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Asakusa Shopping Guide: 23 Must-Visit Shops for a Fun Shopping Spree

Asakusa Shopping Guide: 23 Must-Visit Shops for a Fun Shopping Spree

Date published: 25 August 2023

Famous for its iconic Kaminarimon lantern, Asakusa is a must-visit place for tourists in Tokyo. Beyond Senso-ji Temple, explore the area, savor good food, and join us to uncover top shopping destinations.

From Nakamise Street and Asakusa EKIMISE store to Don Quijote and Kappabashi Kitchenware Street, we've got you covered. Here, we share shopping tips and discount coupons for a more satisfying experience. Join us in Asakusa for treats, shopping, and unique souvenirs!

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Table of Contents
  1. Not Just for Traditional Culture: Asakusa's Abundance of Shops
  2. Exploring Major Shopping Areas in Asakusa
  3. 1. Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Area: Your Go-To Hub for Asakusa Souvenirs and Culinary Delights
  4. 2. Near Asakusa Metro & Subway Stations: Comfortable Shopping for Various Japanese-style Goods
  5. 3. Around TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station: Must-Visit Asakusa ROX and Don Quijote
  6. 4. Kappabashi Shopping Street: A Paradise for Food and Kitchenware Enthusiasts You Won't Want to Leave
  7. Must-Have Shopping Tips for a Don Quijote Splurge in Asakusa! Smart Shopping for Savings
  8. Recommended Asakusa Sightseeing Experiences (Kimono Rental, Rickshaw rides, and More)

Not Just for Traditional Culture: Asakusa's Abundance of Shops

(Photo source: Previous article)
(Photo source: Previous article)

Asakusa boasts convenient connections through various transportation routes, such as the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Subway Asakusa Line, Tobu Railway, and TSUKUBA EXPRESS. This prime location allows easy access to different parts of Tokyo, including nearby attractions like Tokyo Skytree and Ueno, often reachable by foot. It's a must-visit destination for tourists exploring Tokyo.

The shopping districts surrounding Asakusa's attractions are bustling with activity due to its popularity among visitors. Here, you'll discover a plethora of stores offering traditional crafts and Japanese snacks, providing a delightful opportunity to tantalize your taste buds and explore these unique offerings.

Along the shopping streets, you'll find several drugstores, and in the vicinity of the train station, there are department stores where you can enjoy shopping regardless of the weather. Notably, a colossal seven-story Don Quijote store stands out, known for its extensive product range and comfortable shopping environment. And remember, a Don Quijote discount coupon awaits you at the end of this article. Once you've finished reading, be sure to claim the offer and enjoy fantastic savings!

Exploring Major Shopping Areas in Asakusa

1. Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Area: Your Go-To Hub for Asakusa Souvenirs and Culinary Delights

(Image: PIXTA)
(Image: PIXTA)

The Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon area form the central attraction in Asakusa for tourists. Leading the popularity is Nakamise Shopping Street, a lively avenue brimming with shops offering a diverse range of Japanese souvenirs such as folding fans, mini Kaminarimon lanterns, chopsticks, and T-shirts. Indulge in popular street foods like deep-fried meat patties and melon bread while exploring the street.

Moreover, delightful treats like "kaminari-okoshi" (sweet puffed rice) and "ningyo-yaki" (doll-shaped sponge cakes) are available in convenient packaging, making them ideal souvenirs.

Wander into nearby covered shopping arcades, including the Kappabashi Shopping Street, where Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore beckons for exploration, providing a rain-free shopping experience.

Insider Tips & Reminders for Exploring the Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Area
  • We recommend entering the Nakamise Shopping Street through the Kaminarimon gate. The nearest exits from various train lines at Asakusa Station to Kaminarimon gate are approximately:
    ・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Exit 1 - 1 minute
    ・Toei Asakusa Line Exit A4 - 2 minutes
    ・Tobu Railway Main Exit - 3 minutes
    ・TSUKUBA EXPRESS Exit A1 - 8 minutes
  • The crowds at Nakamise tend to pick up in the afternoon. To avoid them, it's advisable to come between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM when the shops open.
  • While Nakamise is full of tempting street food stalls, eating while walking is strictly prohibited. Please find a spot to enjoy your food before continuing your stroll.
  • Most shops generally close around 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (restaurants excluded).

Recommended Facilities and Shops in the Senso-ji Temple & Kaminarimon Area

2. Near Asakusa Metro & Subway Stations: Comfortable Shopping for Various Japanese-style Goods

(Image: PIXTA)
(Image: PIXTA)

In this area, discover two major department stores: Matsuya Asakusa and Asakusa EKIMISE. Housed in a seven-story stone building radiating the nostalgic charm of the Showa era, Matsuya Asakusa spans the basement to the 3rd floor. You'll find Japanese cuisine and shopping on the 1st floor and B1 level.

Asakusa EKIMISE, from the 4th to 7th floors and the rooftop (R) level, showcases kimono shops, traditional Japanese lifestyle goods, and more. The 5th floor boasts a Seria 100-yen store and Tobu Railway train model exhibition. On the 7th floor, enjoy eateries like Tsukiji Tamazushi and diverse set meal restaurants.

The rooftop floor offers a serene terrace with a charming shrine, surrounded by greenery, granting a direct view of the Tokyo Skytree. Seeking refuge from summer heat or rainy days? These indoor shopping havens are your answer. Don't miss the nearby Sun Drug drugstore across the street for a quick browse.

Insider Tips for Shopping Near Asakusa Metro & Subway Stations
  • Matsuya Asakusa and Asakusa EKIMISE are located in the same building, and the 2nd floor is directly connected to Tobu Skytree Line's Asakusa Station.
  • If you're using Tokyo Metro, it's a 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station Exit 7. Via the Toei Subway, it's a 3-minute walk from use Exit A5.
  • Nearby, you'll also find the Sumida River Walk shopping street, allowing you to stroll directly from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree.

Recommended Stores Near Asakusa Metro & Subway Stations

3. Around TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station: Must-Visit Asakusa ROX and Don Quijote

(Photo Credit: Past Article)
(Photo Credit: Past Article)

At the opposite end of Senso-ji Temple lies TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station. Adjacent to the station, the expansive Asakusa ROX shopping center stands tall, spanning nine floors. It's a hub for renowned Japanese brands like MUJI, DAISO, 3COINS, and Tsuru Sushi. Tourists favor the SEIYU Food Hall supermarket on the B1 level. Unwind after shopping at the Asakusa ROX Matsuriyu spa facility on the 6th and 7th floors.

Notably positioned, the Asakusa branch of the Don Quijote discount store spans four floors, offering diverse items from souvenirs to Japanese-style goods. The first floor holds food products, the second focuses on cosmetics and daily essentials, the third offers an array of goods and clothing, and the fourth houses electronics and watches. Its spacious layout makes it a top shopping choice for international tourists.

Also in this vicinity, discover Namikaya Taiyaki from Osaka, the traditional confectionery shop Funawa, and Kiraku-ya, where reasonably priced kimonos await. Enjoy a delightful stroll along this charmingly nostalgic street, especially in favorable weather.

Insider Tips & Reminders for Shopping Around TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station
  • When heading to Don Quijote Asakusa Store or Asakusa ROX from TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station, use Exit A1 for a 1-minute walk to reach your destination.
  • In addition to the main building, Asakusa ROX features ROX 2G with a TSUTAYA bookstore, ROX-3G housing GU and Isetan, and ROX DOME with arcade games.
  • This area has several vintage-style tea houses and long-standing Western-style eateries, making it perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the culture of Asakusa. However, as there are also mixed residential and commercial buildings, so remember to keep noise levels down in the evening.
  • Don Quijote Asakusa Store is open 24/7, 365 days a year and offers tax-free services. Using discount coupons will make your shopping even more cost-effective.
Don Quijote Discount Coupons

Recommended Shops Around TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station

2023 Shopping Updates Around TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station

GUNZE Asakusa ROX Store: Embracing Comfort and Functionality in Japanese Innerwear

(Image: PRTIMES)
(Image: PRTIMES)

GUNZE is a prominent Japanese brand known for its emphasis on comfortable clothing. Their products, including stretchable men's briefs and completely seamless innerwear, have gained immense popularity among consumers. The branch that opened in Asakusa ROX on June 23, 2023 marks the first store in the Asakusa area. They offer a range of comfortable home clothing, underwear, socks, and more for both men and women.

  • GUNZE Asakusa ROX Store
    GUNZE 浅草ROX店
    • Address 1F Asakusa ROX, 1-25-15 Asakusa, Taito-ku
    • Hours: 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM
      *For the latest hours, please check the Asakusa ROX website.

4. Kappabashi Shopping Street: A Paradise for Food and Kitchenware Enthusiasts You Won't Want to Leave

(Image: PIXTA)
(Image: PIXTA)

Located about a 5-minute walk from TSUKUBA EXPRESS Asakusa Station, Kappabashi Shopping Street stretches on for about 800 meters. This area, known as Tokyo's kitchenware town, is a haven for culinary enthusiasts, with a majority of shops on both sides dedicated to kitchen and dining-related items. The variety is extensive, including tableware, ceramics, knives, signage, cooking utensils, food models, and much more – describing it as a diverse, vibrant array would be an understatement.

Stores like Fuwari, Dengama, the white-themed kitchenware haven Shiroiro Baise, and the handmade canvas bag shop Inujirushi Kaban Seisakujo are particularly popular among tourists.

If you're a food and kitchenware aficionado, you might spend a significant portion of your day exploring this treasure trove.

Tips for Exploring Kappabashi Shopping Street
  • At the end of Kappabashi Shopping Street, closer to Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station, you'll find the Niimi Western Tableware Store with its unmissable giant chef statue.
  • The aisles within Kappabashi Shopping Street's shops are often narrow, and items can be stacked quite high. Be cautious while moving around to avoid accidentally damaging merchandise.
  • While the closed days vary among the stores, over 70% are closed on Sundays and Japanese national holidays.
  • If you make purchases over 5000 Japanese yen at the duty-free affiliated stores on Kappabashi Shopping Street, you can process your tax refund at Smart Refund Kappabashi.

Recommended Shops in Kappabashi Shopping Street

Must-Have Shopping Tips for a Don Quijote Splurge in Asakusa! Smart Shopping for Savings

Before you dive into Don Quijote shopping, remember to grab your discounts first! Click on the image below to claim your coupon. When you spend over 10,000 Japanese yen (excluding tax) at Don Quijote and present this coupon during checkout, you'll enjoy a 10% tax exemption and an additional 5% off. This means you'll essentially get a 5% discount on top of the tax exemption – an incredibly cost-effective deal! Don't miss out, get your coupon now!

*This offer is exclusively available for foreign tourists entering Japan with a valid tourist visa.

Don Quijote Discount Coupons

Recommended Asakusa Sightseeing Experiences (Kimono Rental, Rickshaw rides, and More)

Apart from shopping and dining, one of the most enticing experiences for tourists in Asakusa is the chance to wear a traditional kimono! Asakusa is home to numerous kimono rental shops, and we recommend reserving your kimono online in advance, so when you arrive, you can effortlessly change into a beautiful kimono and start sightseeing in style. You're sure to capture some truly memorable photos!

Additionally, we suggest trying out an entertaining rickshaw ride, and exploring Asakusa with a local rickshaw puller, adding another layer to your adventure. Don't miss out on the Edo Kiriko experience either, where you can try your hand at creating traditional Japanese glass crafts. Whether it's for gifting or personal use, this hands-on experience is a must in vibrant Asakusa!

In addition to iconic Tokyo landmarks like the Kaminarimon gate and Senso-ji Temple, Nakamise Street offers a plethora of traditional Japanese goods and souvenirs for purchase. Even on days with unfavorable weather, you can comfortably explore the nearby EKIMISE shopping center by the station. Plus, using coupons at the spacious Asakusa Don Quijote can lead to fantastic deals. For a truly memorable experience, consider reserving a kimono rental before your trip to walk through Asakusa in vintage fashion and fully immerse yourself in its nostalgic ambiance as you embrace the enchanting allure of this timeless, unbeatable sightseeing area!

*The content in this article is based on information available as of July 2023 and may differ from current circumstances.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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