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Asakusa Sanja Matsuri (May 20-22, 2022): Inside One of Tokyo's Greatest Festivals

Asakusa Japanese Festivals (Matsuri)

Sanja Matsuri is a 3-day festival held in late May that attracts over 1.8 million visitors. Held in Tokyo's Asakusa neighborhood, the activities center around popular tourist attractions Asakusa Shrine and Sensō-ji Temple. The entire town whips into a festive fervor during this time as representatives parade about 100 mikoshi (portable shrines) through the streets and show them off to spectators. The sheer scale and energy of the event have captivated the hearts and minds of many people. Many visitors make special arrangements to visit again and again to take part each year. But what exactly is the Sanja Matsuri, and what are some of its must-see sights and activities? We asked a few long-term foreign residents in the area for their recommendations. Main image photo credit: Asakusa Shrine

Moominvalley Park: Everything You Need to Know About Japan's Dreamy Theme Park (2022 Edition)

Saitama Suburbs Theme Parks

Moominvalley Park opened in March 2019 by Miyazawa Lake in Hanno, Saitama. A Japan-first, the park allows visitors to dive into the world of Moomin, and is always bustling with families, couples, and friends enjoying the jovial atmosphere and fun attractions. For this article, the LIVE JAPAN editorial team visited Moominvalley Park to discover what you can do, see, eat, and buy, along with how to get there!

Learn the Art of Flower Arrangement at Ohara School of Ikebana

Harajuku Other Traditional Arts

Ikebana, flower arrangement, is one of Japan’s most treasured art forms, a time-honored tradition that continues to be relevant even in today’s modern society. Beautifully arranged flowers and plants have permeated Japanese culture in a way that is seldom found in others. The Ohara School of Ikebana has played a major part in keeping the tradition alive, through its many schools in Japan, as well as its 59 chapters abroad, with over 300,000 members worldwide. The beauty of the Ohara School is not only in its floral arrangements, but its ability to share the culture of ikebana with the world. I visited the Ohara Center of Tokyo to try an ikebana class to learn more about this traditional art form.

10 Must-See Attractions Near Mount Fuji For Spring 2022

Mt. Fuji Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

At long last, spring has arrived! And what better way to enjoy it than visiting some new and exciting attractions near Mount Fuji? From the brilliant moss phlox fields, to the brand-new Peter Rabbit English Garden, to the popular Fuji-Q Highland theme park, fun awaits you this Spring 2022!

Climbing Mt. Fuji in 2022 (July 1-Sep 10): What You Need To Know First (Access/Dates)

Mt. Fuji Outdoor Activities

In 2022, the trails reaching the top of Mt. Fuji officially open from July 1 to September 10. The hike should not be underestimated and good preparation both for the trip and against Covid-19 will help make your trip up the mountain a safe and memorable one.

Narita Airport 2021: Updated Guide on Arrival and Departure Procedures in Japan


Narita International Airport boasts the largest number of international flights in Japan. Also known as Japan’s doorstep, it welcomes many foreign visitors from around the world. Since the spread of Covid-19, the airport has been quick to enhance and increase its sanitation measures. While Japan is now effectively closed to visitors, in preparation for Japan reopening its borders, it has made strong efforts to become a space where foreign guests can feel at ease. Here we will introduce the required tests as well as the arrival and departure procedures at Narita Airport as of July 2021.

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