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Exploring Tokyo Station: 10 Must-Visit Spots Around the Heart of Tokyo

Tokyo Station Modern cities

The Tokyo Station area is known for its fascinating coexistence between magnificent historic buildings and towering, modern skyscrapers. We will show you the area's most famous sightseeing spots, as well as secret sights that should not be missed when touring Tokyo Station, the heart of the Japanese capital.

Fluffy and Delicious: Enjoy Japan’s Best Pancakes at the Top 3 Cafés in Harajuku and Omotesando!


If there’s one universal truth, it’s that everybody loves pancakes. That’s why every country and culture has its very own version of the delicious dish – sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, fluffy and thick or crispy and thin. Japan, known for its sweet tooth, is no exception to this rule. Actually, the world of Japanese pancakes brings forth new and tasty creations year by year, with numerous pancake specialty stores all over Japan and Tokyo ready to satisfy any pancake craving, no matter the season! Japan has undergone a real pancake boom, initially triggered by breakfast and brunch specialty stores. Now, however, pancakes are an integral part of the menu of all sorts of Japanese cafés and restaurants, incorporating the unique tastes and characteristics of the different chefs. While some places win our hearts with their amazingly tasty varieties, others draw us in with their exceptionally beautiful pancakes, so photogenic that it’s hard to take the first bite. Among this colorful pancake variety, one certain characteristic has stood out and is now known as the “Japanese style:” fluffiness. Especially the trendy area of Harajuku and Omotesando has become a hot spot for anyone wanting to try authentic Japanese pancakes! Whether you like it with thick macadamia sauce or matcha powder and azuki beans, we know just where to go.

Wagyu and Kobe Beef


Everyone has heard the praises of Japanese beef at least once while venturing out to their favorite steak restaurant. Japanese beef known as “wagyu” and, more specifically, the type of wagyu called Kobe beef, is known for being one of the highest quality meats in not only Japan but the world. If you are a meat lover, you know it's considered the epitome of fine dining. But what, exactly, makes wagyu and Kobe beef so special?

Information about Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan standing at 3,776 meters above sea level. Located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south-east of Tokyo, it is considered one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains". In 2013 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a Cultural Site. Thousands of people from all over the world come to climb the mountain every year, with hiking trails officially opening to the public.

Visiting a Japanese Home: 10 Tips You Should Know!

Spend a long enough time in Japan you might be lucky enough to be invited over for a meal at a Japanese home. Just as in any home around the world, in Japan there are rules and certain ways of doing things. While each family is different and every household will have their own particular habits, there are some general rules on how to pay a visit to a Japanese home. Keeping these tips in mind will not only help you enjoy and understand a Japanese home, but also show the person you visit that you respect them and their home. So without further ado, let's take a look at the list!

Kurayami Gohan – Experiencing the Dinner in the Dark

Asakusa Culture Experience

It was time, the day had finally come: once more I stood in front of the modern building that was Ryokusen-ji. From the outside, you likely wouldn’t guess that a calm and atmospheric Buddhist temple awaited behind the big sliding doors – and a one of a kind experience along with it. I had waited several weeks to be a part of Kurayami Gohan, or the Dinner in the Dark, hosted by the temple’s head monk Kakuho Aoe, who also goes by the nickname of the Cooking Monk. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him before my actual Buddhist dinner experience, learning of the philosophy of the event and of the multitalented monk himself.

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  • Akihabara
  • Asakusa
  • Ginza
  • Harajuku
  • Ikebukuro
  • Roppongi
  • Shibuya
  • Shinjuku
  • Tokyo Station
  • Tsukiji
  • Ueno

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