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Goryokaku Park


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Built in the 1860s, this was the first Western-style fortress in Japan. It is called Goryokaku (literally ”Five-pointed Fort”) owing to its design as a five-pointed star. In the Battle of Hakodate between the new Restoration government forces and the former shogunate army, this location was the last stronghold for the former shogunate army before their surrender in 1869. Cannons, stone wall, and other objects used in the Battle of Hakodate still remain in the park.
A moat runs about 1.8 km around the stone-walled fortress. You can enjoy walks in the park throughout the year, though it's well known as a site for cherry blossom viewing. About 1,600 cherry trees are in bloom between late April and early May.
One circuit of the park takes about 30 minutes.

Access Info
Goryokaku Park is a 15 minutes by foot from Goryokaku Koen-mae Tram Station. Alternatively, it's 15 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport.

Admission Fee
Free of charge

Main Attractions in Goryokaku Park
(1) Hakodate Magistrate's Office
This office was originally constructed inside Goryokaku in 1864 as a place for the Tokugawa shogunate to receive guests from abroad as well as to govern Ezo. The building was dismantled in 1871 after the Battle of Hakodate, less than seven years after its completion, but was reconstructed in 2010. The replica of the building as it was in the Edo period has been faithfully recreated using traditional construction techniques. Experience the age of the samurai in a large room floored with 72 tatami mats, or view exhibits related to Goryokaku's history and reconstruction works.
9:00am–6:00pm (closes at 5:00pm between November and March; closes at 3:00pm between the January 1 and 3. Last admission is 15 minutes before closing); open all year round (but may close temporarily) Admission is 500 JPY, and the office is 18 minutes by foot from Goryokaku Koen-mae Tram Station.
(2) Stone wall
This stone wall surrounds the fort. The top of the wall extends outwards to prevent intruders from coming in.
(3) Moat
This moat runs around Goryokaku, with a maximum width of 30 m and a depth of around 4 to 5 m. You can tour the moat in a rowboat.
(4) Ichinohashi
This bridge forms the front door to Goryokaku Park. Past Ichinohashi, there is another bridge called Ninohashi which leads into the park's front entrance.
(5) Cannon
These cannons were used in the Battle of Hakodate. They are said to have been used by soldiers who deserted from the former shogunate army.

View Goryokaku Park from Above
'- Goryokaku Tower
This tower stands 107 m tall beside Goryokaku Park. The interior features an observation deck that offers you a view of the star-shaped park from above. The observation room displays dioramas of Goryokaku Park and the Battle of Hakodate. The tower also includes restaurants and shops.
Open all year round, the tower operates from 8:00am to 7:00pm from April 21 to October 20 and 9:00am to 6:00pm between October 21 and April 20. Admission is free, but admission to the observation deck is 900 JPY. The tower is 15 minutes by foot from Goryokaku Koen-mae Tram Station.

Location Information

  • Address

    44, Goryokakucho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, 040-0001

  • Nearest Station
    Goryokaku-koen-mae Station
    ・ Hakodate Tram Line 2
    ・ Hakodate Tram Line 5
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Hours
    5:00am - 6:00pm
    *※ November - March
    5:00am - 7:00pm
    *in Goryokaku Park*Outside a park It is free to do walk
  • Closed
  • Public Site
    Official Site

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