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Tokyo's Best Budget Deals, Discounts & Coupons! (August 2018)

Tokyo's Best Budget Deals, Discounts & Coupons! (August 2018)

Update: 9 August 2018

Save money when you're visiting Japan! Each week we showcase some of the incredible deals available at a variety of restaurants, shops, activities and experiences around Tokyo. This week we are excited to introduce exciting deals on gourmet, shops and rentals, sightseeing experiences and more—available only from Live Japan!!

Don't miss out—be sure to check this page each week for updates!

Shopping in Tokyo

Shinjuku, Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya...there are so many incredible areas for shopping! Here are a small selection of the many deals available this month at shops in the Tokyo area.

Global Mobile

Stay connected during your Japan trip! Global Mobile offers
SoftBank’s latest 4G LTE pocket Wi-Fi with full, unlimited data usage--plus delivery to the front desk of your hotel or pickup at Narita Airport or their shop near Iidabashi Station, Tokyo.

Noritake Okura Art China Ginza

Noritake has become known throughout the world for its top-quality Western tableware since it created Japan's first dinnerware set over 100 years ago. The Ginza shop always has something new in tableware, and is the flagship shop for introducing customers to the charm of Noritake products.
Our shop mainly carries made in Japan products. While we of course offer top-quality dinnerware sets, teacups, and tableware that is sophisticated yet still fitting for daily use, we also offer a wide variety of gift items, anniversary items for companies and organizations, and products for professional use at hotels and restaurants.

Anne Charlotte Goutal Paris

Japan's First Goutal Paris Shop, 3-min from Meguro Station. Express your individuality with this brand of cute accessories from Paris.

Anne Charlotte Goutal Paris, opened on Doreme-dori street in Meguro in October 2017, is a bag and accessories brand loved by Parisienne of all ages.
Our designs incorporating motifs ”pictogram” of pineapples, stars, and other objects on vinyl materials are popular among high school girls of lycée in Paris. Products such as our pencil case with French rouge cherry design and trendily colored coin case with a mint leaf motif are items that are perfectly colored for this years fashion trends. Even those who don't practice ballet will adore our cute, baby pink themed designs with silver lamé featuring ballet toe shoes. Also, our dedication to manufacturing and the skill of our craftsmen can be seen in the quality of our cotton-lined products.
Our chic Paris motif accessories are the designs of born-and-bred Parisian Anne-Charlotte Goutal. In Japan these items can be found only at this shop.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Both men and women can enjoy shopping at this new Ginza landmark, which combines the latest trends in fashion, accessories, and cuisine. Tokyu Plaza Ginza is a shopping facility providing an experience of “tradition and innovation.” The 13 floors have a total of 125 stores including fashion and accessory shops, restaurants, and cafes. FIND JAPAN MARKET can be found on the 6th and 7th floors and offers world-class genuine Japanese items. The 6th floor is a market focusing on “select” fashion and accessories for adults who seek bona fide authentic products, while the 7th floor is dedicated to a new type of shop by Tokyu Hands, which seeks to broadcast Japan’s unique culture to the world. The street level zone features an aggregation of global flagship stores for a variety of premium brands, and shoppers will also find boutique shops by Tokyu Department Store, Tokyo’s largest urban airport-style duty free shop “Lotte Duty Free Tokyo Ginza,” and more.

Ookura Shichiten (Pawn Shop) Akasaka

Ookura Shichiten offers brand-name goods, watches, jewelry and apparel, from ordinary products to rare finds. They can order products from other affiliated stores, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something special you’re looking for. Ookura Shichiten also operates as a pawn shop, letting you bring in your old clothes, sell them - and pick up something new!

Activities & Experiences

While there's so much to see in Tokyo, there are also so many unique and fun experiences you can enjoy as well!


Find an interesting book and relax at the café. Or have fun with photos, and immerse yourself in a world of anime and manga at the DNP Plaza.

■ B1F / Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA
Exhibitions and events are held here for popular Japanese anime and manga. Cutting-edge technological features such as AR/VR are utilized for guests to experience their favorite works in a whole new light. Popular anime-themed products and original goods are available at the sales corner.

■ 1F / Shop, Café
Tired of walking? Refuel at the café, featuring coffee made with organically-farmed coffee beans, seasonal drinks, and various sweets. Dainty, edible works of art from all over Japan make perfect souvenirs.

■ 1F / Photo Koto
Use photo data from your smartphone to make stickers, calendars, and more from an impressive menu of fun printing options. Your favorite photos can be combined with craft and decoration features for the perfect souvenir to commemorate your trip.

■ 2F / Event Zone
Events and workshops of various themes are held here at irregular times.

    • Address DNP Ichigayatamachi building, 1-14-1, Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0843
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Ichigaya Station (JR Chuo Main Line / Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line / Tokyo Metro Namboku Line / Toei Shinjuku Line)
    • Phone Number 050-3170-0903

Atami Castle

A castle, open to tourists, that towers over the scenic summit of Nishikigaura. The castle boasts a beautiful panoramic view of Atami from its tower.

  • Atami Castle
    • Address 1993, Atami, Atami-shi, Shizuoka, 413-0033
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Atami Station (Tokaido Shinkansen Line / JR Tokaido Main Line / JR Ito Line / JR Ueno Tokyo Line)
      15 minutes by bus
    • Phone Number 0557-81-6206

Mayuko's Little Kitchen

We teach you how to prepare what Japanese people really eat as an everyday meal in a private little kitchen in the middle of Tokyo. You can learn the basics of Japanese food, seasonings, and table customs in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

RENTACAN Narita International Airport

Rentacan Narita International Airport offers an RV rental service particularly to tourists from overseas. Our rental RV service, makes it possible for international visitors to enjoy Japan together with friends or family in a wide variety of ways just as they would in their home countries, including hot spring tours, fishing trips, hiking trips in the mountains, and winter sports retreats.


Japan’s popular rental go-kart service, Akiba Kart Yokohama. Have a blast dashing through the streets of Yokohama in a go-kart! Currently these trendy Akiba Karts are considered “mini cars,” so anyone who has a normal driver’s license can drive them on public roads.

Experience a thrilling racecar sensation as you cruise at up to 50 kph, getting a different look at the surrounding scenery from a low, go-kart perspective. While these karts are small, there presence on the road is huge, so you’ll have no problem being recognized! Try zooming through the streets of Yokohama, Minatomirai, Yamashita Park, Chinatown, and Motomachi in a go-kart!

When large groups use our go-karts, everyone can enjoy an electrifying festival-like atmosphere! Recently this is a popular activity for international visitors, who are becoming a big part of our clientele. Be sure to try us out when you come to Yokohama for sightseeing!

Food, Drinks & Dining

A foodie's paradise, Tokyo has a magnificent range of dining options available - make your trip special with one of these selected offers!

Toro Tokyo

Richard Sandoval, who was crowned the ”father of Modern Mexican” by The Financial Times, combines authentic Latin ingredients with international flavors and inventive techniques, to create new and unexpected concepts and cuisines such as modern and coastal Mexican, Latin-Asian, Peruvian and Pan-Latin.
Sandoval's first Japan venture has opened in Ginza. Depending on the situation, it is used as casual for cafe and bar, or used as elegant and stylish restaurant. Enjoy your time with our modern Latin dishes.

Itamae Sushi

Itamae Sushi Ginza Corridor is a casual, but intimate space where diners can enjoy chatting with the chefs. Itamae Sushi operates 10 branches in Japan and more than 60 overseas. The chefs of each branch carefully select the farm-fresh ingredients directly from Tsukiji and fish markets across Japan. Their blue-fin tuna is a point of pride at Itamae and is as good as that found at the highest-end restaurants in Japan and they are proud to have won the first-of-the-year tuna auction four years in a row. Itamae Sushi offers high-quality sushi in a foreigner-friendly atmosphere and their helpful chefs can recommend wine, champagne, sake and shochu to enhance your experience.

  • Itamaesushi
    • Address J building 1F,8-2-13, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Shimbashi Station (JR Tokaido Main Line / JR Yokosuka Line / JR Keihin-Tohoku Line / JR Yamanote Line / JR Ueno Tokyo Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Asakusa Line / Yurikamome)
    • Phone Number 03-3571-9970


Enjoy a unique dining experience: learning ikebana flower arrangement before dining on delectable Japanese cuisine with all-you-can-drink service! Ikebana direction is by Professor Naoko Tozawa, renowned in the field.

Oyster Shack

Stuff yourself with oysters! Oyster Shack offers an all-you-can-eat grilled oyster deal on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Conveniently located in Shinbashi, across from the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo, under the elevated railroad. Enjoy the sense as though you are having an indoor barbecue! Bringing your own beverage is allowed as well (corkage may apply).

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