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(Watch!) Survival Japanese: Phrases for Taking a Taxi in Japan

(Watch!) Survival Japanese: Phrases for Taking a Taxi in Japan

Date published: 12 January 2017
Last updated: 22 March 2019

Traveling in Tokyo and around Japan is pretty easy with the amount of public transportation available. The most common form of public transportation in Tokyo is travelling by train. However, even the trains don’t run 24 hours a day, so what do you do when you miss your last train or end up stuck somewhere?

In that case you can try riding a taxi to your destination!

Here we’ll go over some phrases you can use to easily get to where you need to get in a nice, smooth fashion.

Basic Phrases

Basic Phrases

Here are some essential phrases you can use when taking a taxi in Japan:

・" Please take me to _____".
・_____ までお願いします。(_____made onegai shimasu.)

In this phrase just fill in the blank with your desired destination.

・東京駅までお願いします。(Tokyo-eki made onegai shimasu.)
・“Please take me to Tokyo Station.”

If you have a map or business card to specify a location, you can use a simpler phrase. Tell the driver the following:

・ここまでお願いします。(koko made onegai shimasu.)
・“Please take me here.”

Once You’ve Arrived

Once You’ve Arrived

Those were the basic phrases to use when getting on and directing your taxi driver. Now let’s focus on what to say upon arrival.

・ここで下ろしてください。(koko de oroshite kudasai.)
・“Please let me off here.”

・ここでいいです。(koko de ii desu.)
・“Right here is fine.”

Directional Phrases

Directional Phrases

When you need to give more specific instructions, the following phrases will help direct your driver:

・右お願いします。(migi onegai shimasu.)
・“Turn right, please.”

・左お願いします。(hidari onegai shimasu.)
・“Turn left, please”

・まっすぐお願いします。(massugu onegai shimasu.)
・“Go straight, please.”

Paying the Fare

Paying the Fare

Once you get to your destination, the taxi driver will tell you how much your fare is. Most taxis do accept payment with credit cards, but cash is usually preferred.

Here are some phrases to use when paying:

・いくらですか? (ikura desuka?)
・“How much is it?”

・カードで払えますか? (kaado de haraemasuka?)
・“Can I pay using my credit card?”

・領収書をください。(ryoushuusho wo kudasai.)
・“May I have the receipt, please?”

・お釣りをください。(otsuri wo kudasai.)
・“May I have the change, please?” (In case it slips the driver's mind)

With these phrases you’ll be able to ride a taxi in Japan when you need to without trouble. Some Japanese taxis offer English guides as well, so it’d be good to keep an eye out for taxis with that feature.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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