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13 Basic Things You Need to Know When Coming to Japan for the First Time!

Vacationing abroad is super fun – but there are so many questions? Is the voltage the same as in my county? Are the rules and laws the same, such as shopping and traffic? Things that are normal at home are sometimes done entirely different in another country. Even on a global scale, Japan stands out as having a lot of unique cultural points, so first-timers to Japan may find themselves overwhelmed and, at times, confused. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, you might still come across surprises when in Japan. Do people speak English? Are the toilets generally free or charged? How expensive is Japan? How available is free Wi-Fi? We’ll go over these and other questions to help you prepare for your trip and explore Japan with confidence. Here are 13 basic things you need to know about Japan!

What’s In Your Bag, Anna? – Things a Japanese College Student Can’t Live Without!

From celebrities to regular people, getting the chance to look inside someone’s bag can be surprisingly fascinating! Everyday items reveal a lot about a person’s style, character, hobbies, and so on—a casual, yet private glance into someone’s life. Especially interesting are the things that the bag owner absolutely cannot do without! This time, we got the opportunity to check the contents of Anna’s bag. She’s a Japanese student at a college in Tokyo. Her studies are about the unique cultural differences between Japan and Europe, and she practices her skills as an announcer three times a week as well. What’s in your bag, Anna?

10 Things to Know About Summer in Japan – From Weather to Events!


Japan and Tokyo are both in a temperate climate zone, but did you know that the summer heat can get quite intense? To everyone who currently is or plans on traveling to Japan during July, August, and September, there are 10 things about “Summer in Japan” that you need to know. Here, get tips on how to cope with the heat, what to do see and do during summer, and fun facts and tips about Tokyo’s heat!

Asking People From 5 Different Countries: The Biggest Culture Shocks of Japan!

What’s normal in your country seems strange to the rest of the world – that is true for pretty much every place on the planet. Japan, of course, does have its fair share of quirks and peculiarities and the possibilities for a proper culture shock are basically endless! Japan is also rich in pop culture, which leads to many a traveler having the images of dramas, movies or anime in mind, only to find out that the reality is quite far from that. There are both good surprises and... well, not so good surprises! We asked five people from different countries to tell us what shocked or surprised them the most when they first came to Japan. Look forward to a colorful yet wonderfully relatable potpourri of answers!

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