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The Chidori-ga-fuchi Moat is located on the northwest side of the Imperial Palace. It is named after its shape, which is similar to that of a bird, chidori (a plover). The Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Road is an approximately 700-meter-long promenade with greenery along the moat, which continues from the Chidori-ga-fuchi National Cemetery to Yasukuni Dori Street. It is a nationally famous site for cherry blossom viewing. About 260 cherry trees, mainly the Somei Yoshino species, bloom in spring, painting the Green Road in pink. It has beautiful scenery, as if you are walking through a tunnel made of cherry blossoms. There is a boat pier along the promenade, so you can enjoy looking at the reflection of cherry blossoms on the water's surface while riding on a boat (you need to pay for that). They may restrict entry, as more than one million people visit the promenade during the cherry blossom season. You can also enjoy viewing cherry blossoms at night as trees are lit up. Moreover, you can also enjoy cherry blossom viewing at the Chidori-ga-fuchi Park nearby. It is a five-minute walk from the Kudanshita Station on the Tokyo Metro or the Toei Subway or a five-minute walk from the Hanzomon Station on the Tokyo Metro.

Location Information

  • Address

    2, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083

  • Nearest Station
    Hanzomon Station
    ・ Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
    5 minutes on foot
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    only in Japanese

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