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Tokyo Food Challenge: Go BIG or Go Home! 4 Super-Sized Food Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo Station All You Can Eat

Everyone loves food. And what’s even better than food? More food! And let's be honest, we can also get pretty competitive about it. Sound like you? Great. Welcome to the Tokyo Food Challenge! Here we will zone-in on restaurants at the extreme end of the food scale; those who offer portion sizes that are huge, massive, whopping! Just ridiculously BIG. We've selected 4 establishments in the greater Tokyo area that serve ungodly amounts of (delicious) food in 4 individual realms of cuisine: Meat, Ramen, Pizza and Seafood. Some customers are in it for the challenge, some just can't resist the novelty, and the rest just want to have some glutinous fun. So without further ado, let's dig in!

Local-recommended! Must-see cafes & shops when sightseeing in Sapporo

Sapporo / Chitose Other Cafes and Sweets

Enjoy traveling to local cafes! Allow us to introduce the famous "Atelier Morihiko" famous as Sapporo's fashionable cafe! Right beside you can find an original soap store "Siesta Labo" that uses natural materials of Hokkaido in their products. This location offers two unique experiences in a single visit.

[MOVIE] A Japanese Drum Experience at TAIKO-LAB

Shibuya Other Sightseeing

Have you always wanted to learn a traditional Japanese instrument? How about one that makes you exercise in the process? If the deep sound and rhythms of the traditional Japanese taiko drums have always spoken to you, why not try your hand at taiko drumming with a dynamic class? As I learned at TAIKO-LAB in Aoyama, taiko is more than just making sound; it’s about feeling the rhythm through your entire being!

Careful! Things You 'Can' and 'Can’t' Bring Into Japan

Tokyo Station

Something you want to be careful when traveling is your belongings. Every country has customs and will check your luggage, however depending on the country prohibited objects can be different. Even if it is something that you always have on hand or a gift to a friend, if it is prohibited by law, it will be confiscated. Depending on the case they may deny entry or you may be punished by law. Stating “I didn’t know” won’t work, make sure to double check what you “can” and can’t” bring into Japan before you pack your luggage.

(Fukushima Travel Guide) Pamper yourself in the hot springs of Iizaka Onsen!

Fukushima, Koriyama And Iwaki Hot Springs (Onsen) & Bath Houses (Sento)

Iizaka Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture is famous for having been visited by such famous literary giants as Matsuo Basho and Masaoka Shiki. This town of hills has nine communal baths, each with its own character, and stone stairways called Chanko Chanko which are symbols of the town. In this article we will introduce some of the foremost and most relaxing hot springs in the Tohoku region in a bustling hot spring town, overflowing with tradition and noted for its gourmet dishes and warm hospitality since ancient times.

Lost in Japan: Tips for Traveling with Family or Friends in Japan Without Getting Separated

Tokyo Station

Japan is one of the world's most populous nations, with a host of frenetic metropolitan areas; buzzing nightlife, packed train stations, chock-a-block walkways and round-the-clock hustle and bustle. While the fast-paced lifestyle and variety of lively entertainment make Japanese cities such attractive destinations, it means that sometimes – just occasionally – you may find yourself lost. Here are some pro tips on how to avoid getting lost in Japan, and how you can easily relocate your travel companions should it happen.

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