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Snow in Kyoto: These 10 Fantastic Snowy Winter Views Will Have You Dreaming!

Amanohashidate Bersiar-siar Musim Sejuk

Winters in Kyoto can be harsh, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy snow in Kyoto! Here, we will introduce some of Kyoto's best winter sightseeing spots, as recommended by Kyoto writers! From snowy landscapes to illuminations, Kyoto offers plenty of beautiful winter attractions that everyone can enjoy! Though dates may vary, the snowy season tends to fall between mid-December to mid-March in northern Kyoto, and mid-January to February in Kyoto City. The following attractions span all across Kyoto Prefecture, from Kyoto City to areas along the Sea of Japan.

2021 Latest Edition! 10 Best Beauty Products at DAISO Japan For Around $1

Namba / Dotonburi / Shinsaibashi Kedai 100-Yen

From food to daily commodities and beauty products, DAISO offers a wide selection of items! This includes many high-quality items that are also a hit with foreign tourists. We spoke with Mr. Yuto Sasayama, a staff at the popular DAISO Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome store, to find out about their latest cosmetics and beauty products. Located on the bustling Shinsaibashisuji shopping street, DAISO Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome is a 100-yen shop (110 yen including tax) that is frequented by foreign guests. Thanks to careful countermeasures against Covid-19, such as disinfecting the shop and products, you can feel at ease when shopping.

4 Popular Himeji Hotels and Ryokan - Perfect for Sightseeing in Japan's Famous Castle Town!

Pulau Awaji / Maiko Ryokan

The castle town of Himeji is a must-see place on any visit to Japan! Enjoy the culture even more by staying at one of these Himeji hotels. Here we will introduce the best sightseeing hotels and traditional Japanese inns to stay at during your time in Himeji. Some tourist attractions include Himeji Castle; the ever-changing seasonal flowers found in Koko-en Garden; and other historical landmarks. Options range from hotels close to JR Himeji Station to traditional Japanese ryokan inns located in Shiota Onsen, a hot spring resort famous for its spring waters. We will also introduce the countermeasures against Covid-19 that all of these facilities have taken.

Japanese Restaurants and Foreigner-Friendly Services: What Is Needed and Further Thoughts

Stesen Kyoto / Kuil Toji Makanan Jepun Lain-lain

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics creeping up, the number of tourists visiting Japan rises with each passing year. Most of them would surely want to visit iconic locations, and even more would want to enjoy the various delicacies of Japan. However, the fact that a good number of Japanese do not speak English remains a perceived problem, and confusion due to the language and cultural barriers might spoils one’s experience. Today, we’ll be looking at the responses of 275 Japanese eatery managers (with 60% of them situated in Tokyo) regarding their thoughts on foreign customers. While more than 60% of said managers had favorable views on them, the establishments’ services themselves were less than sufficient to receive foreign customers. On that note, we talked with these managers about two subjects: what measures they wish stores would take in receiving foreign customers, as well as what kind of resolve and manners should staff take towards them. Below are the individual opinions of some of the respondents.

KANSAI ONE PASS: Explore Osaka and the Whole Kansai Region with Just This Card and a Phone!

Umeda / Stesen Osaka / Kitashinchi Lawatan Lain-lain

While you may not know the word “Kansai”, you’ve definitely heard of Osaka and Kyoto. Kansai is simply the region you can find them in! And if you’re planning to head there, you definitely need to know about the KANSAI ONE PASS, a transportation IC card specifically designed for international visitors to Japan. This pass is a super-convenient, card-type ticket that allows you to ride the JR lines, subways, private railways, buses, and almost any other type of transportation servicing the Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe Regions. There are plenty of perks that come with having the pass. ©Tezuka Production

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