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Directly connected to Tokyo Station! Close look at what makes the Tokyo Station Hotel so attractive

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is the gateway to Tokyo. With its many offices and commercial complexes, it is popular with people who enjoy fine food and shopping and it is also becoming a major tourist area. This makes the Tokyo Station Hotel very convenient. Having gone through a major renovation is 2012 it has been transformed into a luxurious hotel that still retains its classical charm from when it first opened more than 100 years ago. Now it is a hotel where many Japanese would love to spend the night at least once in their lifetime. In this article we will take a closer look at what makes the Tokyo Station Hotel so popular.

Tokyo Game Show 2019: Insider Highlights and Top Insights

Chiba Suburbs Games

It’s that time of year again, when the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, located just outside of Tokyo in Chiba City, is packed with video game developers and distributors, electronic entertainment manufacturers, game competitors, press, gamers, and otaku – all coming together to participate in the 2019 Tokyo Game Show. This year, despite a minor drop in the number of present companies at 655 (668 in 2018) the Tokyo Game Show broke its own record for number of booths at a whopping 2,417 (2,378 in 2018) all crammed together to provide plenty of gaming activities for the visitors.

[MOVIE] Navigating Virtual Airspace with Skyart JAPAN

Shinagawa Adventure Activities

Have you always wanted to fly through the skies while controlling a jet? You now have the chance to make your dream a reality! Skyart JAPAN offers hyper-realistic flight simulation for everyone from beginners to professional pilots. Take a closer look at SkyArt’s state of the art headquarters located in Shinagawa, Tokyo and see how I fared in the cockpit for my very own private lesson!

Tokyo’s Top Hotel Chains: Quality Rooms That Won't Bust Your Budget!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Hotels

Business hotels are known for their reasonable prices, excellent access, and good service. Many visitors to Tokyo choose to stay at such hotels to save their budget for food and sightseeing. Even though weekends and holidays may cause spiking prices, booking at the right time will result in big discounts and unbelievably low prices, even right in the heart of Tokyo. To make navigating Japan’s business hotels easier, we have compiled the major chains that can be found all across the country and listed their features, pros, and prices.

12 Quirky Japanese-Style Pasta Creations You'll Soon Crave

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Other Japanese Food

Visit Japan and you'll encounter a variety of unfamiliar foods - and many quirky fusions as well! Japanese-style pasta - known as Wafu pasta - is probably something that you aren’t familiar with, and might have you thinking it has something to do with wafers or waffles, but this is actually a fusion of Japanese and Italian cooking. During the Meiji period Japan started to become internationalized, it was at this time that new innovations in recipes took hold such as sukiyaki using beef, and Italian pasta was introduced as well. While it found some popularity at this time, it was really in the post-World War Two period that it became more established as American GI’s brought a demand for Italian-American dishes to Japan. It has since spread across the country and can now be found everywhere from Japanese homes to family restaurants and convenience stores. While more authentic Italian-style pasta is eaten in Japan, uniquely Japanese-style wafu pasta is also popular. Wafu pasta features ingredients typically eaten with white rice that are instead mixed with spaghetti noodles. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular varieties!

Flying Solo: 24 Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Japan

Tokyo Station

Going abroad by yourself can feel overwhelming, but Japan is one of the best places to do so. There are a number of exciting things to do by yourself, no matter whether you’re more of a lone wolf or want to go out and meet people! Melt into the crowd on a busy shopping street, strike up a conversation at a pub or museum, or take some time for yourself at a quiet temple. Japan even has a variety of women-only options for transportation and activities, so you can have peace of mind when out and about. Japanese people, including Japanese women, are comfortable traveling, eating out, and doing what they like by themselves, so don’t be afraid to make the most of this culture of independence. In this article: ・What to wear and how to pack ・Tips for your arrival ・Accommodation ・Eating out or dining in ・Sightseeing ・Travel and transport ・Emergency information

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