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Tokyo 1 Day Itinerary: Best Sightseeing Spots the Guidebooks Won't Tell You!

Tokyo Station Other Townscapes

Tokyo is busy old place, there's no getting around that. But if you're the kind of tourist who wants to venture away from the human herds, see the slightly less charted stretches of the city, and peer behind Tokyo's cultural curtain while you're at it, this could be the itinerary for you! This is our guide for how you can spend a day in East Tokyo, immersing yourself in the city's historical and modern culture, while – most importantly – avoiding the bountiful crowds. In this article: ・Preparation: Accommodation + Transport ・Morning ・Afternoon ・Evening

Romance in Japan: Top 6 Amazing Places People Proposed Around Japan

Tokyo Station

Going on holiday is always an exciting time, and you come back with beautiful memories and an urge to come back. So what could possibly make a trip to Japan any more special? Well, how about declaring your love to the world? That’s exactly what the following six couples did, and we’re happy to be able to share their reasons and memories with you too. Who knows, perhaps these stories will spark you to do the same...?

Say Hello to Kitty and Friends at Tokyo’s Cutest Train Station!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Pop Culture

You won’t find a train station more adorable than this one! The Keio railway company recently unveiled a new look for their Tama-Center Station, featuring some of Sanrio’s most popular characters, including none other than Hello Kitty. From the ticket gates to the station platform, and even a special limited train, I found some of Japan’s cutest characters in the most unexpected places!

Taking a Break in Shinjuku: Four Secret Spots to Rest, Relax, and Refresh Yourself

Shinjuku Discount Stores

Shinjuku is famous for its neon lights and one of Tokyo's most busy and bustling neighborhoods. This exciting place is fun to explore, but after hours of colorful sightseeing, you'll find yourself craving a quiet place where you can relax. Let us show you Shinjuku's secret spots to kick back and relax at, from lush rooftop gardens to natural hot springs!

How is This Station So Hard to Exit?! Mastering Tokyo Ueno Station to See the Sights


Located in Taito, Tokyo, Ueno is a well-known and popular tourist destination. In addition to the Ameya Yokocho (Ameyoko) shopping street, Ueno boast such sites as Ueno Green Park, which is beautiful in any season, Ueno Toshogu Shrine, the zoo, and numerous art galleries, museums, electronics shops, department stores, and toy stores. Ueno is home to a wide variety of gourmet restaurants and accommodations, as well. The ticket gates and exits of JR Ueno station are located on different floors, or the gates are far from the exit, it can be a difficult station to navigate. This guide will provide more information about which site seeing locations can be found at each gate, and make full and fun day trip in Ueno more than just a dream!

Over-wrapped! How To Limit Plastic Waste While In Japan

Tokyo Station

For newcomers to Japan, one of the biggest surprises may be the sheer amount of unnecessary packaging – particularly with plastics. While some Japanese retailers have recently taken proactive steps to encourage consumers to use eco-friendly reusable bags, these approaches have not yet been more widely adopted or imposed by the government. However, as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics approach, eco-conscious discussions have to some extent been reignited, with Environment Minister Yoshiaki Harada saying at a press conference in June 2019 that his ministry plans to introduce legislation curtailing the use of single-use plastic bags that are currently offered for free. Despite this positive step, Japan continues to be one of the largest producers of plastic waste per capita in the world. So if during your trip to Japan you find yourself being bombarded with excess packaging, here are some key phrases and tips on how you can cope!

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