This is a shrine founded on the vast premises surrounded by the mountains of Nikko. It is familiar to people as the god of luck and marital matchmaking.

It is an old shrine where the Nikko-san faith originated, and the shrine places Mt. Nantai (Futarasan) as the object of worship. Okuninushi-no-Mikoto, who is the god of luck and marital matchmaking, is enshrined here. At present, the shrine is especially popular for its good luck in matchmaking. The premises encompass the Nikko mountain range in the Nikko National Park and are spread over 3,400 hectares (34 mil. sq. m.). At the entrance, there is a beautiful, sacred bridge whose vermilion color stands out against the green mountains, crossing over the mountain valley. It is the only drawbridge left in Japan and is even registered as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. There are various events held inside the precincts, such as the Yayoi festival, which notifies the coming of spring in Nikko. Seasonal sceneries can be enjoyed. It is a seven-minute walk from the Nishi-sando bus stop, traveling by a Tobu bus toward Cyuuzenji-onsen or Yumoto-onsen from the JR Nikko Station or the Tobu Nikko Station.


  • Address

    2307, Sannai, Nikkou-shi, Tochigi, 321-1431

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  • Nearest Station
    Nikko Station
    ・ JR Nikko Line
    Tobu Nikko Station
    ・Tobu Nikko Line

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