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[MOVIE] Survival Japanese: Shopping

[MOVIE] Survival Japanese: Shopping

Date published: 22 March 2016
Last updated: 8 August 2018

Whether you prefer hunting for vintage fashion in Harajuku, trying the newest electronics in Akihabara, or buying fine luxury goods in Ginza, there are plenty of chances for you to shop ‘til you drop in Japan! Regardless of what you shop for, knowing a few Japanese phrases will help make your shopping experience a smooth one! Learn about some Japanese words and expression related to shopping!

Shop Staff Phrases

Shop Staff Phrases

The staff that work in Japanese stores are known for their attentiveness and high level of customer service. As such, it’s very common for the staff to approach customers with a cheerful greeting, and an offer of assistance. Even if the staff cannot speak Japanese, with knowledge of a few shopping-related phrases, you will be able to understand exactly what they are saying to you! These are a few of the most basic Japanese words related to shopping that you may hear from one of the Japanese staff.

sales clerk, shop staff
店員さん (ten’in san)
お客さん・お客様 (okyakusan / okyakusama)
Welcome. (Spoken in shops, restaurants or other places of business.)
Please wait a moment. (Said by staff)
少々お待ち下さい。(shō shō omachi kudasai.)
I'm very sorry. (Said by staff)
大変申し訳ございません。(taihen mōshiwake gozaimasen)
Are you looking for something?
何かお探しですか。(nani ka osagashi desu ka?)
How is the size?
サイズはいかがですか。(saizu wa ikaga desu ka?)
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
お待たせいたしました。(omatase itashimashita.)

Customer Phrases

Customer Phrases

When you need to ask the staff a question, you may want to use one of the following phrases.

Do you have any _____?
_____(は) ありますか。(_____ (wa) arimasu ka?)
I'm just looking.
見ているだけです。(mite iru dake desu.)
This one, please. / I'll take it.
これをください。(kore o kudasai.)
How much is this?
これはいくらですか。(kore wa ikura desu ka?)
I'd like to look in the mirror.
鏡を見たいです。(kagami o mitai desu.)
Are you looking for something?
何かお探しですか。(nani ka osagashi desu ka?)
Could I try this on?
これを試着してもよいですか?(kore o shichaku shite mo yoi desu ka?)
(This is) too small.
小さ過ぎます。(chiisa sugimasu.)
(This is) too big.
大きすぎます。(kore wa) ōki sugimasu.
(This is) a little small.
これは少し小さいです。(kore wa) sukoshi chiisai desu.
(This is) a little big.
これは少し大きいです。(kore wa) sukoshi ōkii desu.
Do you have this in a large size?
Lサイズはありますか?(L saizu wa arimasu ka?)
(These shoes are) too tight.
この靴はきつすぎます。(kono kutsu wa kitsu sugimasu)
(This size is) just right.
ちょうどいい(サイズです)。(chōdo ii (saizu desu)
Is this made in Japan?
これは日本製ですか。(kore wa nihonsei desu ka?)
Do you have this in another color?
別の色はありますか。(betsu no iro wa arimasu ka?)
Does this come with a warranty?
保障はつきますか。(hoshō wa tsukimasu ka?)
Can I have this gift-wrapped?
これはラッピングができますか。(kore wa rappingu dekimasu ka?)
Can I return this?
これは返品できますか。(kore wa henpin dekimasu ka?)

By practicing these phrases, you should have no worries about shopping in Japan!

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