Lake Inba and the basin


Lake Inba and the basin

The only swamp lake between the city center and Narita International Airport.In the vicinity of Inba-numa Pond are beautiful satoyama (traditional agricultural) landscapes.

Inba-numa Pond, located in northwestern Chiba Prefecture, consists of two natural swamp lakes: Kita-Inba-numa Pond (North) and Nishi-Inba-numa Swamp (West), connected by the valley-like Inba-numa cutoff channel.Strolling Inba-numa Pond with the Satoyama walking map (free) in hand, the quiet satoyama scenery helps you to forget about busy life in the city.At the Sakura Furusato Hiroba (folk plaza) facing the lake, you can enjoy views of Dutch windmills and tulip fields, sightseeing by cruise or rental bike, and barbecuing against the beautiful sunset.Also, there still remain valleys where fireflies dance in summer, tended by dedicated city volunteers.Recommended are the shines and temples associated with the large Yoshitaka cherry tree and legends of dragons, as well as fine food such as eels and Japanese sake. To get to the Kita-inba-numa Pond, take a Narita City Community bus on the Kita-suka route departing from the Keisei Line Kozu-no-mori Station. Then, get off at the Jinbei-watashi bus stop and walk toward the Jinbei Park. To get to the Nishi-inba-numa Pond, take a Sakura City Loop bus from the Keisei Line Sakura Station North Exit, then get off at the Furusato Hiroba (a folk plaza) bus stop and walk towards the Sakura Furusato Hiroba.


  • Address

    1626, Kitasuka, Narita-shi, Chiba, 286-0006

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    Kozunomori Station
    ・ Keisei Main Line