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There are four distinct seasons in Japan. Each season has a different way of being spent and enjoyed. We introduce the features of summer, the hottest of the four seasons, and summer events.

When is summer?

It is said that summer in Japan is the three months from June to August. There is a rainy season called Tsuyu in June, and when that ends, summer comes. Late July to August is considered to be the hottest period in Japan.

Lively summer with festivals

Fireworks shows are held all over Japan. You will see many people in yukata (Japanese summer kimono). Summer festivals are held in shopping districts, making the local areas lively. Tanabata (star festival) is held on July 7th and an event called Obon (lantern festival) comes in the middle of August. Festivals for each of them are held.

Sightseeing in summer

Although Japan is an island country, 70% of its territory is used for produce. So you can enjoy leisure at both the sea and mountains, such as sea bathing and surfing at sea, and hiking and canoeing in the mountains. The climbing season starts in July at Mt. Fuji and many mountaineers visit it every year.

Humid summer in Japan

In Japan, we call days over 25℃ Natsubi (summer day), days over 30℃ Manatsubi (midsummer day) and days over 35℃ Moshobi (fiercely hot day). Some parts of Japan are humid, which may make it feel hotter than the actual temperature. If you travel to Japan in the summer, sunblock, hats and a parasol are essential.

Summer's high school baseball which gets people all over Japan exited.

The National High School Baseball Tournament, in which high schools representing each prefecture compete, is a popular event that people all around Japan take notice of. The main tournaments of high school baseball are held in spring and summer, but the summer tournament attracts the most attention.

Cold and delicious summer sweets

Cold desserts such as an ice cream and shaved ice are delicious in summer. Many desserts are sold in department stores basements regardless of the season, but in summer, those decorated with colorful fruits are particularly eye-catching.

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