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10 Fun Activities and Magical Places in Furano, According to a Singaporean Expat!

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Furano, a region in Hokkaido, is beautiful all year round. Located in a basin-shaped valley, the Furano area is a breadbasket for agriculture and dairy production, which is why Furano is also known as a treasure trove of excellent food. Its rolling hills and stunning mountain backdrops also make it a popular draw for tourists, especially in the spring and summer. So what exactly can you look forward to in terms of scenery and activities here? Ms. Marilyn Ichihashi, the Singapore-born lady owner of B&B Plus+ Shooting Star, which she opened together with her husband in 2020, shares with us her top 10 picks for places of interest in Furano, along with some fantastic photographs! Photo by: Masakazu Yoshida

What Japanese Really Get At The Supermarket: Japan’s Top 10 Quirky Local Drinks!

Shibuya Grocery Stores

Keio Store, a supermarket chain operated by Keio Group (the same company which operates Keio Railways and Keio Department Store), are a familiar sight across Japan. As Keio Stores are commonly found in the suburbs and next to train stations, they are an accurate reflection of what the average Japanese person really buys at the supermarket. Let’s take a look at their 2017 sales data to find out Japan’s top 10 drinks! Overall, the most popular beverage among Japanese consumers was tea: green tea, matcha, barley tea, and oolong tea are just some of the varieties of tea that make up a special part of Japanese culture. The remaining entries on the list, like tomato juice and sports drinks, and unsweetened carbonated drinks. As the only sugary beverage on this list is Coca Cola, you can see that a majority of Japan opts for relatively healthy drinks to quench their thirst.

[MOVIE] Achieve Your Cosplay Dreams at Cosplay Studio Crown!

Akihabara Culture Experience

Anyone from pros, to amateurs, to people who've never cosplayed before can jump into Studio Crown in Akihabara to experience a professional level of cosplay that's both easy and affordable! Recently LIVE JAPAN took the opportunity to check them out!

Top 10 Foods You Can Buy in an Osaka Supermarket: Take Home Dishes Loved by Locals as a Souvenir!

Umeda, Osaka Station, Kitashinchi Grocery Stores

Kuidaore is a popular Japanese term that means to eat oneself bankrupt - a fitting description for Osaka, which has been long-known as the city of kuidaore! Osakans are very passionate about eating and take special care in the everyday dishes they make at home. Here we will introduce ten representative local foods in Osaka that you can easily find at the supermarket! These range from nostalgic childhood snacks to the well-known taste of pickled-ginger tempura. Foods loved by Osaka’s fussy eaters are different from what you can find at your run-of-the-mill souvenir shop. These items are sure to be a hit even among foreign tourists who have already visited Osaka several times before.

The Spiritual Wilderness of Lake Onneto

Kushiro Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Lake Onneto is located within the Akan Mashu National Park in eastern Hokkaido. Ensconced in majestic natural surroundings, the views of the ever-changing colors on the surface of the lake are unforgettable. Those who visit this area surrounding Lake Onneto find its mysterious charms to be peacefully relaxing.

Instagram Evergreen: Japan’s Top 10 World Heritage Sites and National Treasures!

Shinjuku Cultural Heritage Sites

Japan is an increasingly popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. In fact, by 2020, the country is aiming for 40 million tourists! The country offers more beautiful landmarks than one could visit in a lifetime, as well as culture, tradition, innovation, great food, and entertainment. Japan is also home to a number of National Treasures and globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered all over its territory. These locations are gorgeous, and are all worth visiting. But time is always running against you when you're visiting Japan, and it can be tough to choose what to add to your itinerary. So to help you make your choice, we compiled a list of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan, according to number of photos on Instagram, as well as the top 10 National Treasures!

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