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Nemu Resort: Extraordinary Ise-Shima hotel, surrounded by forest and ocean!

Nemu Resort: Extraordinary Ise-Shima hotel, surrounded by forest and ocean!

Date published: 14 November 2019
Last updated: 17 July 2020

Nemu Resort is a secluded resort facility located in Ise-Shima National Park in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

There are many out-of-the-ordinary attractions awaiting you here, be it enjoying hot spring baths, savoring delicious cuisine, or partaking in the many activities offered in this natural setting, not to mention a glamping dinner under the stars.

Time spent in the rich natural setting of Ise-Shima will definitely refresh and rejuvenate you.

Nemu Resort: beautiful resort set in a forest by the sea

Nemu Resort has not only a hotel but also many other activities such as yoga, experiencing nature in the Satoyama Water Gardens, star gazing, sea kayaking, SUP, fishing, and many more designed to revitalize you in this great natural setting. In this article we will tell you more about these and the luxurious glamping dinner.

▲Nemu Resort located at the tip of the Osaki Peninsula, at the lower part of the photo, is surrounded by woodlands and sea

Access to the resort is by marine taxi that departs from Kashikojima Bay. The trip over to the resort is a pleasant mini-cruise. The one-way marine taxi fare is 2,700 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for elementary aged students, and 1,000 yen for small children.*Reservations are required at least an hour in advance of departure

▲ This is the Marine Terrace of Nemu Resort where marine taxis arrive

The Nemu Tree [Persian Silk Tree], which is also the symbol of the Nemu Resort, grows abundantly in the Shima area, and in early summer it blooms in delicate pink flowers. Nemu means to “happily enjoy being together”. That is the perfect name for this wonderful resort.

Before telling you more about the hotel which I will do later, let’s first take a look at the outdoor facilities at Nemu Resort.

Explore the expansive resort grounds by electric cart

To get around the large resort we recommend renting an electric cart or mountain bike. If you have a normal driver’s license you can drive an electric cart. After renting one at the front desk, let’s now explore the Nemu Resort!

Yahoo! It is just like an amusement park attraction. Smiles and waves by happy children in passing carts are a common sight. With each passing moment the excitement of being in this resort grows!

▲ The well-maintained Tefutefu Hill. Small clouds float above the hill cooled by refreshing breezes

Lying spread-eagled on the grassy hill breathing deeply the clean air I felt like Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Ahhhh! Such a wonderful feeling! The only sounds being the chirping of small birds. This is not the sort of experience you can normally have.

▲ Yu ni Somaru Hama. The sun sparkles off the surface of the water at this beach, the name of which means “beach dyed in sunset colors”.

Wow! The sea is so clear and blue! This is the Yu ni Somaru Hama on the south side of the Nemu Resort. It gets its name from the beautiful sunsets, though in the daytime it’s beautiful in another way. It has a beautiful south sea island feel to it.

Adults and children alike can frolic in the Satoyama Water Gardens!

Next let's take a walk through the sprawling virgin Japanese landscape of the Satoyama Water Gardens.

▲The scene is exactly like one out of the popular animated TV series Manga Nihon Mukashi Banashi [Animated Old Folktales of Japan]

While walking along the path at the side of the pond, something kept popping out. Squatting down to get a better look I noticed countless grasshoppers. Trying carefully not to step on any, I slowly moved forward as they jumped out of the way. That alone filled me with joy as I greatly enjoyed myself walking through the gardens.

▲ Children full of energy!

The Satoyama Water Gardens are home to many living creatures, including kingfishers and ducks, endangered species such as kuromedaka [Japanese rice fish] and gengoro [diving beetle], frogs, loaches and shrimp.

In summer, you can see rhinoceros beetles, stag beetles and heike-botaru [fireflies], and on nights of the full moon from July to September, you can also see a procession of Benkei crabs [Chiromantes dehaani] going up the beach to lay eggs.

From spring to summer Satoyama is awash in the beautiful colors of flowers such as water lilies, irises, and hydrangeas.
Bird watching is recommended in the fall. At that time the leaves have fallen from the trees making it easier to see the many different types of birds.

Time to relax in a comfortable open space

Time to relax in a comfortable open space
▲Hotel Nemu entrance

After enjoying outdoor activities, return to the hotel and take a rest.

▲ In the bright, comfortable lobby lounge you can enjoy drinks and lunch.
▲This is popular with families! The Superior Tatami Room where you can leisurely relax. For one night with two meals prices begin from 21,000 yen (the cost per adult when the room is used by 5 people, including tax and service)

Wow! The open spaciousness of the room took my breath away when I entered! The windows in all of the guestrooms are as wide as the room affording a magnificent view of the natural beauty of Ise-Shima. 

Beyond the large windows, I could hear birds chirping in the forest. Boy! This is really wonderful!!

▲ This is a Deluxe Room and the slightly raised area in the front of this picture is a large soft sofa. For one night with two meals prices begin from 22,700 yen (the cost per adult when the room is used by 4 people, including tax and service)

The Deluxe Room has a slightly raised sofa space area. This is a good place to stretch out with one of the cushions and loll about. It is a great space for long hours of conversation with friends and perfect for a girls’ trip!

Enjoy yourself from dawn to dusk and forget your daily cares

After relaxing a bit in the room, take a sunset cruise for some quality time before dinner. The beautiful sunset is certain to entrance you! *Cruise lasts about 40 minutes

▲Enjoy a pleasant sunset cruise!

In addition to the Sunset Cruise there is also a Starlight Cruise and you can even charter cruises for special occasions at any time of the year. Please check the homepage for departure times and prices.

▲Once the sun begins to set, the sky over Yu ni Somaru Hama is bathed in bright pastels and reds. It is easy to forget time here.

At Yu ni Somaru Hama you can enjoy morning kayaking and sunset kayaking. Even beginners can enjoy this as there are special instructors available to assist. For times and prices please check the website.

Finally we come to the highlight event, a glamping dinner. So let’s head up Tefutefu Hill to the Satoyama Lounge!

The truly luxurious glamping dinner

The truly luxurious glamping dinner

This luxurious atmosphere is unparalleled!! The Glamping Dinner at Nemu Resort is what you might call a chic barbecue like no other. It consists of fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables of Ise-Shima skillfully prepared by chefs in an authentic French style.

▲The Glamping Dinner at the open tent of the Satoyama Lounge surrounding on all sides by nature can also be enjoyed on a day-trip. *6:00 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m. (L.O. 6:30 p.m.) limited to 5 groups per day, cost of just the dinner is from 21,600 yen per person (including tax; reservations are required)

The side table overflows with delectable ingredients. The main courses shown here are abalone steamed in white wine and spiny lobster vapoule. (*Menu varies according to the season.)
The aroma arising from the dishes being prepared will make your head spin!

▲A chef will prepare the dishes at the table.

Mmm!With each bite the flavor of the abalone increases.
The delicacies of Ise-Shima skillfully prepared are indeed mouth-watering. You can hear the food sizzling on the large grill at the lounge. And with the sound comes the delicious aroma of meat being grilled.

▲Nemu Resort was selected as “the lodging with the most beautiful night sky” in the Lifestyle Information section of the Nikkei Shimbun. As you can see from the photo, the night sky is brightly lit with stars

Enjoying a sumptuous meal under the stars on the top of a hill is a memorable experience. You can enjoy out-of-the-ordinary priceless experiences with all five senses. Truly a luxury!!

After a very satisfying meal, let’s head back to the hotel to enjoy a nice bath!

Three baths for healing, purification, and rejuvenation!

There are three types of bath for both men and women, but we’ll tell you about the ones for women.

▲ The bath in the very back is called the Blessings of the Earth Shiosai no Yu [roar of the sea bath] (for healing). The open-air bath in the foreground is called the Blessings of the Forest Nemu no Ki Yu [Persian silk tree bath] (for purification). And the white bath in the middle is called the Blessings of the Sea Shinju no Yu [Pearl bath] (for rejuvenation).

The Shiosai no Yu is a natural hot spring bath fed from an on-site source and is rich in sodium (hypotonic neutral hot spring). This type of bath is good for poor circulation and fatigue because it has the effect of maintaining body temperature, so it promotes the health.

▲Shiosai no Yu. Viewing the luxuriant forest outside the large window from the bath with the fragrant scent of cypress has a very relaxing effect.

The Nemu no Ki Yu open-air bath uses the bark extract from the Persian silk tree that rejuvenates and protects the skin from damage, the same as used by Mikimoto Cosmetics, the same Mikimoto famous for its pearls, in an original formula.

▲Plenty of valuable natural beauty components that can only be extracted from pearls! This is a luxurious bathing experience akin to immersing yourself in skin moisturizer!

The Shinju no Yu is a bath that contains valuable beauty ingredients extracted from pearls and pearl oyster shells jointly developed by Mikimoto Cosmetics and NEMU RESORT. This bath moisturizes the skin and is effective in the turnover cycle (regeneration). Being able to bathe in a bath of pearl beauty ingredients is a rare experience!

Your skin will feel soft and supple after bathing in the healing, purification, and rejuvenation baths! They will sooth away any fatigue and leave you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.

At the end of the day enjoy talking with others at the Bonfire Cafe

Another nighttime pleasure is the Bonfire Cafe. Here you can sit around bonfires and enjoy coffee and roasting marshmallows (no charge). Here you can spend blissful moments while watching the flickering flames. “Weren’t the Japanese rice fish we saw in the Satoyama Water Gardens cute?”

▲ The Bonfire Cafe can be enjoyed year round between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. (Closes at 9:30 p.m.)

Fully enjoy cruising, the natural beauty of the Satoyama Water Gardens, glamping, and the hot springs at this fabulous resort! For me, it was a very memorable day. I wonder how I will spend tomorrow in this resort in the middle of a forest floating in the sea!

Wake up in the morning with yoga in the midst of grand nature!

Returning to our room after the Bonfire Cafe, we talked into the wee hours of the night. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed and the next thing I knew it was morning! I awoke to the twittering of birds and felt wonderfully refreshed. I decided to do some yoga before breakfast.

▲Asa Rela [morning relaxation] is stretching exercises done on the yoga terrace at Tefutefu Hill.

Asa Rela is held every morning on Tefutefu Hill.*Reservation must be made by 6:00 p.m. the previous day. In this magnificent setting you can feel an exhilaration that you have never felt before by releasing the tension in your mind and body and becoming one with nature.

▲Relax your body and mind feeling the energy of nature

In addition to the morning relaxation, Nemu Resort offers many other programs such as SUP yoga, sunset yoga, and planet yoga.

▲You can also get a body treatment in the clean fresh air on the yoga terrace of Tefutefu Hill.

*Please check the schedules on the website for the days, times, and costs of the different yoga programs.

Elaborate resort buffet

After you have limbered up from the morning yoga it’s time for a hearty breakfast!!

▲The breakfast buffet in the Restaurant Satoumi offers both Japanese and Western food.

Wow!!All sorts of delicious food are beautifully arranged on the overflowing tables. All the dishes made with fresh seafood from Shima and other seasonal ingredients were excellent. At the Kappo counter fried and grilled dishes are offered and every day there is a different performance menu.

▲The performance menu on this day was Shima barracuda, horse mackerel, and Spanish mackerel that had been salted and dried overnight. The skin is grilled to crisp perfection while the meat is deliciously tender!

A stay at Nemu Resort is one where you can enjoy outdoor activities in nature, have a luxurious glamping dinner, luxuriate in refreshing and rejuvenating hot spring baths, while escaping the pressures of ordinary life. Go for a cruise or walk in the daytime, enjoy yoga and other activities, and at night top the day off with a luxurious glamping dinner. After a relaxing and refreshing soak in a hot spring bath, go up to the Bonfire Cafe. The Nemu Resort is ready to welcome you with all its amenities, so why not visit it soon.

  • Nemu Resort
    • Address 2692-3 Hazako, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
    • Phone Number 0599-52-1211
    • Check-in: from 3:00 p.m.
      Check-out: by 11:00 a.m.
      *May differ according to plan
      Room charge: 1 night with 2 meals from 21,000 yen (per individual for a room able to accommodate up to 5 people, including tax and service)

    Vacancy search, reservation

    Check with our partner site as the latest rates, rate details, and guest room requirements may vary.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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