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Only 50 minutes from Sapporo! Enjoy a day trip to the hot springs of Jozankei

Sapporo / Chitose Hot Springs (Onsen) & Bath Houses (Sento)

Jozankei Onsen (hot spring) spreads out along the banks of the Toyohira River that runs from Sapporo and is only a 50-minute car ride away. Founded in in 1866 it is one of Hokkaido’s best-known hot springs areas. Visitors can either find accommodations in one of the inns or just enjoy the many different hot springs, including foot baths, on a day trip. Blessed with natural scenery, autumn brings the area fame for its bright crimson leaves while in winter, the countless lights from snow candles glittering at night in the resort town nestled in deep snow. An annual event in the winter is the yukitoro or snow lanterns creating a fantasy-like atmosphere. These are some of the attractions of Jozankei Onsen!

From Nigiri to Oshizushi! 11 Types of Succulent Salmon Sushi in Japan

Sapporo / Chitose Sushi

Salmon sushi is a popular sushi which has found fans around the world, it is absolutely delicious with a flavor and fattiness which is most pleasing and is packed with omega-3 acids without being too rich or oily. It might seem like a kind of sushi which has been eaten in Japan since forever; after all it is such a taste explosion why wouldn’t it be?

Irresistible: Top 10 Rice Snack Sellers by Japan's Top Producer, Kameda Seika!

Other Japanese Food

In Japan, rice crackers are a beloved snack that dates back centuries and come in all sorts of variations such as arare or senbei. From salty to sweet, from light and airy to hard and crunchy – the tasty delights can be found in convenience stores and supermarkets all over the country. Kameda Seika is one of Japan’s most prominent and famous rice cracker makers, dominating both the market and gourmets’ hearts with delectable rice cracker creations. The company, its headquarters in Niigata Prefecture right on the Sea of Japan, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016, still delighting people all around the country with both traditional and creative, new cracker varieties. With their wonderfully authentic taste and “only in Japan” uniqueness, they also make great souvenirs to take home and share with friends and family. But which ones to buy? Let’s take a look at Kameda Seika’s top 10 long-time best-sellers that have been loved and popular for decades!

Survival Japanese: Housing Terms

Looking for renting an apartment or a house is usually one of the first things that a foreigner moving to Japan will have to do. However, Japanese rental agreements have some unique features that might differ from those in your country. The terminology used to define the size, space and conditions of a place are quite unique in Japan, and a good knowledge of them is necessary to make the search even easier.

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