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Shinjuku Shopping Guide: 15 Must-Visit Stores for Exclusive Deals in Tokyo

Shinjuku Department Stores

Shinjuku is a bustling shopping district in Tokyo, known for its department stores, electronics retailers, drugstores, and diverse dining options. It's also home to Kabukicho's vibrant nightlife, Shinjuku Gyoen's cherry blossoms, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building's observation decks. With numerous hotels, Shinjuku offers everything a visitor needs. To enhance your shopping experience, we've compiled a list of must-visit stores in Shinjuku. From department stores and Japanese cosmetics to electronics, you'll find it all here. Plus, we've included tax-free shopping info and coupons to help you save. (*Photos: LIVE JAPAN articles; Takashimaya Shinjuku / Kabukicho / Isetan Shinjuku / BicCamera Shinjuku East Exit / Matsumoto Kiyoshi Shinjuku 3-Chome) *This article contains sponsored content

What to Do in Tokyo in July 2024: Fun Tokyo Area Events, Summer Festivals, Fireworks & More

Ikebukuro Summer

In July, Tokyo comes alive with an array of exciting summer events. As the rainy season ends, enjoy lively beer gardens, refreshing water events, and traditional festivities like Tanabata and fireworks. Remember to take precautions against heatstroke and enjoy Tokyo's summer to the fullest! This page contains promotional content

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement at Ohara School of Ikebana

Harajuku Other Traditional Arts

Ikebana, flower arrangement, is one of Japan’s most treasured art forms, a time-honored tradition that continues to be relevant even in today’s modern society. Beautifully arranged flowers and plants have permeated Japanese culture in a way that is seldom found in others. The Ohara School of Ikebana has played a major part in keeping the tradition alive, through its many schools in Japan, as well as its 59 chapters abroad, with over 300,000 members worldwide. The beauty of the Ohara School is not only in its floral arrangements, but its ability to share the culture of ikebana with the world. I visited the Ohara Center of Tokyo to try an ikebana class to learn more about this traditional art form.

Top 15 Hakone Onsen Accommodations for a Comfortable and Blissful Stay

Hakone / Odawara Ryokan

Hakone Onsen is one of Japan's most well-known hot spring destinations, and it's just a short 80-minute ride from Shinjuku on the Odakyu Romancecar express train, making it easily accessible. Hakone has long been a favorite spot for travelers in Japan, offering not only the unique Hakone Ju-nana-yu (Hakone's Seventeen Hot Spring Sources) but also the changing beauty of each season, including cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangeas in summer, vibrant autumn foliage, and pristine winter snowscapes. LIVE JAPAN has handpicked 15 hot spring facilities in Hakone to enhance your journey, creating unique memories filled with soaking in hot springs, admiring picturesque landscapes, and savoring delicious cuisine! Image sources: Original and (Hakone Lake Ashinoko Hanaori Ryokan / Hotel Green Plaza Hakone / Hakone Tent Onsen Ryokan / Rakuten STAY VILLA Hakone Sengokuhara)

Climbing Mt. Fuji in 2024 (July 1-Sep 10): What You Need To Know First (Access/Dates)

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

Climbing Mount Fuji is a remarkable adventure that attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year. If you're planning to embark on this thrilling journey between July 1 and September 10, it's important to be well-prepared. In this guide, we'll provide you with crucial information about accessing the mountain and the best dates for your ascent. Let's dive in and ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable Mount Fuji experience.

18 Rainy-Day Activities in Tokyo: Unique Japanese Experiences and Indoor Adventures

Shibuya Other Sightseeing

While you may be eagerly anticipating your trip to Tokyo, you may also be worried about inconvenient conditions like rain or inclement weather putting a damper on things. Japan’s rainy season spans from June to July, primarily affecting the Honshu region, with typhoons occurring frequently between summer and fall. So it’s safe to say that bad weather is pretty common throughout the year. That’s why today, in order to ensure your Tokyo visit will be fun no matter the weather, we've compiled a list of 18 recommended activities to make the most out of your time in the city, even on rainy days! Top image: PIXTA

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