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Tokyo's Top 5 Art Exhibitions in March and April to Celebrate Spring

Shibuya Traditional Paintings

Arguably, spring is the most beautiful of all seasons, particularly March and April when the first flowers start to bloom and the winds turn from chilly to pleasant. And what better way to celebrate spring, the season that has to much meaning in Japanese culture, than diving head-first into traditional art and aesthetics to get in the proper sakura celebration mood? We have Tokyo's top five art exhibitions that wait to be explored!

A Worldwide Hype: Explore The Very Best of the Latest Cup Noodle Creations!

Other Food

There’s one particular “Made in Japan” thing that is famous all around the world: cup noodles! And this year’s instant noodle creations are quite a bit different from what you might be used to. The theme of 2016’s cup noodle royalty is the fusion of instant food with popular dishes from all around the world. Some of these examples are also some of Japan’s favorite flavors, such as crab cream and beef sukiyaki but also unconventional tastes that you really wouldn’t expect in an instant noodle cup, like different snacks such as potato chips. Let’s take a look at these unique new cup noodle flavors!

Golden Gai – Shinjuku’s Atmospheric Bar Wonderland and the Secrets Behind its Magic

Shinjuku Other Visit

Shinjuku Golden Gai – it’s the one place in the neon-lit nightlife district that is probably as hard to find for first-timers as it is famous as the one must-visit spot when in the area. A five-minute walk from the station and comfortably nestled between the amusement district of Kabukicho and the beautiful Hanazono Shrine, Golden Gai draws its strength from both of these places. While the accumulation of tiny bars – 288 in total as of December 2016 on an area that is smaller than a soccer field – makes for one of Tokyo’s most recommended areas to grab a drink after work and on the weekend, the very nature of Golden Gai and its narrow streets and nostalgic buildings make it also feel like a remnant of the olden times, when the neighboring shrine was built. Speaking of Japan’s famed symbiosis of tradition and modernity, Golden Gai is a prime example. The phenomenon of Golden Gai dates back to the 1950s when the area started to attract creative minds such as writers, poets, manga artists, movie directors, and actors, the famous writer Kenji Nakagami among them. They used Golden Gai as a place to discuss and exchange their thoughts on all kinds of topics over relaxed drinks at night and thus, the nightlife area started to gain attention. There are some bars with a regulars-only policy, politely refusing service to first-time guests but the general image one gets of Golden Gai when wandering the narrow streets is that of all sorts of people can enjoy a good drink. Also, the majority of places in Golden Gai have fairly normal prices but you will spot one or two, immediately thinking: “I’m not going in there. I cannot go in there!” because they’re just that expensive.

Japan’s Amazing Strawberry Sweets of Spring – Sweet and Sour Delicacies

Nothing says spring like the vivid red color and the full-bodied taste of strawberries, and nothing says souvenir from Japan like an adorably designed box full of delicious sweets! Let’s combine both spring fever and Japan with these amazing seasonal strawberry treats!

The History of Buddhism in Japan

Originally, Buddhism wasn’t regarded as a faith but over time, Siddhartha Gautama who founded Buddhism and is also referred to as “the Buddha,” became a subject of faith, along with other Buddhist deities. It is often said that Japanese people don’t follow a religion, but funerals are generally held at temples, which of course are Buddhist facilities. Thus, Buddhism is deeply rooted in Japanese day to day life – let’s take a look at these roots.

Leaving no Stone Unturned: Discovering the Unseen at Tokyo’s Zoshigaya Cemetery

Ikebukuro Historic Tombs

As I gazed over the wide area that sprawled in front of me, both headstones and trees of various colors stretching toward the Tokyo’s clear autumn sky while the morning sun was dipping the scenery in a golden light, I was reassured of two things. Firstly, yes, cherry blossoms are nice, but my absolutely favorite season in Japan is autumn. Secondly: it was absolutely worth getting up early in the morning to visit one of Tokyo’s second largest public graveyard, Zoshigaya Cemetery. Digging my hands into the warm pockets of my jacket, I silently stood at the entrance for a minute or two, enjoying the sun’s warmth against the cool November breeze while taking in the wild beauty of Zoshigaya Cemetery. A cat mewled to my right and, having been lost in thought, almost made me jump. It examined me skeptically for a moment or two before disappearing towards the headstones. I smiled involuntarily – was this Zoshigaya Cemetery’s way of welcoming me?

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