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Fall in Love After One Stay! 16 Popular Apartment Hotels in Osaka - Perfect for Family Trips and Travelling with Kids

Namba / Dotonburi / Shinsaibashi Apartmen & Aparthotel

Discover the perfect solution to small hotel rooms in Japan's major cities! LIVE JAPAN presents a list of 16 popular apartment-style hotels in Osaka. Enjoy spacious rooms, kitchens with cooking utensils, laundry machines, and balconies for a home-like experience. Ideal for families and highly recommended with rave reviews on booking websites. Let's explore these comfortable accommodations! Photos: Booking.com (MIMARU Osaka Shinsaibashi WEST / Citadines Namba Osaka / Minn Nishiumeda / Osaka Minami-Kaiyukan Tennouji International Apartment)

What to Do in Osaka & Kyoto in October 2023: Events, Festivals, Halloween Fun & More

USJ / Pelabuhan Osaka Persembahan

October, as autumn deepens and the air turns crisp, is one of the most comfortable times to experience Japan. Ever heard of the phrases "Autumn of Art" or "Autumn of Appetite" in Japan? These encapsulate the numerous art and gourmet events that sprout up throughout the country. Add to that, a splash of Halloween fun and the mesmerizing colors of fall foliage — it's a festive season not to miss! Ready to dive in? Here's a curated list of must-attend events, especially in the Kansai region, with Osaka taking center stage this October.

Cool Down in the Hot Summer! 10 Refreshing Places to Visit in Kyoto in Summer

Stesen Kyoto / Kuil Toji Tempat suci

Kyoto is a popular tourist destination both domestically and internationally. Situated in a basin surrounded by mountains, summers are hot and humid, and on many days the temperature exceeds 30°C. However, Kyoto also has cool summer destinations, including mountains, the seaside, and rivers. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, there are plentiful experiences and activities to get a feel for the city’s summer atmosphere. Here are 10 cool spots in Kyoto where you can beat the heat, from famous sites like Shimogamo Shrine, Tadasu-no-Mori, Kibune, and Arashiyama Bamboo Forest to less frequented areas away from the city.

Kansai Cherry Blossoms Guide: Best 8 Places To See Sakura in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara (2023)

Umeda / Stesen Osaka / Kitashinchi Bersiar-siar Musim Bunga

Experience the stunning beauty of Japan's famous cherry blossoms in Kansai's most picturesque locations. This comprehensive guide highlights the top 8 spots in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara to witness the blooming of sakura trees. Whether you're a nature lover or a photography enthusiast, these places offer breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe of the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms. * Note that access to grounds and events may be canceled to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please check the latest information on the official website.

Where to Stay in Mie Prefecture - Hotels & Ryokan Near Popular Sightseeing Areas

Ise / Toba / Shima Hotel

Mie Prefecture is one of Japan’s hidden gems. Despite a wealth of varied attractions, many visitors to Japan bypass Mie in favor of nearby destinations such as Kyoto and Osaka. If you’re thinking of wandering off the beaten path and trying to decide where to stay in Mie, our list of the best areas and hotels to stay in the prefecture is for you. Main image: PIXTA

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  • Arashiyama / Uzumasa
  • Gion / Kawaramachi / Kuil Kiyomizu
  • Kobe / Sannomiya / Kitano
  • Namba / Dotonburi / Shinsaibashi
  • Nara / Ikoma / Tenri
  • Shinsekai / Tennoji / Tsurubashi
  • Stesen Kyoto / Kuil Toji
  • Umeda / Stesen Osaka / Kitashinchi
  • USJ / Pelabuhan Osaka
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