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Senshu Park

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Senshu Park is what remains of Kubota Castle, the fortress built by Satake Yoshinobu who moved here in 1602 from Hitachi. From then on it served as the residence of 12 generations of the Satake family until the Meiji Period (1868). The castle was built on a hill, with a moat drawing water from the Asahikawa River. The remains of the Ninomaru gate and the stone stairs of the main area are a faint reminder of how the castle once appeared.
The garden is adorned with flowers every season, from cherry blossoms in mid-late April, camellias from mid-late May, and lotus in July and August. The garden has a statue of the last lord Yoshitaka Satake, the only remaining building—the Omonogashira Gobansho (what used to be the castle's administrative office), the rebuilt Osumiyagura (an arsenal), and the Akita City Satake Historical Museum, which houses artefacts about the Satake family.
From May through to October a spot in Senshu Park opens where visitors can see an Akita dog up close.

Location Information

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    1-1, Senshukouen, Akita-shi, Akita, 010-0876

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    Akita Station
    ・ Ou Line
    ・ Akita Shinkansen
    ・ Uetsu Line
    5 minutes on foot
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    only in Japanese
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    - 100 JPY
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