What is LIVE JAPAN about?

The site is loaded with features to make your trip to Japan pleasant and enjoyable. There is plenty of information on tourist attractions, from standard to little-known places, as well as useful sightseeing-related articles and features such as maps and route guidance to support a comfortable trip. It also offers "Live Sightseeing Information" that lets you feel the charm of Japan more than anywhere else. You will find accurate, detailed, and the latest information on LIVE JAPAN. Please feel free to use the site.

How do I turn off browser notifications?

You need to change your browser settings to turn off browser notifications.

Please refer to the support page for each browser:
When using Chrome
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How do I search for recommended spots?

You can search for recommended tourist attractions from various sections, including the genre or area of the establishment, recommended sightseeing routes, etc. Please try searching for these spots from your favorite section.

Is there any information that could be useful during a stay in Japan?

Please refer to the "Useful Maps" listing various establishments or how-to articles that will come in handy during your stay in Japan. You can find all sorts of useful information related to Japan.

How do I contact a listed establishment?

Guests are requested to directly get in touch with the contacts listed on the establishment details page.

I am unable to contact a listed establishment. Can LIVE JAPAN contact them for me?

We are sorry. LIVE JAPAN cannot currently contact this establishment. Please try again later or try contacting them in a different way.

The information on a listed establishment was incorrect. How do I report it?

If the information listed on LIVE JAPAN is incorrect, click on "Contact us" below to report the "URL of the incorrect page" or "Incorrect information".

Can I freely use the contents on LIVE JAPAN?

LIVE JAPAN reserves the rights to all the elements, including the images and text, provided on this site. Any content including the images, text, etc. cannot be used without our prior permission.

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