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Exploring Tokyo Station: 10 Must-Visit Spots Around the Heart of Tokyo

Tokyo Station Modern cities

The Tokyo Station area is known for its fascinating coexistence between magnificent historic buildings and towering, modern skyscrapers. We will show you the area's most famous sightseeing spots, as well as secret sights that should not be missed when touring Tokyo Station, the heart of the Japanese capital.

Sachi no Otera Gohan: Discovering the Amazing World of Japanese and Buddhist Cuisine by Manga

Asakusa Japanese cuisine

In 2013, Japanese cuisine was officially made an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries lists four distinctive characteristics on its homepage that an authentic Japanese dish has to have:

Tokyo Fuku Meguri – Tokyo Jinja Good Luck Tour

Asakusa Shrines

Want to see a more rural side of Tokyo, visit beautiful shrines, and bring back a special souvenir that you won’t find anywhere else? Then we highly recommend the Tokyo Jinja Good Luck Tour!

Sumida River Cruise: Explore Tokyo Bay by Boat!

Asakusa Other Towns

Did you know that Tokyo actually is a city of water? The southeastern part of the Japanese capital faces Tokyo Bay, while the Sumida River has acted as Tokyo’s gateway to the sea since ancient times. This access to the ocean has always attracted both people and business, and even today, you’ll spot many a ship sailing on the rivers and Tokyo Bay. Among those ships are the so-called water buses, or suijo bus in Japanese. These unique boat taxis have gained popularity especially among tourists in recent years. These water buses do not only take you from one place to the other, however; they offer amazing views on the city of Tokyo, and in some cases even unique gourmet experiences – let’s take a look at Tokyo’s trendy water buses!

Internet Access in Japan

Offering some of the fastest connections worldwide, Japan is a well-connected country. There are plenty of readily available free Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, in major cities, and even on trains and buses. So whether you are visiting or living in Japan, there are plenty of internet options available so that you can stay connected while traveling. Getting by only using free hotspots is entirely possible when traveling in a densely populated area, such as major cities and tourist areas. For a steady connection, a variety of paid services are available, catering to every budget and situation.

[MOVIE] A Visit to Robot Restaurant!

Shinjuku Shows

If a neon-filled night of dancing, crazy costumes, and robot battles sounds like your kind of Tokyo dreamland, there's no question that you need to visit Robot Restaurant! I took a look inside one of Shinjuku's most unusual and talked-about theme restaurants to see if it lived up to the hype. The short answer? Absolutely!

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