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Omiwa Shrine: Get Good Luck in Relationships and Recharge at Japan’s Oldest Shrine in Nara!

Nara Suburbs Shrines

Omiwa Shrine is one of Japan’s oldest shrine that worships Mount Miwa. It is an important shrine that keeps the way of the ancient faith. The relevant deity is said to have built the nation and is also the guardian deity of all aspects of human life, such as industry, health, brewery, medicine, and transportation. It is also known as a place of strong spiritual power. On top of that, it's also said to bring good luck with matchmaking! We decided to visit the shrine for a spiritual connection.

Meet Snoopy - A Look Inside Japan's Very First 'Peanuts Hotel'!

Kobe, Sannomiya, Kitano Hotels

Kobe, Kitano is an area inhabited by many foreigners since after the Meiji Period. On August 1, 2018, the Peanuts Hotel opened in this very city. It is the first hotel in Japan designed based on the internationally loved Snoopy! Each floor and guest room has a different theme featuring the adorable Peanuts characters. Join as we experience the charm of the Peanuts Hotel firsthand!

Kurayami Gohan – Experiencing the Dinner in the Dark

Asakusa Culture Experience

It was time, the day had finally come: once more I stood in front of the modern building that was Ryokusen-ji. From the outside, you likely wouldn’t guess that a calm and atmospheric Buddhist temple awaited behind the big sliding doors – and a one of a kind experience along with it. I had waited several weeks to be a part of Kurayami Gohan, or the Dinner in the Dark, hosted by the temple’s head monk Kakuho Aoe, who also goes by the nickname of the Cooking Monk. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him before my actual Buddhist dinner experience, learning of the philosophy of the event and of the multitalented monk himself.

Top Three Restaurants to Eat High Quality Matsusaka Beef in Matsusaka and Tsu at Reasonable Prices!

Matsuzaka, Tsu Sukiyaki

Matsusaka beef is one of Japan’s top three wagyu brands. The fine shimofuri marbling of fat, the soft texture, and its smooth texture are all reasons for its popularity. Matsusaka beef is definitely something you want to eat if you’re in Mie Prefecture, and we’ll cover three places you can do just that without breaking the bank.

"Sightseeing Highlights of Kyoto" - First-Timers and Foreigners Welcome! Experience the Appeal of Geisha Culture

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Shows

One of the joys of visiting Kyoto for foreign travelers is getting to meet a glamorous and beautiful maiko, or apprentice geisha. This article will introduce must-see spots for all foreign visitors who wish to experience this unique facet of Japanese culture first-hand. You can learn otemae, tea ceremony etiquette, from a real-life apprentice geisha and view traditional Kyoto dances. First-time visitors are welcome, and you can even receive information and instructions in English. You are guaranteed to come away knowledgeable about the world of geishas!

More that 26 typhoons every year! Basic knowledge of Japanese typhoons before traveling

In Japan, typhoons approach and make landfall from summer to autumn. They have a great deal of energy and can cause extensive damage. Here we will introduce the characteristics of typhoons, the areas and times when they are likely to occur, and what kind of effects are likely to occur, for those who are planning to travel to Japan and those who are currently traveling in Japan, as well as recommendations for fun things to do even during typhoon season.

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