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Sights and Foods for your First Hyogo Trip!

Kobe / Sannomiya / Kitano Bandar moden

Hyogo is one of the largest prefectures in west Japan, boasting 8,400 square kilometers of space. It has many sights, of particular note being the exotic port city of Kobe. Being home to the world-renowned Kobe Beef and having some of the best night scenery in Japan, the prefecture is known both for its size and the amount of sightseeing locations it possesses. This is a quick guide for those taking their first trip into Hyogo Prefecture – read on to get a handle on Hyogo sights, famous products, and characteristics.

Super Nintendo World Osaka: The world’s first Nintendo theme area at Universal Studios Japan!

USJ / Pelabuhan Osaka Taman Tema

Super Nintendo World is based on the theme of Nintendo characters and their worldview. It is a collaborative effort between Japan's Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan and open to the world. The opening of Super Nintendo World is a long-awaited event, so in this article, we will give you the latest information about this new area.

3 Best Hotels in Kobe Japan with Amazing Views of Kobe Bay!

Kobe / Sannomiya / Kitano Hotel

Kobe is full of sightseeing places with an international touch. When you stay at these hotels in Kobe, Japan, you're sure to fall in love with the city! From the buildings reminiscent of the old foreign settlements to the chic Western-style cuisine eateries and the Chinatown crowded with Chinese restaurants, there's so much to do. Plus, the scenery of the view spanning from the Rokko Mountains to the city to the Port of Kobe is said to be "worth a million dollars." This article will provide a selection of hotels in Kobe at which you can enjoy the city's magnificent scenery.

Where to Find Takoya: The Best Takoyaki in Osaka's Fukushima Area!

Umeda / Stesen Osaka / Kitashinchi Okonomiyaki & Monjya & Takoyaki

Takoya is one of Osaka's most famous takoyaki izakaya pubs. The taste of Osaka Takoyaki may vary from store to store. However, it also reflects the mood of the city. Locals may believe that the "flavor of the neighborhood" is by far the best tasting, but on the other hand, many have the desire to expand their tastes a bit further beyond the horizon. The world of takoyaki includes more than just the taste of the ingredients, textures and seasonings, but of the people and the towns as well. So what makes Takoya so different and why do many consider it to offer the best takoyaki in Osaka?

Visiting Kobe in Winter 2020: Ultimate Guide to Kobe Weather in Winter and Clothes You Need!

Kobe / Sannomiya / Kitano Bersiar-siar Musim Sejuk

Kobe in winter is relatively mild and sees little snowfall. But in order to know what sort of clothes to pack for each month between December and February we have sought the advice of a local writer. December is the Christmas season and also a time when there are many end-of-year events, so let’s begin by finding out what are the best clothes to wear at this time.

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