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Discovering Osaka's Loop Line: 6 Spectacular Sightseeing Spots for Tourists

Discovering Osaka's Loop Line: 6 Spectacular Sightseeing Spots for Tourists

Date published: 18 June 2020
Last updated: 24 December 2020

With 19 stops encircling central Osaka, the Osaka Loop Line is a 26-kilometer railway operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). Departing from Osaka Station, the line's outermost route leads eastward, while the innermost route heads west.

Riding the Osaka Loop Line offers a glimpse into various aspects of Osaka, including bustling commercial districts, vibrant shopping centers, historic landmarks, and residential neighborhoods. Whether you're interested in shopping, dining, or leisurely activities, the Osaka Loop Line has something to offer for everyone.

So, hop aboard the train and get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of Japan's most captivating cities.

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Table of Contents
  1. What is the Osaka Loop Line? The Outer and Inner Route
  2. What makes the Osaka Loop Line so convenient for sightseeing?
  3. Osaka Loop Line Sightseeing Points of Interest
  4. 4. Tennoji Station
  5. 6. Tenma Station

What is the Osaka Loop Line? The Outer and Inner Route

Osaka Loop Line map
Osaka Loop Line map

The Osaka Loop Line operates two parallel tracks, with the train on the outer circle running clockwise and the one on the inner circle running counterclockwise. If you happen to board the wrong train, no worries! You can simply switch to the opposite line at the next station, as the distance between stops is short, and the frequency of trains is high.

A full loop around the track takes approximately 40 minutes, allowing you to admire Osaka's diverse scenery from the train window. So, even if you lose track of time and miss your intended station, rest assured that your train will eventually make a complete circuit and return you to your destination.

What makes the Osaka Loop Line so convenient for sightseeing?

Lee waranyu / Shutterstock.com
Lee waranyu / Shutterstock.com

The Osaka Loop Line runs through Kita, the bustling downtown area around Osaka Station. By taking the outer loop, you can quickly reach Osaka-jokoen Station in approximately 10 minutes, where Osaka Castle stands majestically. Alternatively, in just 12 minutes, you can arrive at Tennoji Station, another popular commercial hub in Osaka, along with Kita and Minami.

If you want to explore further, you can transfer to the Yumesaki Line at Nishikujo Station, which is only a 13-minute ride from Tennoji Station. The Yumesaki Line can take you to Universal City Japan Station in approximately 5 minutes. Nishikujo Station is only about 6 minutes from Osaka Station, so moving between stations can be done in as little as 1-3 minutes, making the Osaka Loop Line a highly convenient way to navigate around Osaka.

Osaka Loop Line Sightseeing Points of Interest

1. Osaka Station

beeboys / Shutterstock.com
beeboys / Shutterstock.com

Osaka Station City
Directly linked to JR Osaka Station, Osaka Station City is a vibrant shopping district. The North Gate Building houses popular fashion outlets and restaurants, such as LUCUA and LUCUA 1100, which are favored by younger shoppers. On the other hand, the South Gate Building hosts the expansive Daimaru Umeda store and Hotel Granvia Osaka. Visitors can indulge in a wide variety of culinary delights, fashion apparel, souvenirs, and more at this bustling shopping mecca.

Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
Ohatsu Tenjin, also known as Tsuyuten Shrine, is situated in a bustling shopping area brimming with restaurants. Its name derives from Ohatsu and Tokubei, the protagonists of a popular ningyo-joruri puppet show called Sonezaki Shinju, which was based on a real-life tragic love story that took place in 1703. Today, the shrine is a renowned attraction for those seeking to find love. Conveniently located in the downtown area, visitors can drop by before or after dinner and even visit the shrine at night to experience its enchanting ambiance.

2. Osaka Castle Park, Morinomiya Station

2. Osaka Castle Park, Morinomiya Station

Osaka Castle Tower
Osaka Castle Park spans from Ōsakajōkōen Station to the west side of Morinomiya Station, encompassing a vast green space where visitors can unwind. The park boasts a serene garden, a picturesque plum grove, a music hall, and several cafes. One of the highlights is the magnificent Osaka Castle Tower, a must-see attraction. Its exterior is stunning, while the interior houses a museum exhibiting a vast collection of cultural artifacts related to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. For panoramic views of the city, visitors can head to the observation deck on the 8th floor of the tower.

Osaka Water Bus Aqua Liner
Just a brief stroll from Ōsakajōkōen Station, visitors can board the Osaka Water Bus Aqua Liner and embark on a relaxing boat ride along the Okawa River. The Aqua Liner offers stunning waterfront views of Osaka as the river winds its way through the city. The river is narrow enough that passengers can catch a glimpse of the charming houses and cafes lining its banks.

3. Tsuruhashi Station

3. Tsuruhashi Station

Osaka Tsuruhashi Wholesale Market
Upon arriving at Tsuruhashi Station, visitors are greeted by the mouthwatering aroma of yakiniku. The station is surrounded by numerous yakiniku restaurants, making it a paradise for meat lovers. Additionally, the bustling neighborhood is home to the Osaka Tsuruhashi Wholesale Market and a shopping district with over 800 shops. The shopping streets are brimming with an array of stores, including Korean shops that offer a variety of delights such as kimchi, chijimi, traditional Korean clothing, and general merchandise. With so much to explore, Tsuruhashi Station is a delightful destination that offers something for everyone.

4. Tennoji Station

beeboys / Shutterstock.com
beeboys / Shutterstock.com

Abeno Harukas
Abeno Harukas is a towering skyscraper that rises 60 stories high and reaches a height of 300 meters. The lower floors are occupied by department stores and museums, while hotels occupy the upper floors. For breathtaking views of the city, visitors can head to the Harukas 300 Observation Deck located on floors 58 to 60. Admission tickets can be purchased on the 16th floor, where a direct elevator takes visitors to the top floor. From the observation deck, visitors can gaze down at the miniature replica of Osaka Castle and Kyocera Dome, as well as marvel at the distant views of the Seto Inland Sea and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

Janjan Yokocho
Janjan Yokocho is a charming destination that embodies the old-fashioned ambiance of Osaka. The narrow alleyways are flanked by small shops offering a range of reasonably priced local cuisine. In this working-class neighborhood, it is not uncommon for locals to begin drinking in the morning after a long night of work. Visitors can join in the convivial atmosphere while indulging in delicious local fare such as kushikatsu, grilled 'horumon' (offal), sushi, and more. Janjan Yokocho is a must-visit spot for anyone seeking to experience the authentic food culture and atmosphere of Osaka.

5. Fukushima Station

5. Fukushima Station

Fukushima Station, just one stop away from Osaka Station, is surrounded by a wealth of dining options. The area is known for its street-side shops, offering a diverse array of cuisine and adding to the city's vibrant atmosphere. Below the elevated JR train tracks, visitors can explore a plethora of bars, wine taverns, and sushi restaurants.

To the north of the station is the bustling Fukushima Shoten-dori Shopping Street, a popular destination that not only offers a wide selection of restaurants but also numerous fortune tellers.

On the south side of the alley, visitors can find shops that have been converted from old townhouses, offering yet more opportunities to sample local delicacies. With so many enticing choices, visitors may find it challenging to choose just one place to dine!

6. Tenma Station

beeboys / Shutterstock.com
beeboys / Shutterstock.com

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street
As soon as visitors disembark at Tenma Station, they are greeted by the bustling Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street. Spanning 2.6 kilometers from Tenjinbashi 1-chome to 7-chome, the street features approximately 800 shops offering a diverse range of products, from clothing to drug stores, as well as numerous dining options. The Tenma Station area is packed with shops, extending even to the backstreets. It's a great place for a night out, with an array of different dishes, taverns, standing bars, and more. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood while exploring the diverse shopping and dining options available.

Louis W / Shutterstock.com
Louis W / Shutterstock.com

Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
Located about a 10-minute walk south of Tenma Station along Tenjinbashisuji Street is the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, also known as Tenma no Tenjin-san. This shrine is the venue for the Tenjin Matsuri, one of Osaka's three major festivals, which takes place on the 24th and 25th of July each year, as well as other various ceremonies.

The highlight of the festival held on the night of the 25th is the Funatogyo, a spectacle featuring celebratory fireworks and decorated ships parading along the Okawa River. The Tenjin Matsuri is one of the most eagerly anticipated summer festivals in Osaka and draws large crowds of revelers each year.

Bonus: Universal City


Universal Studios Japan
At Nishikujo Station, visitors can transfer to the JR Yumesaki Line. The second stop on this line is Universal City Station, where visitors can find a selection of hotels and restaurants just outside the station. Beyond this area lies the entrance to Universal Studios Japan, which is divided into several zones. Visitors can enjoy a range of thrilling rides inspired by Hollywood blockbuster movies, as well as shows featuring beloved characters.

Thanks to the Osaka Loop Line, visitors can explore not only the modern and dynamic Kita and Minami areas but also the historical neighborhoods of Osaka.

By hopping on this train line, visitors can immerse themselves in the daily lives of local residents, stroll along charming shopping streets that were once thriving business districts, soak up the lively downtown ambiance, and sample the restaurants most popular among locals.

The Osaka Loop Line offers a unique way to experience the multifaceted city and discover its hidden gems.

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