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6 Halal Restaurants in Tokyo: Sushi, Yakiniku, Sweets & More!

Asakusa Sushi

Japan has amazing food to offer and especially Tokyo is a treasure trove of delicious restaurants and dishes. However, particularly travelers from Muslim-majority countries find themselves troubled: are any of these halal restaurants? In recent years, the number of restaurants in Tokyo offering dishes that are both delicious and halal risen greatly! Several restaurants have received a halal certification and we’d like to show you some of our favorites.

The 4 Best Restaurants to Get Cheese Dak Galbi in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo's Koreatown!

Okubo / Takadanobaba Other Korean Food

Recently, Tokyo’s social media is talking about only one thing: cheese dak galbi! While enthusiasts of Korean cuisine immediately know what we’re talking about, here’s an explanation for those who still have to see the light, so to speak: dakgalbi is a Korean dish of stir-fried spicy chicken, seasoned with all sorts of herbs and spices. As the name suggests, cheese dak galbi is served with a whole lot of yummy cheese, generally heated and served separately to make for a gourmet delight of dipping and snacking!

[MOVIE] Achieve Your Cosplay Dreams at Cosplay Studio Crown!

Akihabara Culture Experience

Anyone from pros, to amateurs, to people who've never cosplayed before can jump into Studio Crown in Akihabara to experience a professional level of cosplay that's both easy and affordable! Recently LIVE JAPAN took the opportunity to check them out!

Kumagaya Restaurant Guide: Where to Get Food & Drinks During the Rugby World Cup!

Saitama Suburbs Other Restaurants

Kumagaya, where the Rugby World Cup is set to be held this year at the Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, is also known as "Rugby Town," as the sport has been popular here since long ago. The production of wheat is highest in Saitama Prefecture, where Kumagaya is located, so there are many gourmet dishes, including Kumagaya udon, made from flour. There are also many restaurants around the station as well as the rugby field, so you may want to plan a trip to some of these food spots on your way to the game.

Hot Springs and Trains – The Customs and Traditions of Japan that Foreign Visitors Cannot get Used to

Tokyo Station

From an outsider’s point of view, Japan is home to many unique customs and traditions. Though it may seem natural to the Japanese, to those from other countries with different upbringings and values, many aren’t able to understand or get used to some of these customs. In general, which customs and traditions do they find the most inconvenient or hardest to get into to? We heard from some foreign visitors about customs in Japan they just haven't got the hang of, and about their thoughts about the traditions here. (The opinions below belong to the respondents)

Inside One of Japan's 3 Largest Hikiyama Festivals: Chichibu Night Festival Highlights

Saitama Suburbs Japanese Festivals (Matsuri)

All across Japan, interesting festivals are held throughout the year. Often holding great significance within local culture, they are an important part of Japanese society, regardless of the scale. The three largest and most well-known are the “Gion Festival” in Kyoto, the “Takayama Festival” in Hida, and the “Chichibu Night Festival” in Chichibu. Taking place in Saitama Prefecture's Chichibu area, the “Chichibu Night Festival” is an important part of Japan’s historical culture. In 2016 it was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage as “Chichibu Festival Yatai and Kagura.”

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