Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation


Let me talk about music listened and produced in Japan and how Japanese people enjoy music. I will explain broadly from music appreciation at home to participating in live concerts.

Changes of Pop Music

About 50 years ago, the trendy music in Japan was called kayo-kyoku (popular songs). A genre derived from these popular songs is enka (popular ballad) and it became a Japanese original music genre later. Usually enka singers wear kimono and sing in the distinctive way with kobushi (tremolo). Most songs are about painful love or nostalgia to hometown. In modern Japan, elderly people listen to enka rather than younger people, who mainly listen to pop music.

Live Concerts by Female Idols

In modern Japan, various type of idols who can sing and dance appear one after another, and many local idols have been springing, too. Their songs often have interval rhythms in order to excite the fans.

Folk Songs Survives in Various Places

Each place has its own folk songs handed down through generations. If you have a chance to go to Okinawa, listen to Ryukyu folk songs. Folk-song pubs often hold live concerts of Ryukyu folk songs. Having Okinawa cuisine while listening to Okinawa folk songs, comfortably drunk with Awamori (Okinawa liquor). You will have a nice memory of trip.

High Resolution Audio Recently Drawing Attentions

Recently, high resolution audio has been receiving a lot of attention in terms of dynamic range of the sound. It provides high quality of sounds greater than CD, and you can even catch the singer's breathings and applauses and shouting voices of live recordings. The numbers of download of high resolution audio music in Japan has been increasing and it is likely to become more and more popular.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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