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Tsurukameya Shokudo: Insane Maguro-don Tuna Bowls in Aomori City!

Aomori, Hirosaki And Hachinohe Sashimi

With access to four seas, namely the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean, the Tsugaru Straits, and the Rikuoku Gulf, Aomori Prefecture produces an abundance of seafood, including scallops, squid, and flounder, and the “black diamond” of tuna, the luxurious Pacific bluefin tuna. For the people who want to eat Aomori’s maguro, or bluefin tuna, but are unable to spare the long traveling time needed to reach the ports or are unable to make it when it’s in season, we’re here to introduce to you Tsurukameya Shokudo. You can have maguro-don, or tuna rice bowls, here the whole year round!

10 Must-See Tohoku Festivals: Nebuta, Morioka-Sansa Dance, and More! (2020 Edition)

Aomori, Hirosaki And Hachinohe Japanese Festivals (Matsuri)

Japan's Tohoku Region is where traditional culture thrives, and Tohoku festivals that reflect the history, traditions, and characteristics of the land are held in various places. There are many types of festivals in Tohoku, including the Aomori Nebuta Festival, which highlights gigantic floats, and the Yamagata Hanagasa Festival, which has a spectacular parade of about 10,000 dancers. In the cold region of Akita, the Yokote Snow Festival is also held, honoring deities enshrined in little snow houses called “kamakura.” Here we will introduce ten Tohoku festivals that feature various traits of the different regions during different seasons.

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  • Morioka, Hiraizumi And Hachimantai
  • Niigata And Sado
  • Sendai And Matsushima
  • Surrounding Areas Of Akita
  • Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata
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