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Atama Daibutsu: Mysterious Buddha Found in the Middle of a Hokkaido Lavender Field? Let’s Investigate!

Sapporo / Chitose Mercu tanda

Walking around Makomanai Takino Cemetery, located in Hokkaido Prefecture’s Sapporo City, you will see just the head of a large buddha statue from afar. Many tourists are surprised at the Atama Daibutsu statue's entirety once they get a closer look. Huge, historical buddha statues can be found throughout Japan. Some examples include the Great Buddha in Nara and the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Even from a distance, most of these statues can be seen standing majestically. Also popular among foreign tourists, here we will introduce this large and unique monument known as the Hill of the Buddha! Tanasut Chindasuthi / Shutterstock.com

Hokkaido's Renovated Cloud-Viewing 'Unkai Terrace' Brings You To The Sky's Edge, Has 'Cloud Cafe'

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Landskap

On August 4, 2021, Unkai Terrace, a popular observation deck in Hokkaido's Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, underwent renovations to expand the deck even deeper into the clouds than before. The name means "Sea of Clouds Terrace," and when the weather conditions are right, you can indeed see a sea of clouds unfold right before your eyes. The new observation deck lets you get closer to the clouds than ever before. There's even a cafe where you can enjoy sweets and drinks while looking out over the spectacular view of the sky. Introducing the new and improved Unkai Terrace!

Love Crab? 5 Best Seafood and Crab Restaurants in Sapporo!

Sapporo / Chitose Sashimi

Sapporo crab restaurants are the place to go in Hokkaido! In Hokkaido, there are three main types of crab: zuwaigani (snow crab), tarabagani (red king crab) and kegani (horsehair crab). Many crab restaurants in Sapporo offer all-you-can-eat crab legs as well, a deal that visitors to the city can't get enough of. We’ve selected 5 restaurants that specialize in crab and other seafood that you’re sure to love!

Kepelbagaian fesyen Jepun dan sejarahnya.

Sapporo / Chitose Budaya Kontemporari Lain-lain

Apabila disebut tentang Jepun, anda mungkin terfikir tentang "Kimono", "Hakama" dan "Yoroikabuto". Ataupun, anda mungkin juga terbayangkan "Shinjuku Girl" yang memakai pakaian berwarna-warni. Di sini kami akan memperkenalkan kepelbagaian budaya fesyen Jepun ini.

5-Day Hokkaido Road Trip Itinerary for Spectacular Sights in Spring!

Sapporo / Chitose Bersiar-siar Musim Bunga

Many tend to associate Hokkaido with the snowy sights of winter due to its northern location, but spring in the region is not to be missed as well! This is the period when Hokkaido's natural world starts coming back to life after a long slumber, filling the place up with colorful flowers and exuberant green foliage. One of the best and most effective ways to enjoy all the sights on display during this period is to go on a road trip! This is because, in recent years, expressways have sprung up across the expansive prefecture, connecting formerly far-flung towns and cities together and facilitating convenient travel between them. The abundance of rental car outlets located near New Chitose Airport is further proof that this is indeed the best way to travel around Hokkaido! Take a look at this sample 5-day road trip itinerary recommended by a local writer, and see if it'll help make your Hokkaido trip in spring something completely fresh and exciting to experience!

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