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Winter in Hokkaido: As Niseko’s popularity rises, what is the current state of accommodations?

Niseko / Rusutsu Hotels

Niseko boasts some of the world's best powdered snow, and as such, has drawn the interest from people around the world. In the past Niseko was a place speckled with inns and B&Bs but as wealthier customers make the area their destination for winter fun, Niseko is now seeing a rise in the number of prestigious hotels and luxury condominiums. Let`s take a look at what kind of accommodations have come to Niseko.

Easy Japanese Recipes! How to Make Omu-Soba, Yakisoba with an Omelet! (Episode 11) #IzakayaNobu


Welcome to the sixth of a series of articles spotlighting select Japanese recipes from the new anime series, Isekai Izakaya Nobu! Whether you’re a fan already or have just stumbled upon the show, one thing is for sure: the dishes of gourmet anime Isekai Izakaya ~Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu~ look absolutely amazing! Japanese star chef Ryuta Kijima created simple recipes based on the food served at Izakaya Nobu itself, for you to cook in your own kitchen at home. (Even if you're not a giant anime fan, you're still bound to enjoy these authentic Japanese foods!)

Love Cheese? Check out the Mascarpone cheese making experience at Furano Cheese Factory!

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Other Activities

When sightseeing in Furano, Hokkaido, the Furano Cheese Factory is a spot you will definitely want to check out. You can enjoy creating your own handmade Mascarpone cheese using local fresh milk and cream. You are also allowed to take this cheese home with you. This facility is like a dairy themed amusement park. If you are a cheese lover you can’t miss out on this!

Japanese Food Fight! 8 Similar Fried Dishes

Sapporo / Chitose Other Japanese Food

In stark contrast to Japanese cuisine’s image of being all healthy, there is a bad boy side too. It might seem like Japan is a country which is all sushi and small dishes, but during both night and day it zips on its leather jacket, slips on a pair of sunglasses and gets up to mischief. I am of course talking about Japanese fried foods, in other countries the worst thing you might come across is fried chicken, but in Japan you can come across fried anything – literally anything apart from a fried chocolate bar.

8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Coming to Japan

The more you read, watch videos, and talk to people who have already been to Japan, the more you can familiarize yourself with things that at first may have appeared to you as quirky, or hard to understand. We’ve asked several visitors to Japan to share some of their experiences, and these 8 things were commonly shared! This guide will certainly help you a lot, but if you’re the adventurous type, and like to discover things by experiencing them on your own skin, fear not. In fact there’s always something else that no one has thought about. These are just a few of the many things you’ll find useful!

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