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Gorgeous Sanriku 'Kaisendon' Are The Value-Priced Sendai Seafood Bowls Lighting Up Japan's Social Media

Sendai / Matsushima Sushi

Miyagi Prefecture is home to one of the world’s top three fishing spots - the Kinkasan-Sanriku fishing grounds. Not far away is the capital city of Sendai, and as you might imagine, the incredibly fresh and beautiful seafood is a must-try when visiting the area! A recommended seafood shop near Sendai Station is Osakana Center Ichinoichi. It’s usually packed with visitors as it offers top-quality seafood at unbelievably reasonable prices! And of course, many visitors can't help but share it with their socials. Here we will introduce their popular seafood bowl that overflows with toppings.

Visiting Sendai: 9 Essentials to Know Before Traveling to Northeast Japan's Largest City

Sendai / Matsushima Lawatan Lain-lain

Sendai is the largest city in northeast Japan's Tohoku region. Around 90 minutes via Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo and with excellent access to the rest of Tohoku, Sendai is a popular destination to visit. Here we will introduce some useful tips when traveling to Sendai, including transportation access from Tokyo, the delicious local dishes to try, and the famous historical sites to visit! Main photo by: PIXTA

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