HOME Japan Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Elsewhere (+What to Wear)
Japan Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Elsewhere (+What to Wear)

Japan Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Elsewhere (+What to Wear)

Date published: 13 March 2023
Last updated: 5 June 2023

Wondering about the weather in Japan this week? Here, we'll share the weekly forecast for Japan, with a focus on Tokyo. Additionally, we'll provide insights into the weather patterns for the season. You'll also find valuable suggestions on packing essentials for your trip to Japan this month, along with a glimpse of the current events and activities taking place during this season.

Read on as we cover this week's Japan weather forecast and more!

(Forecast information displayed is as of 7 a.m. JST on June 5, 2023.)

Table of Contents
  1. What's the weather like in Tokyo this week?
    Tokyo weather forecast for June 5-11
  2. This week: Expect the start of rainy season
  3. What's the weather like in Japan this week?
    Japan weather forecast for June 5-11
  4. Recommended tours this week
  5. Plan your trip with LIVE JAPAN!

What's the weather like in Tokyo this week?
Tokyo weather forecast for June 5-11

What's the weather like in Tokyo this week?
Tokyo weather forecast for June 5-11

Throughout the week, Tokyo will experience a mix of warm and somewhat cooler days. It's advisable to pack a variety of clothing options, such as lightweight and breathable outfits for the warmer days and a light jacket or umbrella for the possibility of scattered showers.

Monday will be partly cloudy, starting with a pleasant low of 19°C and reaching a warm high of 30°C. On Tuesday, the day will begin clear but become cloudy later, with temperatures ranging from 19°C in the morning to 28°C in the afternoon.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy, with a low of 18°C and a high of 27°C. Thursday brings mostly cloudy skies, with temperatures ranging from 19°C to 29°C.

Friday and Saturday will be cloudy with occasional scattered showers. Friday will have a low of 19°C and a high of 22°C, while Saturday will see temperatures between 18°C and 24°C. Lastly, Sunday will be cloudy, and temperatures will vary from 19°C to 27°C.

What clothes to pack for Tokyo in June?
  • Breathable clothes you can layer and a light rain jacket
  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Jeans or slacks
  • Comfortable sneakers or walking shoes are recommended

This week: Expect the start of rainy season

The beginning of June typically signifies the onset of Japan's rainy season. Although western Japan entered its rainy season around May 29, the greater Tokyo area typically sees its rainy season start around June 7, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

From cities to the picturesque countryside, umbrellas and raincoats become essential travel gear. Lush foliage and blooming hydrangeas and other flowers bask in the nourishing downpours, revealing a verdant tapestry that captivates the senses - despite the cloudy days.

What's the weather like in Japan this week?
Japan weather forecast for June 5-11

What's the weather like in Japan this week? 
Japan weather forecast for June 5-11

The coming week will see a low-pressure system with a front moving east near the southern coast of Japan on the 7th, which will stay around the same area from the 8th through to the 11th.

Towards the end of this period, we anticipate a trough of low pressure heading to northern Japan. Around the 9th, we expect an increase in rainfall mainly on the Pacific side of western Japan due to moist air flowing in towards the front.

Northern Japan, meanwhile, should experience partly cloudy to sunny conditions, although some rain might be spotted on the 7th and around the 11th. Eastern and western Japan, as well as Okinawa and Amami, will likely see more cloud cover throughout the week, with rainfall mostly on the Pacific side.

Given these conditions, it'd be wise to pack an umbrella or raincoat, as well as some warmer layers for any chillier moments in northern Japan. It might be quite humid in western Japan due to the rainfall, so breathable fabrics could be helpful too. For Okinawa and Amami, light clothing suitable for hot and potentially rainy weather should suffice.

Northern Japan (Sapporo)

In Sapporo, you can expect the week's weather to be mainly cloudy, with temperatures typically in the low to mid-20s°C. As Monday's clouds are set to clear up later in the day, it's a perfect opportunity to explore outdoors.

Don't forget your umbrella on Wednesday and Sunday though, as there could be occasional scattered showers to mix things up. Temperatures across the week will be comfortably warm, so consider packing light clothing. However, do keep a light jacket handy for the evenings or any potential cooler moments.

Northeastern Japan (Sendai)

This week in Sendai, you can expect a blend of clear skies and clouds with temperatures generally hovering in the mid to high 20s°C. Monday and Tuesday bring clear skies initially, although Tuesday will turn a bit cloudy later in the day. By midweek, anticipate consistent cloud cover that'll last through the weekend. Highs will fluctuate slightly, reaching the upper 20s°C early in the week before dipping into the mid-20s°C. Given these moderate summer temperatures, packing light clothing, sun protection for the early week, and perhaps a light jacket for those cooler, cloudier days would be a great idea!

Central Japan (Osaka)

In Osaka this week, anticipate mild to warm weather with temperatures generally in the mid to high twenties (°C). The start of the week comes with a mix of sun and clouds, while Tuesday brings clear skies with some late rain. Midweek through to the weekend, prepare for mainly cloudy conditions. Friday seems to be the only day expecting scattered showers, so don't forget to pack a light rain jacket. Even though the clouds will be present, temperatures stay pleasant, hovering in the mid to upper twenties, which means summer attire will be suitable. Consider bringing a mix of short and long-sleeved tops, along with a hat for sunny moments and an umbrella for occasional showers.

Kyushu (Fukuoka)

Heading to Fukuoka? This week's weather trend is mostly on the warm side, with temperatures consistently hovering in the mid to high 20s°C. You can expect a bit of a cooldown on Tuesday when temperatures dip to the lower 20s°C along with frequent scattered showers. Besides that, the week will be dominated by a blanket of clouds with occasional showers popping up again on Friday. With the humidity from the showers, breathable clothing would be ideal. A light waterproof jacket or umbrella would be handy for those rainy days. Don't forget your sunglasses though, as there's still a chance for some sun through the clouds.

Okinawa (Naha)

In Naha, the upcoming week promises a steady trend of tropical weather with highs hovering around 29-30°C. You'll find a mix of partly cloudy skies on Monday, leaning towards more cloud cover as the week progresses. From Tuesday onwards, expect mostly to fully cloudy days, offering a little break from the intense sunshine. The temperature will rise slightly midweek, staying consistently warm, making it perfect for strolls around the city. As you pack, consider bringing lightweight clothing to keep cool, such as linen shirts or summer dresses, and don't forget your sunscreen!

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Other Japan weather-related resources (Japan Meteorological Agency)

Source for forecast and images: Japan Meteorological Agency website, www.jma.go.jp

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