of the world-renowned Stringraphy Ensemble, enjoy a performance, and even try my hand at making my own string music.

Gifts at the New Chitose Airport! Popular selling items and noteworthy souvenirs of Hokkaido

Sapporo / Chitose Other Shopping

The New Chitose Airport is the gateway to Hokkaido welcoming more than 20 million visitors each year. Here you can pass the time waiting for your flight either relaxing in a hot spring or visiting a museum or at one of the many other facilities available. The Shopping World on the second floor of the terminal building offers a vast array of popular gift items as well as some items that can only be purchased here. Let’s look at some of the great buys offered here.

Free Wi-Fi: Staying Connected in Japan

Despite Japan’s reputation as a country on the cutting edge of technology, travelers to Japan may find that the nation is not as generous with Wi-Fi accessibility compared to other major tourist destinations. One thing that you will notice about Wi-Fi in Japan is that is as although there are many available hotspots, places will often require registration (either with an e-mail address or social networking account) as well as the use of a password. Additionally, if it is your first time connecting to a public hotspot, note that you will want to connect to the SSID indicated and then navigate to a website in your browser to complete registration. As Tokyo prepares to welcome more tourists leading up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, Japan is working on ways to alleviate Wi-Fi connectivity problems by updating its citywide Wi-Fi network and making access to Wi-Fi hotspots as smooth as possible. In addition, multi-lingual directions and support are available in a variety of languages including English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai. For information on Wi-Fi apps, city-wide Wi-Fi hotspots, pocket Wi-Fi, and sim cards, use this guide to help you connect during your stay in Tokyo!

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