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Nothing Says “Cute Souvenirs” Like Loft!

Shibuya Other Shopping

Loft is an extremely popular, large-scale variety store that has a plethora of stickers and other stationery goods as well as other lifestyle products such as cosmetics and even travel goods. We went to check out Loft’s Shibuya flagship store to discover for ourselves what their best products were.

[2017] Lighting Up the Winter: Tokyo’s Top 5 Illumination Highlights

Tokyo Station Winter Sightseeing

While staying inside and getting cozy is one of the greatest things to do during the cold winter days, heading out and enjoying Tokyo’s magical illuminations is the top activity to do once the sun has set! Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, Caretta Shiodome, Omotesando, and the Ebisu Garden Place are well-beloved illumination spots that sur-prise tourists and Tokyoites every year with new and creative illumination ideas. We’ll shine a light on Tokyo’s five must-see illumination spots!

Annual Events at Meiji Shrine: Diving Head First into Traditional Japanese Culture


The year 2020 doesn’t only mark the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo but it is also the year of Meiji Shrine’s 100th anniversary. With its spacious grounds of over 700,000 square meters, Meiji Shrine, or Meiji Jingu in Japanese, is one of Tokyo’s most famous spots. Beloved by both Tokyoites and tourists alike, the shrine invites visitors to quiet and relaxing strolls through its forest that was created to be an ever-lasting one, almost one hundred years ago, and the shrine buildings themselves also offer a wonderful window to traditional Japan. Did you know, though, that Meiji Shrine also holds a variety of different events throughout the year, all entirely free? Some of those events are century-old rituals, others are private – among all of them, which ones are particularly interesting and intriguing for the public? We asked Miki Fukutoku from Meiji Shrine’s General Affairs Division to give us an expert’s opinion on the shrine’s many events – and she even provided us with some photos for those that aren’t open to the public! While international visitors keep increasing every year, please keep in mind that these events are held in Japanese only – with a bit of preparation, though, you’re set!

Tokyo's Top Three Natural Hot Springs: Soak your Body!

Shinjuku Onsen & Sento

In Tokyo's vast suburbs, there's a surprisingly large amount of natural hot springs to be found, many with distinctive characteristics concerning the minerals in the water. Often, these hot springs feature various spa facilities, such as stone saunas, making them the perfect place to spend an entire spa day at. Whether you go alone to treat yourself, or bring friends and family, these hot springs are sure to relax body and mind.

The Jindaiji Temple Daruma Fair

Anyone looking for spring activities related to traditional Japanese culture would do well to head to The Jindaiji Temple Daruma Fair in Chofu. This fair is the place to go to buy one of the iconic and auspicious red daruma dolls that are so prevalent in Japanese culture. But what is the story behind these dolls? Read on to learn more about Daruma and where you can find them in Tokyo!

[MOVIE] Learn, Make, and Eat with the Tokyo Sushi-Making Class!

Shibamata / Kita-Senju / Kameari Culture Experience

The LIVE JAPAN team recently had the chance to participate in a sushi making experience! During this small group lesson offered by Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour, we learned the history and customs surrounding Japan’s world-famous raw fish and rice cuisine, before rolling up our sleeves and making real sushi for ourselves! Best of all, we could eat all the sushi we made–and there was plenty!

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