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Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo: 12 Best Places for Sakura in 2022

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo: 12 Best Places for Sakura in 2022

Date published: 26 February 2019
Last updated: 30 March 2022

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are a must-see when visiting Japan in spring! Here we'll introduce you to some of the famous and best spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo where you can see the whole area covered in pale pink.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  2. 2. Ueno Park
  3. 3. Chidorigafuchi
  4. 4. Sumida Park in Taito-ku
  5. 5. Inokashira Park
  6. 6. Meguro River (Megurogawa)
  7. 7. Yoyogi Park
  8. 8. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens
  9. 9. Rikugien Gardens
  10. 10. Asukayama Park
  11. 11. Roppongi Hills
  12. 12. Mt. Takao

1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Many types of cherry blossoms are at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, so you can enjoy whether you come early or late in the season.

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the best spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. In the expansive garden with an area of 58.3 hectares (133 acres) and a circumference of 3.5 kilometers, about 1,100 Japanese cherry trees bloom in spring.

Since the different kinds of trees have different blossoming times, you can enjoy all kinds of flowers for a relatively long time, making the cherry blossom garden a lovely viewing spot.

In the shops around the large park, sweets and souvenirs with a cherry blossom theme are sold during that time. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden can easily be accessed from Shinjuku Station.

・Admission: 500 yen (general)
・Opening hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closing at 4:30 p.m.)
Shinjuku Gyoen is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed at 6:00 p.m.) during the cherry blossom viewing period from around March 15 to April 24.
(Note also that bringing alcohol or leisure goods like barbecue equipment is prohibited in the park.)

2. Ueno Park

2. Ueno Park
Ueno Park is one of the most famous spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Ueno Park is another famous place for cherry blossoms in Tokyo, and it's said that the trees here bloom a little earlier than in other areas. It has been a popular sakura destination since the 16th century.

In the 53 hectare (131 acre) park, about 800 cherry trees bloom, most of them in the center street of the park. Here you'll find people using blue tarps and tape to claim space for the blossoms.

All told, expect Ueno Park to be crowded! If you plan on visiting with a group of friends, be sure to arrive early and claim your space.

If you'll be visiting solo or with your bestie, we recommend picking up a drink and/or snack at a nearby convenience store and enjoying the blossoms in the evening when they are lit by lantern light.

・Access: Close to Ueno Station
・Free entry
・Opening hours are from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
・No entry from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
・The park's management office is open from 8:30 a.m to 5:15 p.m.
*The 2022 Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival has been canceled

  • Ueno Park
    • Address Uenokouen, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 110-0007
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Ueno Station (Hokkaido Shinkansen Line / Tohoku Shinkansen Line / Akita Shinkansen Line / Yamagata Shinkansen Line / Joetsu Shinkansen Line / Hokuriku Shinkansen Line / JR Keihin-Tohoku Line / JR Yamanote Line / JR Tohoku Main Line / JR Utsunomiya Line / JR Takasaki Line / JR Joban Line / JR Ueno Tokyo Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
      1 minute on foot
    • Phone Number 03-3828-5644

3. Chidorigafuchi

3. Chidorigafuchi
Chidorigafuchi Moat has picturesque views of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Photo / General Incorporated Association Chiyoda Tourism Organization

The area around Chidorigafuchi on the northwest side of the Imperial Palace is a popular area for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. It's also one of Tokyo's most scenic spots for sakura.

Around 1,000 cherry trees bloom here, and you can take a picture of cherry trees with the stone walls of Edo Castle, today's Imperial Palace, in the background. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a boat, row in the moat, and snap photos of the blossoms up close.

There is a 700m-long footpath in the area nearby, which becomes something of a 'sakura tunnel.' This is particularly popular in the evening when the blossoms are illuminated from below with colored lights.

Also, at Chidorigafuchi Park between Chidorigafuchi (west side of the Imperial Palace) and the British Embassy, you can see about 170 cherry trees, so we highly recommended taking a relaxing walk around the neighborhood.

・Access: Close to Kudanshita Station
・Free entry
*In 2022, the Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival will be suspended due to Covid-19.

4. Sumida Park in Taito-ku

4. Sumida Park in Taito-ku
Head to Asakusa for gorgeous snaps of cherry blossoms in Tokyo!

Although it is a famous park for watching fireworks in the summer, Sumida Park is known for its magnificent cherry blossoms during spring. It is also especially renowned for picnics under the blooms, but can get fairly crowded in the evening!

You can take beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms here - not only the 600+ Japanese cherry trees but also of Tokyo Skytree towering in the background. Also, cherry blossom viewing from a ykatabune boat will surely make for an unforgettable memory.

・Access: Close to Asakusa Station
・Free entry
*2022's lighting schedule has not been announced yet; please refer to the official website for the latest information.

  • Sumida Park
    • Address Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0033
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Asakusa Line / Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line) / Tsukuba Express)
      5 minutes on foot

5. Inokashira Park

5. Inokashira Park
Inokashira Park cherry blossoms are very pretty in spring.

This park in the western suburb of Kichijoji is very picturesque. Here, around 500 Japanese cherry trees surround a large pond. When their petals begin to fall as 'sakura snow,' they spread across its surface in a swirling carpet of pink. Similar to Ueno's Shinobazu Pond, you can rent a swan-shaped boat and pedal your way around the pond, snapping gorgeous cherry blossom pictures as you go.

The cherry trees seen from the Nanai Bridge in the middle of Inokashira Pond are especially magnificent. About 250 cherry trees lower their branches around the pond, and their reflection on the water surface is stunning.

・Access: Close to Kichijoji Station
・Free entry

6. Meguro River (Megurogawa)

6. Meguro River (Megurogawa)
Meguro River is one of the most famous spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

This is one of the most famous areas for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. About 800 cherry trees blossom along the Meguro River, which stretches for about 3.8 kilometers from the Ikejiri-Ohashi area to Kamenokobashi under the Tokyu Meguro Line. Each year, this iconic area attracts tens of thousands of tourists and is a popular date spot at night when the blossoms are lit up.

In this area, there aren't many spots where you can sit down, sprawl out, and enjoy a picnic, but there are many food stands where you can pick up a glass of sakura-colored sparkling wine and assorted gourmet treats. Restaurants on either side of the river are also popular spots at which to enjoy eats while people-watching.

・Access: Close to Nakameguro Station
・Free entry
*For 2022, the lighting and other activities related to the cherry blossom festival are canceled due to Covid-19. For the latest information, please refer to the official websites.

  • Meguro River
    • Address Meguro-ku, Tokyo Setagaya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, 153-0043
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Meguro Station (JR Yamanote Line / Tokyo Metro Namboku Line / Toei Mita Line / Tokyu Meguro Line)
      5 minutes on foot

7. Yoyogi Park

7. Yoyogi Park
The cherry blossom trees at Yoyogi Park are especially popular. Photo (C) Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Despite being Tokyo's third-largest park and having 730 cherry trees, Yoyogi is actually not one of Tokyo's top hanami (blossom-viewing) spots for couples.

Instead, it is popular with larger groups, as people can spread out a little more. It's a perfect place to bring a bento lunch (or dinner), a can or few of beer, and enjoy relaxing under the blossoms without so much interference from others.

・Access: Close to Harajuku/Meijijingumae Station
・Free entry

8. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens

8. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens
Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens. Photo (C) Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens was created in 1629, making it one of Tokyo's oldest parks. It features Chinese and Japanese landscapes, as well as several different kinds of cherry trees.

In particular, the beautiful cherry blossoms reflected on the surface of the pond in the center of the garden called Daisensui makes every park-goer stop in amazement for a moment or two. While picnics are not allowed, they have a tea house for enjoying some matcha and Japanese sweets.

・Entry: 300 yen
・Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (admission until 4:30 p.m.).
Open every day during the cherry-blossom viewing period.

9. Rikugien Gardens

9. Rikugien Gardens
Rikugien Gardens aren't famous only for their cherry blossoms, but for their autumn foliage as well. Photo (C) Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Built around 1700 for the 5th Tokugawa Shogun, Rikugien Gardens' completion took about seven full years. Its name means "Garden of the Six Elements of Poetry" and reproduces in a miniature from various scenes from famous Japanese poems.

Especially popular here is the weeping Japanese cherry blossom tree, which is a symbol of Rikugien Gardens. About 15 meters high and about 20 meters wide, it blooms like a waterfall, and it is lit up during the night, making for a magnificent sight.

・Entry: 300 yen
・Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (until 9:00 p.m. during the light-up period). Admission is until 30 minutes before closing.
・The shibazakura tree and daimyo garden are lit up from March 16 to April 2. Open every day during the cherry-blossom viewing period.

10. Asukayama Park

10. Asukayama Park
Asukayama Park

With around 600 cherry trees, Asukayama Park tends to be favored by locals and often escapes notice in guidebooks. Nevertheless, it has, for a long time, been one of the favorite spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the Asuka Park Rail monorail runs through the garden, and the cherry trees viewed from above are a rare and unique sight.

・Access: Close to Oji Station
・Entry: Free

11. Roppongi Hills

11. Roppongi Hills
Gengorou / Shutterstock.com

There are two cherry blossom viewing spots around Roppongi Hills, a commercial center with many restaurants, cafes, and other trendy stores.

One is the Mori Garden, a Japanese garden inside the Roppongi Hills complex, where there is a clear stream and eight cherry blossom trees. Although there are many night cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, the view of tall buildings and cherry blossoms from the Japanese garden is very unique, so it is recommended to come and see it.

In the past, the Roppongi Hills Spring Festival was held in early April, offering small events such as tea ceremonies and workshops to experience traditional Japanese culture.

Gengorou / Shutterstock.com

The second attraction is Roppongi Sakurazaka, where about 150 cherry trees such as Somei Yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees are in bloom, adding a bright and fresh touch to the city at night after the lighting.

The Roppongi Hills Spring Festival and Roppongi Sakurazaka lighting in 2022 have not yet been announced, so please refer to the official announcement for the latest information.

12. Mt. Takao

12. Mt. Takao

Cherry blossoms bloom along the trail from the base to Mt. Takao's summit, so you can enjoy seeing the sakura while hiking. In the past, the best time to see cherry blossoms was around mid-April, a little later than in the heart of Tokyo. The trees from the base to the summit bloom at different times depending on the altitude.

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots on Mount Takao that are worth stopping at, such as the famous viewing spot, Yakuoin Temple, with its weeping cherry blossoms. From the summit, you can not only enjoy the green mountains and cherry blossoms, but you can even see Mount Fuji when the weather is good.

  • Mt. Takao
    • Address Takaomachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 193-0844
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Takaosanguchi Station (Keio Takao Line)
      5 minutes on foot
    • Phone Number 042-661-4151

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, such as Japanese gardens, parks, and riversides, etc., which will give the viewer different feelings depending on the location.

According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation, the flowering day in Tokyo in 2022 is earlier than in previous years, falling on March 20, and the full bloom was already welcomed on March 27!

If you are planning to go cherry blossom viewing, please remember to seize the opportunity and don't miss the beauty of this limited spring scenery!

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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