Trying on Clothes in Japan

Trying on Clothes in Japan


Today we will be introducing etiquette and essential points to know when you are trying on clothes in Japan.

Ask the Staff for Permission Before Trying on Clothes

When you want to try on clothes, you should always notify a clerk. They will check the number of items you want to try on and take you to the fitting room. You will then be able to try on clothes.

Face Covers to Prevent Stains

Face covers are to be worn when trying on tops that do not open in front, such as sweaters. This is to avoid smearing make up or dirt on the clothes. You can find them inside the fitting room, or you can get one from a clerk.

Onaoshi (Alteration service)

If you want to purchase a pair of pants such as jeans that need some alterations, tell a clerk after trying them on. The clerk will adjust the length to your liking, and pin the hemlines. The completion time varies depending on the shop, so make sure to ask the staff. Not all shops offer an alteration service, so make sure to confirm with the staff in advance.

Trying on Shoes

When trying on shoes, try to avoid stepping on the heel of the shoes or knocking on the floor with the toe area of shoes. Also, there is usually a shoe horn available to help you gently slide your foot into shoes.

Trying on Spectacles

Avoid touching the lens directly to prevent smudges and try to use both hands to hold the spectacles when trying them on and taking them off. If you have any questions about trying on something at a store, make sure to ask the friendly staff.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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