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Tokyo Tsukiji|Tsukiji Area Map & Sightseeing Information

Tokyo Tsukiji|Tsukiji Area Map & Sightseeing Information

Update: 30 June 2017

Tsukiji is located southeast of Tokyo Station and is known for its tuna auction and fish market, a popular tourist experience for many. Often considered Tokyo’s kitchen, Tsukiji is an important place that provides fresh fish from all over Japan in a lively atmosphere that many sightseers look forward to. Around 400 different restaurants, shops, and markets line the streets and alleys of the outer market, with the inner market offering a few open area for tourists to explore during the day.

Though plans to move the market to Toyosu in 2017 are in the works, the Tsukiji fish market will remain at its current location, so make sure to stop by soon to try the freshest sushi, try the Tsukiji tour through the tuna auctions, and enjoy the wide variety of the freshest seafood that Japan has to offer.

Tsukiji Inner and Outer Fish Market

Being the largest fish market in all of Japan, Tsukiji Market is a must-visit on any first-time traveler to Tokyo’s list. There are over 400 shops here for you to peruse through freshly caught seafood, high-quality fresh produce, cooking tools, and more! There are also many restaurants for you to enjoy such as Tamazushi and Aozora Sandaime, where you can try out fresh sushi and delight in their delicious seafood cuisine! If you are looking for a place to eat that has English speaking staff and menus, then we highly recommend Sushi Dai, Sushi Zanmai Tsukiji, and Daiwa Sushi. These restaurants are highly popular in the area and you can always find lines of people waiting to get a taste of their delicious cuisine!
As a precaution, make sure to avoid smoking in the areas or wearing perfume/cologne as it is frowned upon in some restaurants. Also, as the floors can be slippery and wet, please make sure to wear safe shoes that cover your toes. Tsukiji is a very high traffic area that is almost moving!

If you want to explore the area further, we recommend visiting the breathtaking Hama-Rikyu Gardens just south of Tsukiji that offers a great view of the Tokyo bay while you enjoy a cup of tea. Lastly, we recommend visiting the Tsukiji Hongwanji, an immense Buddhist temple just north of the Tsukiji fish market. The exterior is based off an ancient Indian style of architecture, while the interior is arranged in the traditional Shinshu-sect temple design and layout.


Only a few blocks and one train station away via the Oedo Line, you can find Tsukishima, known for its delicious, although slightly questionable looking monjayaki. Made out of a batter of flour, mixed with cabbage and seafood, fried on a teppan. There are plenty of shops over on Tsukishima Monja street that provide their own twist to monjayaki, so you have a variety of styles to choose from!

Nearby, you can visit Sumiyoshi Shrine, which was established back in the 3rd year of the Shouhou era in 1646. Empress Jingu and Tokugawa Ieyasu are enshrined in this historic site and many precious artifacts are preserved on the shrine grounds, providing an ambiance of the past as you explore your way through Japan’s history. To wrap up the evening, head on over to Tsukuda Park, where you can enjoy an open view of Tokyo Bay and take in the sights of many of Tokyo’s famous landmarks such as Tokyo Skytree(R), Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, and more! Make sure to bring a camera as the sunsets from this point are very beautiful!

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