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Take Mt. Hakodate’s Ropeway and Get a Spectacular Night View!

Hakodate Night Views

No tour of Hakodate is complete without a view of the night sky from Mt. Hakodate! The view from Mt. Hakodate at night is beautiful as it is scattered with lights in the curve between the Tsugaru Strait and Hakodate Bay. The view of this flat terrain at the mountain’s height is just perfect. Reach the summit before sunset to see the color of the sky and the surroundings change!

The Ultimate Shopping Experience: How Tokyo's Service Staff Conveys Japanese Hospitality to International Tourists

Tokyo is all but preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2020. A big part of these preparations is hiring staff who is able to speak multiple languages, especially at shops and department stores. This is important not only to make shopping for tourists more comfortable but also to convey the genuine experience of Japan’s famed hospitality. What exactly does that mean, though, how is this hospitality different from simply offering the standard customer service? To find out more about it, we asked the multilingual top staff of Tokyo’s most famous department stores.

Cashless Payment in Japan: Is It Widely Available?

While a lot of travelers certainly have a visit to Japan on their bucket list, the country also faces quite a lot of challenges when it comes to accommodating its international visitors. The Japan Tourism Agency has conducted a survey of international tourists in February 2017 about the issues people encountered during their trip, the top answers were free public Wi-Fi and LAN, communication, getting route information of public transformation, information on how to use public transportation and transport fees, as well as money exchange and credit card acceptance. Regarding people’s issues with being able to use their credit cards, the Japan Credit Card Association conducted another survey of international tourists in December 2016 in regard to the efforts of the credit card industry to revitalize Japan as a tourism nation. According to that survey, people named several reasons for their dissatisfaction with the current credit card situation, including lacking information of whether credit cards can be used at a store or not (42%), a lack of information in guidebooks, on websites, and at travel agencies of whether credit cards can be used or not (40%), and dissatisfaction that the credit card could not be used in a setting where the traveler wanted to use it (37%). This illustrates that there are quite a lot of tourists who are unhappy about money exchange and payment during their trip to Japan. Especially the delay of electronic payment in Japan is often pointed out. Globally speaking, cashless payment is becoming the standard in most countries that are also popular tourist destinations. China, for example, doesn’t only have extensive cashless payment for traffic and transportation but also boasts payment via smartphone credit cards, and QR code being widely available. While payment via IC cards such as Pasmo and Suica is becoming more widespread at shops, vending machines, and convenience stores, cash is still the most-used form of payment. Why is Japan lagging behind so much in this regard, compared to other countries? Let’s take a closer look at how available cashless payment really is in Japan.

Emergency Info: What to Do When You Get Sick or Injured in Japan

Other Sightseeing

Getting injured or sick is the last thing you need while traveling abroad. Still, sometimes it does happen and getting the help and care you need can be quite the ordeal in a country with different language and culture. Still, there’s no need to panic: from smaller discomforts such as jetlag to being in an accident, here is everything you need to know when getting sick or injured in Japan

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