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The 3 Must-Try Ramen Restaurants in Akihabara

Akihabara Ramen

Akihabara, one of Tokyo’s areas that is famous and popular among Japanese people and tourists alike. After World War II, many shops dealing in electronics and parts opened up in the area, earning Akihabara the now characteristic nickname of “electric town.” Following this trend, numerous large-scale home appliance and electronic retailers opened up for business all around the area, followed by specialty shops focusing on anime, manga, and pop culture merchandise. This anime culture is so palpable in Akihabara that it got yet another nickname: Moe City, or the City of Cute – although the famous anime term “moe” is hard to define. Today, Akihabara is known all around the world as the sacred city for every otaku and anime fan.

7 Stylish English-Speaking Hair Salons in Tokyo

Roppongi Beauty

In the stylish city of Tokyo, fashion icons gather from all over the world on the lookout for the latest trends. Hair salons, especially, are catering to this increasingly global audience, and more and more are offering their services in English (as well as free Wi-Fi). Let us introduce you to the most popular and foreigner-friendly English speaking hair salons in Tokyo.

Five Chopstick Etiquette Tips to Know in Japan

Chopsticks are, inarguably, the single most important eating utensils in Japan. The Japanese use them to eat everything from rice and meat, to noodles, salad, and so much more! Japan is famous for their complex code of etiquette, and this includes mealtime. In particular, there are certain do’s and don’ts regarding chopsticks. Let’s take a look at five of the most important chopstick etiquette!

Hop on the Water Bus – Exploring Tokyo by Boat!

Asakusa Other Towns

Did you know that Tokyo actually is a city of water? The southeastern part of the Japanese capital faces Tokyo Bay, while the Sumida River has acted as Tokyo’s gateway to the sea since ancient times. This access to the ocean has always attracted both people and business, and even today, you’ll spot many a ship sailing on the rivers and Tokyo Bay. Among those ships are the so-called water buses, or suijo bus in Japanese. These unique boat taxis have gained popularity especially among tourists in recent years. These water buses do not only take you from one place to the other, however; they offer amazing views on the city of Tokyo, and in some cases even unique gourmet experiences – let’s take a look at Tokyo’s trendy water buses!

Visiting a Japanese Home: 10 Tips You Should Know!

Spend a long enough time in Japan you might be lucky enough to be invited over for a meal at a Japanese home. Just as in any home around the world, in Japan there are rules and certain ways of doing things. While each family is different and every household will have their own particular habits, there are some general rules on how to pay a visit to a Japanese home. Keeping these tips in mind will not only help you enjoy and understand a Japanese home, but also show the person you visit that you respect them and their home. So without further ado, let's take a look at the list!

Find Your Niche in the World of Cosplay


“Cosplay,” a word made by combining the English words for “costume” and “role-play,” is a phenomenon which is taking anime and gaming fandom by force. Fans create costumes to resemble their favorite anime, game, or TV character and change their persona for a day. Not only Japan, but many countries around the world are experiencing and getting hooked on this incredible otaku (geek) subculture. The world of cosplay is a colorful and exciting one - let's take a look what "cosplay" is all about.

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