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Osaka Shopping Trip: 15 Most Popular Malls in Osaka

Osaka Shopping Trip: 15 Most Popular Malls in Osaka

Date published: 9 December 2019
Last updated: 28 February 2022

Osaka is one of Japan’s biggest cities, rich in culture and history, great for sightseeing, and for shopping in some interesting malls! There are many shopping malls in Osaka’s various districts, all of them offering something unique.

No matter where your Osaka journey takes you or what you want to buy, there is certain to be a mall in Osaka that will fit right into your travel itinerary.

Here we will introduce a ranking of 15 shopping malls that were popular among our readers through various social networks. Among all of the shopping facilities in Osaka that we have introduced on Live Japan, these are the ones that have made the most impact. Read on to find out where to shop in Osaka!

1. Yodobashi Umeda Tower / LINKS UMEDA: Everything from Electronics to Fashion

1. Yodobashi Umeda Tower / LINKS UMEDA: Everything from Electronics to Fashion

Yodobashi Umeda Tower is a commercial complex that opened in 2019 on the north side of JR Osaka Station.

This mall includes Yodobashi Multimedia Umeda, LINKS UMEDA, a collection of around 200 commercial facilities, and Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA, a hotel with around 1,000 rooms, as well as a Japanese garden adjacent to the lobby. Apart from shopping, the mall offers the largest food market in the Umeda Area, Links Marche Eat & Walk.

The second basement floor to the 4th floor is occupied by Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda, one of Japan's largest consumer electronics stores, which sells digital cameras, computers, audio-visual equipment, games, home appliances, and much more.

For those looking for something other than electronics, the 2nd floor has a souvenir corner with Japanese goods and an alcohol section with a variety of sake, shochu, and wine. Try the Gacha Gacha machines on the 5th floor for some limited and collectible Japanese goods. The 9th to 13th floors are parking lots with a capacity of 1,000 cars, so visitors with cars will have no problem finding a spot.

LINKS UMEDA has eight floors (plus two basement levels) of shopping and food. Most are fashion floors with stores selling clothes and accessories, miscellaneous goods, sports gear, and interior items. The 8th floor is a restaurant floor that offers a wide variety of cuisines from Osaka's specialties, like Okonomiyaki and Kushi-age, to international cuisines, such as Italian, Chinese, and Korean food.

Yodobashi Umeda Tower / LINKS UMEDA is a shopping paradise for travelers who are not confident in their Japanese ability, with multi-lingual signs and staff available. The Yodobashi Umeda Tower bus terminal is a hub to major cities in Japan like Fukuoka, Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama, which makes it a great stop for travelers looking to visit different parts of Japan.

2. NAMBA Parks: One of the Most Beautiful Sky Gardens in the World

2. NAMBA Parks: One of the Most Beautiful Sky Gardens in the World

Namba Parks is a mall and a greenery complex with a roof-top garden that slopes upward over nine floors but calling it that is putting it lightly.

This is a design by American architect John Jerde based on a vision of a future Osaka. CNN Travel ranked Namba Parks as number 3 on their list of the “world’s best high-rise and rooftop green spaces,” so an excursion here is a nice combination of a shopping spree and stunning sightseeing.

There are more than 200 stores here for your shopping pleasure where you can browse fashion, cosmetics, and beauty products, hobby and lifestyle goods, and stores catering to children and babies. High-fashion lovers can stop by Japanese luxury brand COMME des GARCONS while urban fashionistas can check out new trends in stores like Anatomy of Hearing.

Visitors can relax in the natural beauty of the Parks Garden on the 3rd and 4th floors with some takeaway drinks. The complex is also family-friendly, as visitors with children can take a break at DADWAY Play Studio on the 5th floor, where kids aged six months to six years can play with various toys and burn off some energy by climbing and sliding.

Namba Parks is easy to visit as it is close to Namba Station, which connects to Kansai International Airport. There are options for cashless payments, free Wi-Fi, and of course, duty-free shopping!

3. AEON MALL Rinku Sennan: A Shopping Mall with a View of a Beautiful Sea and Sunset

3. AEON MALL Rinku Sennan: A Shopping Mall with a View of a Beautiful Sea and Sunset

AEON MALL Rinku Sennan is a shopping mall facing Osaka Bay, about 20 minutes from Kansai Airport by train or bus. This 152,000㎡ building has about 170 stores and a movie theater. The terrace seats in the food court on the second floor allow you to see not only the beautiful sea but also airplanes flying out of Kansai Airport all day long.

Next to the AEON MALL is the Sennan Rinku Park (also called SENNAN LONG PARK), which has a wide range of activity facilities. The largest athletic facility in western Japan, Heartthrob, is an exciting jungle gym for adults, with four floors above ground, 111 challenges, and a height of 15.5 meters!

There are also glamping facilities and barbecue facilities where you can bring in your own food, so stop by AEON MALL Rinku Sennan, buy your groceries, and come prepared to play.

In the evening, from the food court on the second floor of AEON, you can see the sunset at Marble Beach, selected as “one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan.” Eating Osaka's specialties (takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba) while looking at the sea and the setting sun will be an unforgettable memory.

AEON MALL Rinku Sennan is equipped with multilingual signs in the store. The information desk can provide multilingual support using a translator, as many visitors to Japan stop by before leaving for Kansai Airport. The store is also equipped with large coin lockers (cart lockers) where suitcases can be stored, and facilities for kids (kid’s toilets and playrooms).

  • AEON MALL Rinku Sennan
    AEON MALL Rinku Sennan
    • Address 3-12 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan, Osaka 590-0535
    • Nearest Station ・By train and bus from Kansai Airport (about 20 minutes)
      Take the JR Kansai Airport Line from Kansai Airport Station to Rinku Town Station, transfer to the Nankai Wing Bus and get off at AEON MALL Rinku Sennan.

      ・By train and bus from Osaka Station (about 1 hour)
      Take the JR Osaka Loop Line bound for Kansai Airport from Osaka Station to Rinku Town Station, transfer to the Nankai Wing Bus and get off at AEON MALL Rinku Sennan.
    • Phone Number 072-480-6000

Shop for great deals! Japan's largest-scale shopping mall

Shop for great deals! Japan's largest-scale shopping mall

4. Universal Citywalk Osaka: Shop and Dine in the Heart of Entertainment

4. Universal Citywalk Osaka: Shop and Dine in the Heart of Entertainment

Universal Citywalk is a commercial entertainment complex adjacent to Universal Studios Japan. It opened on March 22, 2001, and includes restaurants, a Universal Studios Store, hotels, and other facilities in the style of an American shopping mall. Universal Citywalk Osaka is the perfect mall for travelers visiting Universal Studios and it is a short train ride away from Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan as well.

Osaka is well-known for its specialty Takoyaki, round balls of batter with a bit of octopus inside. At Universal Citywalk, you can take your mouth on a Takoyaki tour at Takopa, where you can find 6 famous Takoyaki restaurants under 1 roof. Each restaurant has its own version of this classic Japanese street food, can you taste the difference?

There is a Sushiro here, which is an affordable Kaitensushi restaurant where you can watch your meal zip around you on a conveyor belt. For American-style cuisine head to the Hard Rock Café, Red Lobster, or Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Pink Cloud creates American style “DecoShakes” in a bright, neon atmosphere inspired by the West Coast. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your extravagant creation!

5. Lalaport EXPOCITY: A Popular Mall in Expo'70 Commemorative Park

5. Lalaport EXPOCITY: A Popular Mall in Expo'70 Commemorative Park

LaLaport EXPOCITY is a large complex located in Expo'70 Commemorative Park, which opened in 2015 and is about a 2-minute walk from Expo Park Station.

It has attractions like ANIPO, which can be enjoyed by small children, NIFREL, a hands-on museum with white tigers, and OSAKA WHEEL, Japan's largest Ferris wheel. This is where you can enjoy shopping and fun at the same time. The 172,000㎡ store is also equipped with restrooms for kids and wheelchair-accessible restrooms (ostomate available).

Lalaport EXPOCITY’s floor has the Green Side and the Orange Side. The green side, on the right as you enter, has MUJI on the first floor, UNIQLO on the second floor, and other stores popular with overseas tourists in Japan. The food court and character stores are on the third floor.

You can find on the third floor Kiddy Land (a store for kids), Sanrio Gift Gate, and Ghibli's Acorn Republic, shops where you can choose from a variety of cute souvenirs. The orange side on the left as you enter the park has the EXPO KITCHEN restaurant on the first floor, which is connected to the amusement area with NIFREL and the Giant Ferris Wheel.

A popular photo spot in Expo Park is the “Tower of the Sun”, a monument symbolizing the 1970 Osaka Expo. The museum store in the basement of the statue sells T-shirts, goods, and other souvenirs.

  • Lalaport EXPOCITY
    Lalaport EXPOCITY
    • Address 2-1 Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka 565-0826
    • Phone Number 066-170-5590

6. Shinsaibashi PARCO: Many Stylish Flagship Stores in Kansai!

6. Shinsaibashi PARCO: Many Stylish Flagship Stores in Kansai!

Shinsaibashi PARCO just opened its doors on November 20, 2020. PARCO is a nationwide fashion mall with its main store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and its motto is to discover designers' talents and disseminate trends. PARCO is the only one of its stores in the Kansai region. It is easily accessible from Shinsaibashi Station on the subway line and has about 170 stores of both luxury and casual brands in its 58,000 square meters floor.

KOLOR, an up-and-coming Japanese designer brand, and W by SECRET BASE, a collectible boutique with a giant hamburger on display, are good places to pick up souvenirs in Japan. Teatime at the upscale Emporio Armani Cafe offers beautiful desserts to show off on Instagram.

PARCO Event Hall on the 14th floor of Shinsaibashi PARCO and the PARCO Pop-up Gallery on the basement floor will also hold contemporary art exhibitions. There are many projects that show off PARCO's good taste and are worth a look, so please check them out when you visit.

Shinsaibashi Neon Shokudo-gai food court, which opened on the first basement floor in March 2021, is a colorful entertainment space decorated with neon that is sure to be photographed. It is a treasure trove of reasonably priced gourmet food in an open space where you can sit comfortably. It is a convenient place to fill your stomach while shopping.

  • Shinsaibashi PARCO
    Shinsaibashi PARCO
    • Address 1 Chome-8-3 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0085
    • Phone Number 067-711-7400

7. TENNOJI MIO: Mecca of Young Feminine Fashion

7. TENNOJI MIO: Mecca of Young Feminine Fashion

Tennoji Mio is a shopping mall that is directly connected to Tennoji Station, a station often considered the southern gateway to Osaka City. It has two buildings, the main building and the plaza building. Out of 350 stores, about 180 stores offer duty-free shopping. Tennoji Mio is a coined word of "Mio" and ‘Mio-tsukushi’ and means ‘my pilot in the bay area.’

There are many stores here that are favorites with young Japanese girls, selling a type of style called Kireime-Kei. This trend is popular in Japan now and is all about appearing neat and classic. In short, it’s the Japanese version of preppy fashion. Check out Japanese brands Adam et Rope or An MILLE to see what modern Japanese fashion is all about.

There are 100 cafes and restaurants that target the women who come here for their favorite stores. Amato Maeda is a restaurant specializing in Japanese sweets, specifically Osaka style Mitarashi-dango, or rice dumplings with a sweet soy glaze. We recommend Okonomiyaki Yukari, too!

The Tennoji area is only 30 minutes away from Kansai International Airport, making it a great choice for people stopping by Osaka for a layover. Close to Tennoji Mio is Tennoji Park, a lovely outdoor space with cafes, Tsutenkaku, a small but iconic Osaka observatory, and Shin-sekai market.

    • Address 10-39, Hidenincho, Tennouji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 543-0055
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Tennouji Station (JR Kansai Main Line / JR Yamatoji Line / JR Osaka Loop Line / JR Hanwa Line)
      1 minute on foot
    • Phone Number 06-6770-1000

8. NAMBA City: Mall with Direct Access to Kansai International Airport

8. NAMBA City: Mall with Direct Access to Kansai International Airport

Conveniently located just off Namba Station, which is a direct train ride from Kansai International Airport on the Nankai Line, Namba City is a large-scale commercial facility with approximately 230 stores, including fashion, cosmetics, sundries, restaurants, and cafes. The main building spans four floors (B2-2F), and the south building spans three (B1-2F).

Shoe lovers should browse the designs at ORiental TRaffic; they have larger shoe sizes than most Japanese shoe shops. For clothes and accessories that will please the eco-minded, head to Sisam Kobou, a brand that prides itself on its fair-trade fashion and natural materials.

Namba City mall is also equipped with a duty-free counter, baggage storage service, a prayer room for Muslim guests, free Wi-Fi, and the ability to accept various credit cards (including UnionPay cards) and QR payment services (Alipay and WeChat Pay), making it easy for foreign tourists to use.

Outside of Nankai Namba Station is an area equipped with giant screens (courtesy of Panasonic) called The Namba Galleria. It is used mostly to show advertisements, but with an average of 770,000 people passing through here every day, it is a trendy meeting spot in Osaka’s Minami area.

    • Address 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0076
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Namba Station (Nankai Airport Line / Nankai-koya Line / Nankai Line)
    • Phone Number 06-6644-2960

9. Abeno Q's Mall: A Mall Comfortable and Loved by the Local Community

9. Abeno Q's Mall: A Mall Comfortable and Loved by the Local Community

Abeno Q's Mall is a shopping mall that opened in 2011 in the Abeno Tennoji area, which is known as the third-largest city in Osaka. The mall has about 250 stores in an attractive space with an open mall and atrium that allows a lot of natural light. It is easily accessible from Abeno Station and Tennoji Station on the subway.

Abeno Q's Mall is home to SHIBUYA 109 Abeno, which has about 30 stores selling women's wear, accessories, shoes, and other items. Shibuya 109 is one of the most popular spots in Shibuya, Tokyo, and is always crowded because it sells the latest items at affordable and easy-to-buy prices. On the first floor, there is Ito-Yokado, which sells groceries and daily necessities.

At the Q's Stage on the first floor of the West Wing, live events featuring famous celebrities have been held. Q'sPARK, a free playground for children in Abeno Q's Mall, also hosts events for the local community.

10. OSAKA STATION CITY: Shopping with the Best Access to JR Osaka Station

10. OSAKA STATION CITY: Shopping with the Best Access to JR Osaka Station

Opened on May 4, 2011, JR Osaka Station has been renovated, with the north and south buildings now being connected to create one of the largest commercial complexes in western Japan.

Kita, or the north side, is where LUCUA Shopping Complex is located. Minami, or the south side, houses the Daimaru-Umeda Department Store, which has 17 floors of shops. The 13th floor is a great stop for fans of Japanese pop culture, as Pokemon Center Osaka takes up much of the floor, and toymaker Tomica (famous for cars and trains) also has a shop here.

Apart from shopping at one of Osaka’s biggest malls, visitors can check out some of the eight unique places this location has to offer. The bridge that allows visitors to cross from north to south is called the Toki no Hiroba (Time and Space Plaza), it’s also ideal for any fans of Japanese trains to observe them from above.

Rest, relaxation, and even a summer beer garden can be found in Taiyo no Hiroba Plaza (Plaza of the Sun). It takes up three terraces on the 16th, 17th, and 18th floors of the South Gate Building. Tenku no Noen (Sky Farm), where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown, is located on the south side.

For a truly jaw-dropping experience, travelers can head to the South Gate Building’s Water Clock, which CNN Travel listed as one of the most beautiful clocks in the world! The clock displays the time as well as images and text, falling through the shimmering wall of water.

11. Namba Sky O: Authentic Japanese Souvenirs from Artisans

11. Namba Sky O: Authentic Japanese Souvenirs from Artisans

Namba Sky O is a mall focusing on Japanese goods, like green tea and knives, making it the perfect place for travelers to shop for authentic Osaka souvenirs.

Opened on October 17, 2018, this complex of commercial facilities was built on the site where Nankai Electric Railway used to be headquartered. The skyscraper is 30 stories high, but the shops and restaurants are located on floors 2-6. Concepts such as Japanese tradition, culture, and health are set up on each floor for visitors to enjoy.

Zojirushi-shokudo is a showcase restaurant for the makers of electric rice cookers. Travelers can enjoy Naniwa (which is the old name for the Osaka area)-style home cooking that is sure to warm both body and soul. Tea-lovers absolutely cannot miss Saryo Tsuboichi-seicha Honpo (Senno-rikyu’s Homeland Green Tea), which serves matcha lattes, Japanese snacks, and even tea liquor!

Finally, both professional and amateur chefs should stop by to marvel at the selection at JIKKO. Located on the 5th floor, this is a kitchen knife specialty store established in Sakai City, Osaka, which sells a variety of Japanese knives.

12. Shinsaibashi Opa: This is the Place to See the Latest Fashion Trends!

12. Shinsaibashi Opa: This is the Place to See the Latest Fashion Trends!

Shinsaibashi Opa is a shopping mall where you can experience the latest trends in Osaka and is not to be missed by fashion lovers. Shinsaibashi is the center of fashion in Osaka. As a result, the area is always crowded with young people, so Shinsaibashi Opa has many brands for young adults. You can find international brands such as Lily Brown, as well as Japanese fashion brands like EGOIST and SLY, all of which are popular among young women.

FOOD STAND SHINSAIBASHI, located on the second basement floor of the main building, is a food court with a casual atmosphere. It is a popular spot for locals who work in Shinsaibashi to have lunch. Marugame Seimen's udon noodles and Burger King's hamburgers, which are also popular overseas, make for a cozy and filling meal.

Since many customers are from abroad, the store also has pictogram signs for universal use. Children's restrooms, multi-purpose restrooms, and ostomates are available on the second basement floor of the main building, and there is a nursing room on the third floor of the main building, so you can enjoy shopping with your baby without worry.

The store is directly connected to exit 7 of Shinsaibashi Station, making it very easy to access by train. The unusual name OPA is an acronym for Oriental Park Avenue.

13. Grand Front Osaka Shops & Restaurants: A commercial Complex for Shopping and Learning

13. Grand Front Osaka Shops & Restaurants: A commercial Complex for Shopping and Learning

Grand Front Osaka is a commercial complex of ‘stores and restaurants,’ Umekita Plaza, offices, hotels, and high-rise condominiums. This complex is divided into three buildings: the North Building, South Building, and Umekita Plaza.

The South Building has about 170 stores, including fashion, interior goods, sundries, large bookstores, restaurants and cafes, and many of the flagship stores of brands in West Japan. The 5th floor is a sports goods floor with a wide variety of sports specialty goods such as mountain climbing equipment and yoga wear. The sixth floor is a large bookstore floor. The 7th and 8th floors are the restaurant floors.

In addition to shopping, the North Building is also home to “Knowledge Capital,” where companies and research institutes with Japan's cutting-edge technologies offer hands-on learning experiences for adults and children alike. It is a facility where you can come into contact with Japanese and world technologies while having fun.

Our recommendations are Gravity Research Umeda and Kinki University Fisheries Laboratory on the 6th floor of the North Building. Gravity Research Umeda, run by the world-popular mountaineering and outdoor brand, Kohjitsu Sanso, offers indoor free climbing. At the Fisheries Laboratory of Kinki University, you can enjoy a sashimi set meal of fish cultivated by Kinki University. Enjoy a taste of Japan's top-level aquaculture technology.

Grand Front Osaka is accessible from both JR Osaka Station and Kitashinchi Station, and the InterContinental Hotel Osaka, directly connected to JR Osaka Station, is located on the 20th floor of the North Tower.

14. Tempozan Marketplace: A Souvenir and Entertainment Paradise near USJ

14. Tempozan Marketplace: A Souvenir and Entertainment Paradise near USJ

Tempozan Marketplace is a shopping mall adjacent to Osaka Kaiyukan, or aquarium, with about 80 shops selling fashion, miscellaneous goods, and Osaka souvenirs. Imawa-mukashi (Now a long time ago) sells jimbei (traditional Japanese summer clothes) for children. The patterns are cute, and they are very comfortable, so they are a practical souvenir. Morino Sample sells the incredibly realistic plastic food samples you see outside of Japanese restaurants, buy your favorites and confuse your future guests!

Inside the marketplace, visitors will also find Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho (Naniwa Gourmand Lane), a popular food “theme park” based on Osaka’s cityscape in 1965, which serves some classic local street food like grilled squid (Ika-Yaki), deep-fried meat on skewers (Kushi-Katsu), and of course Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

Lego fans can enjoy Osaka’s Legoland which features rides and numerous play areas. Another popular location is Anipa Zoo, an indoor petting zoo, with everything from cats and dogs to capybaras and kangaroos! It’s completely indoors, so a great family destination even if it happens to be rainy or cold.

When it opened in 1997, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel was the tallest in the world! Though it has since lost that title it is still plenty impressive, with colored lights at night that actually indicate a weather forecast, and views of Mount Ikoma and Kansai International Airport.

15. LUCUA Osaka: Shopping for Fashionable Urban Professionals

15. LUCUA Osaka: Shopping for Fashionable Urban Professionals

Directly attached to JR Osaka Station is one of the largest station-based commercial malls in Japan, operating both the West and East buildings as a single entity, collectively known as LUCUA Osaka.

The LUCUA building is aimed at fashionable working women who are looking for a combination of practicality and luxury. People in Osaka love wordplay, and LUCUA is made from the first letters of the words “Lifestyle, Urban, Current, and Axis.” It sounds like a combination of the words, Look Up, and Aruku, which means “to walk” in Japanese.

The idea is that shopping here should be a leisurely experience, with lots of window shopping and strolling. Mila Owen offers modern, elegant designs for women, while BEAMS, which had its start in fashion-savvy Harajuku, offers unique, cross-brand collaborations for men and women.

LUCUA 1100 is a building with a great variety of stores, hence the large number in the name! The Japanese pronunciation for 1100 is close to the German word “ihre,” which means “your.” The idea behind that is the store is meant to be enjoyed by all the people who visit, it’s “your” store.

Here visitors can enjoy Donguri Kyowakoku (Acorn Republic), the official merchandise store of Japanese animation giant, Studio Ghibli. Loft, a store with a focus on fashionable home goods, tea superstore Lupicia, and much more.

  • LUCUA osaka
    • Address 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-8558
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Osaka Station (JR Kansai Main Line / JR Tokaido Line / JR Kyoto Line / JR Osaka Loop Line / JR Kobe Line / JR Takarazuka Line / JR Osaka East Line)
    • Phone Number 06-6151-1111

Now You Know What to Buy and Which Shopping Mall to Choose in Osaka!

There are so many interesting malls that you might get lost in Osaka, but after reading this guide, we hope your Osaka shopping itinerary has become a bit clearer! There are numerous malls that are easily accessible from Osaka's major stations, like Namba Station and Osaka Station.

There are also plenty of shopping options around Kansai International Airport, so even if Osaka is just your layover, you can still browse Japanese fashion trends, Anime goods, or Osaka souvenirs.

Though the 15 most popular shopping malls in Osaka have plenty of allure on their own, they are also often close to major sightseeing and tourist spots. If you get tired while taking in everything the city has to offer, it’s a good idea to pull out your phone and search for “shopping malls near me.”

They often have restaurants, lounges, accessible restrooms, and multilingual support, making them an ideal oasis for tired or overwhelmed travelers. Have fun, eat, shop, and enjoy your trip to Osaka!

*Due to the spread of Covid-19, shops may make changes to the hours and services available as well as close temporarily. For details, please refer to each official website or social media account.

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