Terms of Use of “LIVE JAPAN”

These Terms of Use set out important precautions for users of LIVE JAPAN (this “Website”), a website managed and operated by Gurunavi, Inc. (“Gurunavi”).
Please carefully read these Terms of Use before using this Website.
By using this Website, you agree to these Terms of Use.
Please note that, although Gurunavi prescribes other terms of use for end-users of other websites operated by Gurunavi, those terms of use do not apply to your use of this Website.

1. Services on this Website

(1) Services on this Website
Gurunavi presently provides through this Website (i) various information on restaurants, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities, and the like that you need during your visit to Japan (the “Information”) and (ii) Internet access and other services (as may be deleted, added to, or altered, etc. from time to time; together with the provision of the Information, hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), but Gurunavi reserves the right to add to, alter or delete the content of the Services in the future .

(2) No guarantee as to the content of the Information
Gurunavi grants you access to the Information on this Website, but Gurunavi does not make any guarantee regarding the Information as to its veracity, accuracy, usefulness, legality, or that it does not infringe the rights of a third party, or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition, Gurunavi will not be responsible for any damage resulting from downloading or accessing Information through the search service of this Website.

(3) No guarantee to provide the Services
Gurunavi does not guarantee that the provision of the Services to you will not be discontinued or that access to the Services is safe or that errors will not occur.

(4) Penafian Berkaitan Perkhidmatan Gelintaran Laluan
Perkhidmatan gelintaran laluan dan tambang mendapat bekalan maklumat daripada NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. dan Transportation News Co.,Ltd. Kami menjangkakan bahawa kandungan gelintaran laluan, tambang dan jadual perjalanan adalah sempurna, tetapi ini tidak menjadi jaminan ke atas maklumat berkenaan.

(5) Provision, discontinuance, and termination of the Services
Gurunavi authorizes your use of the Services, but Gurunavi might delay, discontinue, or terminate the provision of the Services without advance notice to you in each of the following events. Even if you incur damage from such delay, discontinuance, or termination, Gurunavi will be exempted from responsibility and will not be responsible for compensation for any damage:
(i) if work, such as maintenance, inspection, or engineering, necessary to maintain or manage electrical, telecommunication, or other facilities necessary to provide the Services or hardware, software, or any other devices comprising the systems to provide the Services (collectively, the “Systems”) is conducted;
(ii) if this Website is updated or modified;
(iii) if supply of electric power or provision of telecommunication lines necessary to provide the Systems is discontinued or unavailable on a stable basis due to a reason attributable to the provider of such utilities;
(iv) if a failure occurs in the Systems and the provision of the Services becomes difficult;
(v) if the provision of the Services becomes difficult due to a natural disaster, war, disturbance, labor dispute, fire, or any other event of force majeure; or
(vi) if Gurunavi considers it necessary to suspend or discontinue the provision of the Services for any reason other than those in the preceding items.

(6) No involvement of Gurunavi in transactions
Any transactions you engage in through this Website (which means obtaining information about restaurants, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities, etc., shopping, and requesting documents or making queries or the like to restaurants, etc.) are transactions you directly conduct with the “service providers” (which means providers of the products or services of the transactions and include restaurants, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities, public transportation, etc. and their agencies). Gurunavi will not become a party to those transactions or be responsible for those transactions. Therefore any problem in a transaction must be resolved between you and the service provider.

(7) Confirmation of transaction conditions
Please make direct inquiries with the relevant service provider regarding its products, services, details on this Website, how it handles personal information, and the like.

(8) No guarantee on the safety of content, etc.
Gurunavi does not guarantee that e-mails, content, or the like sent from the web page, server, domain, or the like of this Website do not contain any computer viruses or other harmful material.

(9) No other guarantees
Gurunavi might from time to time provide information or advice to you or service providers, but Gurunavi is in no way liable as a result thereof.

2. Services for members

As to services requiring membership to use, you should read thoroughly, and comply with, the “LIVE JAPAN Terms of Membership.”

3. Privacy policy

Your membership registration information and your information obtained by Gurunavi will be treated in accordance with Gurunavi’s privacy policy.

4. Compliance with various other terms of use

Gurunavi or its partners might establish separate terms of use for the use of this Website or the Services. In that case, your use will be subject to your agreement with those terms of use, and therefore, you should read thoroughly, and comply with, those terms of use.

5. Prohibited matters

The matters set out in the below items are prohibited when you use this Website and the Services. If you breach any of these items, Gurunavi may suspend your use of this Website or the Services, suspend your transactions, or refuse you from entering into any transactions in the future. If Gurunavi incurs any damage due to you breaching any of these items, you will be liable to compensate Gurunavi for such damage.

(1) any act that violates a law, ordinance or the like;

(2) any act that violates public order or good morals;

(3) any act that breaches any of the various terms of use prescribed by Gurunavi;

(4) any act that infringes a right of Gurunavi, a partner of Gurunavi, another user, or any third party, such as: intellectual property rights such as industrial property rights, copyrights, portrait rights and trade secrets; reputation rights; or privacy rights;

(5) any act of alteration or deletion in relation to a copyright, or other expression of a right, indicated by Gurunavi, a partner of Gurunavi, another user, or a third party;

(6) any act of collecting or accumulating personal information of another user by any means whatsoever;

(7) ordering a product without a real intention to purchase it (such as placing an order despite never having an intention to buy it from the outset), engaging in a transaction by pretending to be another person, inputting fraudulent information, or any other fraudulent act;

(8) any use of this Website without permission and for commercial profit;

(9) any use of this Website or the Services that is likely to obstruct the operation or provision thereof;

(10) using any hardware, software or program that is likely to obstruct the operation or provision of this Website or the Services;

(11) any act that would obstruct the use of this Website or the Services by a third party;

(12) with respect to the Systems, any act of reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse assembly, or attempts at decryption or discovering source code; or

(13) any act other than those in the preceding items that Gurunavi determines to be inappropriate.

6. Treatment of links

In this Website, we may link to other websites or resources, and third party websites or resources may provide links to this Website. Since Gurunavi is not involved in the management of such third party websites or resources, we accept no liability whatsoever in relation to your use of these or the results of such use. We ask that you separately check the terms of use relating to such websites or resources.

7. Cookies etc.

Gurunavi may collect information such as the following for the purpose of ascertaining users’ access history and status of use and providing information to users about services that are optimally suited to them: information relating to your IP address when you access the Gurunavi server; information relating to the device identification number of your mobile device when you use it to access the Gurunavi server; and, by using cookie technology, information relating to your access history etc. If you change the settings on your browser to block cookies, your use of the services on this Website may be restricted.

8. Trademarks, copyrights, etc.

All content posted on this Website (including the Information, data, software, music, voice recordings, photographs, images, videos, messages or the like; “Gurunavi Content”) is owned by Gurunavi or is used by Gurunavi subject to a duly obtained license or permission, and is protected by copyright law.

“Gurunavi,” “LIVE JAPAN,” and “LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE” are trademarks of Gurunavi.

You may download, print (within a reasonable number of copies), and use for personal non-commercial purposes the content posted on this Website such as information and maps relating to restaurants, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities and the like.
Any unauthorized reproduction, public transmission, alteration or amendment, or commercial use of Gurunavi Content, or any unauthorized posting or reposting of Gurunavi Content on a non Gurunavi website will constitute an infringement of the copyrights and property rights of Gurunavi and will be deemed a copyright violation.

9. Establishment, revision or amendment of these Terms of Use

Gurunavi may revise these Terms of Use from time to time as necessary. Since we do not contact users individually each time revisions are made, please be sure to check these Terms of Use each time you use this Website. By using this Website after any such revisions have been made, you agree to these Terms of Use as so revised.

10. Governing law

The legal relationship between you and Gurunavi (including the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use) is governed by the laws of Japan. You agree that any lawsuit arising between you and Gurunavi will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

11. Route search

KOSHO No.170 in 2019

JR timetable data is based on October 2019 issue of "JR JIKOKUHYO" published by KOTSU SHIMBUNSHA CO.,LTD..
This timetable data shall not be reproduced, copied or processed into any electromagnetic medium, without the express written consent of KOTSU SHIMBUNSHA CO.,LTD..

Route search based on private railway, subway, and airline schedules
・Some lines are unsupported.
・(J)19-3 timetable data is based on "JTB timetable"
・Domestic Flight Timetable is based on "JTB timetable" October 2019 issue, and schedules up to October 26, 2019.
This timetable data shall not be reproduced, copied or processed intoany electromagnetic medium.

12. Use of YouTube API Services

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