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Fukushima Sightseeing: Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Fukushima

Fukushima, Koriyama And Iwaki Other Sightseeing

Fukushima Prefecture, located in the southern part of the Tohoku Region of Japan, is a popular sightseeing destination with mountainous areas, such as Mount Bandai and Ouchi-juku, that tend towards cool summers and snowy winters. The snow-covered winter landscape is a beautiful scene to behold. There are many Fukushima sightseeing destinations, including historical spots, such as Nihonbashi Castle and Tsuruga Castle, and tourists donning rented kimono as they explore the castle town. There are popular foods such as Kitakata Ramen, one of the top 3 noodle dishes of Japan, and sake-flavored Dumpling Disks. Peaches and grapes are widely cultivated, and you can even enjoy fruit-picking during the summer.

3 Famous Ramen Shops in Yamagata - Japan's "Ramen Prefecture"!

Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata Ramen

Described as "a treasure house of local ramen", each area of Yamagata Prefecture has its own unique style of ramen. Yamagata has led the nation for three consecutive years in their consumption of ramen while eating out, according to the 2017 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Family Survey. Yamagata ramen is really something! In this "prefecture of ramen," the competition is especially fierce in Nanyo CIty. There is a wide variety of shops, beginning with "that" famous shop noted for its karamiso [spicy miso]. In this article, we will introduce three ramen shops in Nanyo City that are known for their Akayu Ramen which takes its name from the former name of the area.

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  • Fukushima, Koriyama And Iwaki
  • Morioka, Hiraizumi And Hachimantai
  • Niigata And Sado
  • Sendai And Matsushima
  • Surrounding Areas Of Akita
  • Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata
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