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Discover a Next-Level Winter Holiday in Japan’s North! 5 Snow Activities to Experience at Rusutsu Resort

Niseko / Rusutsu

Even if you’re not a fan of skiing, there are plenty of other great activities to try out in Hokkaido. At Rusutsu Resort, they make use of the vast scale of Hokkaido’s outdoor field to offer a variety of activities of different scales. Here are five snow activities we highly recommend to try at Rusutsu Resort. Who knows, you might find your new favorite hobby!

Child-Friendly Japanese Foods

Sapporo / Chitose Udon & Soba

“Ewww! I don’t want to eat that!” One of the best things about traveling in Japan is the opportunity to try the local cuisine. But if you intend to travel with children, you might be worried that every meal will turn into a struggle. No problem! There are plenty of dishes in Japan that are familiar enough for picky eaters. No need to cancel your dinner plans, just ask for the kid’s menu and order some—

Rebun Island: 7 Inspiring Sights in Japan’s Wild North That'll Have You Booking Your Trip!

Wakkanai Other Nature

Rebun Island, also known as Japan's 'island of flowers,' is a scenic isle off the northwest tip of Hokkaido - and a treasure trove of natural scenic beauty. Cape Sukoton is at its northernmost tip and Cape Sukai offers the best view of the ocean’s crystal clear water; both sites are best seen while driving around the island. Here is an introduction to a course that describes these and other scenic spots.

Perfect Snow Adventure! Pro Tips & Tricks for Your First Ski Trip to Japan

Niseko / Rusutsu Skiing & Snowboarding

Japan is a hidden treasure trove of incredible ski spots! But before you arrive, there are a few things to think about to help decide which area to head to. Whether you’re heading out with friends or family, or want a luxurious stay or are taking control of your budget, there are a few things that will make a big difference to your ski trip – so check out our tips and tricks to making the most out of your snowy ski trip to Japan!

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