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Tokyo Underground: Local Chef Shows Us 7 Spots for "Real Sightseeing" in Asakusa

Ueno Adventure Activities

Asakusa, Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Omotesando are Tokyo’s big four areas for sightseeing. It’s where every tourist to Japan should go at least once. To make exploring these neighborhoods unique and fun, we asked locals to show us around and introduce us to their favorite little-known spots!

"Kyo Baum" is the latest addition to popular Kyoto souvenirs! A blessed combination of matcha and baumkuchen

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Gift Shops

Kyoto is full of wonderful sweets. In particular, their matcha infused treats are popular with people around the world, and are widely recommended as one of the Japanese-style sweets to try when visiting Kyoto. And amongst those matcha infused sweets, these days "Kyo Baum" is in the spotlight. It has both matcha and soy milk cake, making baumkuchen that's beautiful in appearance with a soft and moist texture and the luxurious scent of matcha. Kyo Baum is the perfect souvenir. Let's break down what goes into Kyo Baum and gives it its complex deliciousness!

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement at Ohara School of Ikebana

Harajuku Other Traditional Arts

Ikebana, flower arrangement, is one of Japan’s most treasured art forms, a time-honored tradition that continues to be relevant even in today’s modern society. Beautifully arranged flowers and plants have permeated Japanese culture in a way that is seldom found in others. The Ohara School of Ikebana has played a major part in keeping the tradition alive, through its many schools in Japan, as well as its 59 chapters abroad, with over 300,000 members worldwide. The beauty of the Ohara School is not only in its floral arrangements, but its ability to share the culture of ikebana with the world. I visited the Ohara Center of Tokyo to try an ikebana class to learn more about this traditional art form.

Where the Scenery of Lake Biwa is the Locale's Pride and Joy - 5 Top Recommended Hotels in Shiga

Otsu, Kusatsu Hotels

From the cherry blossoms of spring and lake cruises in the summer to the colorful foliage of autumn and skiing in the winter, in Shiga Prefecture you can enjoy outdoor recreation activities and the seasonal changes of nature all year-round. Above all, Shiga Precture is home to Japan's largest lake, "Lake Biwa". This article will introduce five hotels that pride themselves in scenic views of Lake Biwa.

10 Things That Surprised Western Visitors While Visiting Japan

Japan is an exciting country with a unique history and culture, but what is it like to actually experience daily life in Japan for yourself? We asked a group of international visitors what surprised them the most about Japan, and below is a list of the top 10. From the Japanese work mentality to startling things about their everyday lives, these are some of the interesting things people picked up. (The following is the author's opinion based on interviews with visitors from western countries)

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